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Found 8 results

  1. Mines been despatched from Gameplay, ill be playing this tomorrow. Unless the postman gets caught in a snowstorm or something.
  2. Hi All Anyone have any experience of these cheap, and nasty PS2 Memory Cards off eBay? They say 64 & 128MB (but know SDs off there can be dodgy) https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F362101926789 Any info and opinions- pro & con appreciated. Don't like having to keep swapping out 8MB standard cards much. Thanks Andy
  3. This month we have a lovely foil cover celebrating the making of Final Fantasy XII and the 30th anniversary of the series. There's lots more too, including. 35 Years Of The C64 Ultimate Guide: The Ninja Warriors Collecting Guide to 8-Bit Codemasters Games Making Of Starcraft Making Of Obsidian Archives: Tronix Publishing Licence To Thrill: Platoon In The Chair: David Kelly Minority Report: Mega Drive Modem And loads more I can't remember, because I'm at home..
  4. My PS2 pad in getting noticeably decrepit -- had to happen sooner or later but it does put me in the market for a replacement and wondering what folk would recommend? Any trusty gizmo that'll let me plug in an Xbox/PS4 pad, or a reliable supplier of original controllers, or am I doomed to [clutches pearls] hawking Ebay for 3rd party claptrap? Guidance plz my lovelies.
  5. Can anyone suggest the best place to sell bulk lots of PS1 and PS2 games?. I don't have a huge amount and certainly don't have any so called rare games but I would like them to go to a good home as I just haven't got the room in my new house that I did when I first started collecting them. Are there any website (excluding ebay). I will also put them up on here but I would really like to sell the lot and get them collected.
  6. Usually I make these threads as I've just started a game, but I recently finished Maximo just a couple of days ago after playing it over the last few weeks here and there. I was interested to hear what others thought of it in general, as it clearly is quite a decent game, but hard as balls in parts and was close to the bin or e-bay several times for me. I did persevere, and with the fortune of finally figuring out how to properly use the save system, it became doable for the first time. After not long since going through Devil May Cry, and remembering the moaning I did about how it was diff
  7. Well now that I've finished Psychonauts, I thought I'd pick away at more of my unplayed PS2 collection. Broken Sword 3 I've had for probably around a year now and still haven't tried it out at all yet, probably because I'm partly bothered about it being entirely on the crap side, as I haven't hear many great things about it. Part of my reasoning to try out BS3 was to see how the third one fared against the original two, both of which are excellent point a click adventures of my past. BS1 is probably one of my own personal most nostalgic games of this type too, as it was one of the first for m
  8. I was late to the party with the PS2 - I went from the PS1 to the Gamecube, then Xbox, then got a PS2 around the time of the Xbox 360 launch. I feel I may have overlooked some of its great games, as many have said it was one of the best consoles ever and yet I'm not massively fussed about setting it up again. Pulling from my database, my list of games is: 24: The Game Ape Escape 2 Bombastic Canis Canem Edit EyeToy: Play Global Defence Force Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec Gregory Horror Show Ico Katamari Damancy Kuri Kuri Mix Monster Attack Ōkami Pro Evolution Soccer Pro
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