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  1. Post a great retro gaming track a day (or longer... but not shorter!) Try and stick to just one per post, both to avoid spam and to make you really pick the cream of the crop. Originals preferred. Hopefully we can all pick up a few new favourites. Starting out with a staple classic:
  2. What concerts have you been to, or what bands are on your list that you definitely still have to go see? What concerts are you sad you've missed? I couldn't find a general topic on this, sorry if something like this already exists, then this can be merged of course. I thought of this because I just saw that Rammstein are playing two solo shows in Berlin in July. I am super frustrated cause they are at the top of my list of bands I still have to see, but I already have tickets for ESL Cologne that weekend. WHYYYYYY. They are playing at the Waldbühne which is an amphithea
  3. This is out in Early Access now. Despite only having 10 songs currently, and those being heavily hit-or-miss EDM and not owning a VR headset, I think this looks really cool, and impressions are very positive, saying it's a slice of rhythm game heaven - intuitive, satisfying, well balanced, etc. So check it out.
  4. Hey guys, In case you're interested, because of Covid, the annual Journeys Festival has been moved online this year - these are basically festivals celebrating the art and creativity of Asylum Seekers and Refugees across a whole host of mediums. They're usually held in Leicester (where I am!), Manchester and Portsmouth, but this year everything's being smushed into one big three week long ball of cool stuff online - and it all kicks off later in the month on September 28th. I'm in the middle of scheduling everything on the Leicester City of Sanctuary Facebook page, and
  5. https://www.destructoid.com/sega-adds-a-ton-of-their-classic-soundtracks-to-spotify-including-sonic-414695.phtml
  6. I just wanted to create topic to share these jazz arrangements of the Wii system music. The Mii Channel track has a lovely Brazilian flavour to it. The Wii Shop Theme is played more straight, but it builds well and has a good acoustic guitar solo. If you've ever owned a Wii, these should be very familiar and catchy tunes! Bonus minor key version of the Wii Shop Theme in honour of it's closure.
  7. This is my first question here,I want to know if someone here hears Nirvana or likes grunge culture?
  8. Well, I wrote that letter when I was so sad in my room and thinking about suicide, but I did not do it. Well, it has the lyrics. I'm not an English expert, sorry for something or grammatical errors. Ty. I call that song "why I killed myself" and I made a album cover. art: https://imgur.com/a/VPFKfI8 medicines don't work on me anymore thoughts are surrounding me and I can't see what's outside the cube that I call my home I didn't ask to be alone Voices in my head are telling me to kill myself I'm so scared and I can not scream for help. If I commit suicide
  9. Launched today (2nd November), fans of classic C64 games should check out this Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1289191009/reformation-c64-track-remakes-by-matt-gray-last-ni Original composer Matt Gray is remixing his classic compositions, including Last Ninja 2, Driller and Dominator. Planned as a 2-CD set initially, stretch goals include the possibility of even more music, a limited edition vinyl and even the chance for Matt to write you an original tune. Already at £19,000 and rising!
  10. There has been a few videogame concerts over the past few years, I try to keep up and attend them if i can but i noticed there was no thread here about them (searched and only found a VGL one) Anyway a new concert I have just been made aware of: A New World: music from FINAL FANTASY Website: http://ffnewworld.com/#welcome London Saturday / 15 Feb / 2014 2pm and 7pm at LSO St. Lukes Tickets on sale 18th Dec 10AM GMT If I spot anymore ill post them here, a good twitter for this is https://twitter.com/ClassicVGMusic
  11. They're asking for 775k, which seems like quite a lot. There's not enough that can convey how excited I am for this. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/harmonix/amplitude
  12. Red Hot Chili Peppers are releasing a new album, and here's their new song "Dark Necessities" I haven't listened to them in a while but I used to love them so much and I'm incredibly happy to have new stuff to look forward to.
  13. please spread the word... invite everyOne to our special braindance barndance! colundi unconvention in north devon, to welcome summer solstice & celebrate launch of clone records 'volume 1'... strictly 120 *advance tickets only* (& artefacts on the night) available. if you know the score, want to reserve your space on the floor, or wish to perform some magic with us, please mail we@colundi.net with the subject line 'solstice', & the names of colleagues attending & ticket price you wish to offer please... sunday june 19: 2pm till 2am... organic food, free cam
  14. "Those industry fat cats try to put a price on my music, but it wants to be free." If you've ever played Animal Crossing you probably have a love of KK Slider. And if you don't, just what is wrong with you? Anyway, because the internet is sometimes brilliant somebody has put together the excellent KK Slider Covers Nobody Wanted tumblr, and it is incredible. My personal favourites are the Panic! At The Disco and Toto covers. So good!
  15. Revealed in this week's edition of the Japanese magazine Jump, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a "Theater Rhythm Action" game (say what?) for the Nintendo 3DS. The game has field scenes set in dungeons and towns, and battle scenes that resemble the side-view battles of the traditional Final Fantasy games. However, everything is played like a rhythm game, where you tap the screen in accordance with prompts. Needless to say, the game's music is pulled from past Final Fantasy games. Characters, including the likes of Lightning (who?) and Cloud , are also in the game, only they're shown in cute "chi
  16. Just spits out the game without warning and googling shows that it's common enough that Sony stuck a video on how to solve it. So now it works but is this a one off or am I going to need to sort out a replacement soon?
  17. And

    Sounds of Song

    So, prompted by the kraftwerk documentary thread, there's a really good documentary series on BBC4 at the moment called sounds of song. Friday's 9pm, I think this week is covering synths http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04yk00k Ep1 http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04y4qpt/sound-of-song-1-the-recording-revolution Ep2 http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04z23vl/sound-of-song-2-reeling-and-rocking The guy that presents it also did a really good series about sounds of the cinema. Anyway, it's dead good, watch it.
  18. After all the Martin O'Donnell news this last week, I've been going back through OST's and audio files from games while working, and I've naturally been taken back to specific times of my gaming life. Thought it would be great to start an audio thread that is about tracks that are not only timeless, but tracks that represent different moments in gaming, tracks that have captured and inspired full generations of people, and tracks that can be played over and over and over again. We had touched on the idea of 'Define Real Video Game Music' in the Marty thread — here are a few fav tracks of mine
  19. Details My latest brilliant idea for a thread that will sink like a stone is for us to do cover versions of each others' music. This follows on from other award-winning ideas such as the MukMix thread (which, to be fair, did work for one episode before collapsing due to lack of interest a few tracks into the second podcast), the last two reincarnations of rllmukFM (a radio show for a forum that doesn't listen to much radio - great idea), and certain other ventures I won't mention. But this one's a winner - trust me! For ages I've been going to start a thread proposing we do a forum 'tribute' t
  20. here's a little insight into how we did our beat/keymatched audio in ookibloks
  21. Over in Off-Topic... What are your picks from all the anti-Thatcher (and anti-Thatcherism) songs out there? (Has there every been anyone who has had more negative songs written about them than Margaret Thatcher?)
  22. Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight is a rhythm based platformer originally developed for the NDS by Game Freak, but now set for release as a downloadable title for the 3DS . A musical planet known as Harmonia has suddenly come under attack by evil monsters known as Noizoids. It is up to a young boy named Tempo to beat the Noizoids and restore order to Harmonia. Players control a young boy named Tempo as he travels through automatically scrolling levels. The aim of each level is to gather as many notes as possible, either found throughout the level or earned by hitting enemies and objects. These act
  23. So, the new PS3 firmware update has added Singstar to the Games section on the XMB. Select it and it installs a new PSN version for free, which enables you to download and play songs you've already downloaded (or ones you now buy) via microphones or even singing at the PS Eye camera. All lovely. And free (bar the cost of buying new songs if you want to, of course). Then I read the blog post on the EU Playstation blog about it. http://blog.eu.plays...e-xmb/#comments It's amazing.
  24. squenix are showing off their on rails demonic rhythm action shooter, Demon`s score at E3, IOS and android. [media=]
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