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Found 4 results

  1. This topic isn't intended as a means to flaunt my promotion (although I'm very excited about it, having been a reader of gaming mags since the late 80s), but rather because I'd love to raise awareness of Switch Player magazine, which this month reaches its 64th issue (and my first as Editor-in-Chief). I don't know if any rllmuk members have seen the magazine, but it's an absolute challenge promoting print media in this day and age, particularly when it's not a smooth path to work our way into outlets such as WH Smiths. The magazine relies on Patreon backers and online shop sales at present, and with this being my first issue as EiC, I've made some changes which I'd really love to lead to an increase in readership. Besides a general refresh, we're now placing more emphasis on longer game reviews, as well as securing more features from outsourced writers (this issue we've got features on Splatoon 3, Streets of Rage 4, and the potential of Sonic/Mario mash-up games). As for new features, I've introduced a news section to update on all the essential Switch-related info since our previous issue. Backlog Breach is a feature for our back page, in which we ask a different person each issue to pluck a game from their shelves which they've so far avoided, to finally give it a play... this issue our Dep Ed dived into Hollow Knight for the first time. Another new feature is NSO Spotlight, in which we give NSO releases a double-page spread to flaunt its visuals. Sorry if I've rambled here, but if anyone does want to give the mag a go, I'd love to know what you think. Or if you've bought it in the past, but not recently, let me know. It's 100 A5 pages filled with Nintendo content. Issue 64 (featuring a stunning wraparound Splatoon 3 cover) is available now: https://www.nintymedia.net/products/switch-player-64
  2. EDGE Scores 1-315.zip Someone created a Google fusion table time ago. It included many fields like format and developer, not just game and score. Google closed the service and I can't find where the creator moved it, or an offline copy. It had all game scores. Metacritic has compiled the last 20 years and is a good source for the latest scores. It includes some quotes from the review. https://www.metacritic.com/publication/edge-magazine
  3. The Christmas edition of computing magazines were a huge part of Christmas for many of us. Post your favourite Christmassy covers here. Disclaimer: I'm sure we had a thread about this, but can't find it anywhere. Zzap, of course, was king of the Christmas covers. Here are a few of the best "more than a commodore user could ever imagine" is a bit clunky. Were Zzap mocking their rival?
  4. COVER STORY 30 years of entertainment - the story of the NES/Famicon, an exclusive interview with designer Masayuki Uemura Speed running - an introductory guide to playing games quickly The History of Sega - from Service Games to the Sammy merger The history of Fatal Fury Ultimate Guides - Ghouls n Ghosts, Burger Time The Making Of - The Empire Strikes Back, Master Of Orion In The Chair - Ed Fries, the former Xbox head Minority Report - Commodore 64 games you might not have played Licence To Thrill - The Godfathe and much more
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