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Found 2 results

  1. Hiroshi has to go on a business trip to Kyushu, so now the entire Nohara family has decided to stay with an childhood friend of Misae's in Assou, Kumamoto. But when they arrive at Kumamoto Station on their way to Assou, they meet a strange man who offers them an even stranger camera on the condition that they'll act as his witnesses... With his new camera in hand, Shinnosuke can enjoy his summer vacation in the beautiful Assou fields and mountains to the fullest. The scenery is even crawling with creatures that he would never find in Kasukabe. And there are townspeople to help and new friends to make. That said...don't these kids look an awful lot like the ones he knows from home? One cool summer night, Shinnosuke witnesses a giant creature outlined against the light of a full moon. Next to the creature is a strange man with a wide smile. It's the same weird man who gave him the camera at the station... And he calls himself the Evil Professor. Following this encounter more and more strange things start to happen around Assou... This particular release was first made available in Japan in 2021 and is a lot more fleshed out than that endless runner based on Crayon Shin-chan from a few years ago. It's a game where you explore a town as the series' infamous five-year-old protagonist - taking pictures, fishing, catching bugs, exercising, spotting dinosaurs and more. It's a bit similar to series like Animal Crossing and Story of Seasons. It's published by Neos Corporation and developed by Millennium Kitchen - the team known for the My Summer Vacation series, and the utterly delightful Attack of the Friday Monsters on the 3DS from a few years ago. It's also been confirmed the game will support English, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles. Debut trailer: >> Official website Coming this August!
  2. Metallic Child is a rogue-lite, core-action game, featuring Rona, an android only known as the "metallic child," taking place in a space laboratory in the latter part of the 20th century. A large-scale rebellion has taken place in the space laboratory known as Life Stream. All robots aboard, with the exception of Rona and Pan, are conspiring to crash Life Stream into planet earth. Rona has stood up to stop this plot, and you will be the one to guide Rona by remotely operating her through the game. The game is developed by Studio HG, a one-person (!!) game studio from South-Korea. Debut trailer: Indie World 2021 trailer: >> Official website. Looks pretty incredible considering this has been developed by just one guy Released later this month!
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