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Found 3 results

  1. Thought this maybe warranted its own thread since discussion on it is currently split between the Gamepass, Switch and eShop threads. I love the art style, animation and premise, but kind of switched off when they showed the management side of things, which I always believed wasn’t my thing, but then I remembered how much I grew to love the various management sub games in the Yakuza series, and how much I’ve been enjoying the base management in between missions in MGS: Peace Walker which I’m currently playing. I feel like I’ve been living a lie telling myself I don’t like management sims, or maybe it’s something I’ve grown into, but whatever. Spiritfarer also looks to have a little bit of platforming and exploration, so it could actually be a really sweet blend of stuff. I thought this was a lovely review on Gamexplain: Anyone going in on it? Curious to see how good or otherwise the co-op component is (player 2 can go the cat!)
  2. Does anyone remain on Rllmuk who doesn't own or want one? I doubt there's anyone on this forum except for the remaining few Xbox fanboys at a guess. Am I wrong? Or have you joined the Wii U ports and 10 year old indie games bandwagon like everyone else?
  3. I'm going to try something in this thread: Every week I'm going to talk about a single eshop game a bit and see if it starts any conversatiins and maybe even sell you on the game in particular. I'm not going to go for the obvious (Hollow Knight/Into The Breach), but it'll probably be something you've heard of. First up: Voez http://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/VOEZ-1201380.html Price: £18.99 Metacritic: 81% https://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/voez I've spoke about Voez a little bit in here before, because it's probably in my top 3 favourite games on the Switch (Along with Breath of the Wild and Hollow Knight is you were interested). It's a rhythm action game, with a mixture of instrumental, electronica and J-Pop tunes where you tap the screen in time to falling notes. It can be played with both the touchscreen only or the Joy-cons, but I strongly recommend the touchscreen. The Joy-cons make things far too easy and we're a definite afterthought. It's a very minimalist look, both in presentation and art style, but because of that, it never gets confusing what is going on in the game. And it's not easy. On the later difficulty levels, the lanes the notes fall down on dance across the screen, prompting you to react quickly to where you need to press. Hard mode will make you want to throw your Switch through the window. Massive kudos to Rayark for their continued support of the game as well. The game started with just over 100 songs on release. They've continually released additional songs at no extra cost (11 songs were added this week, which is what prompted me to post about it now) and it now totals 185. Which works out about 10p per song. There is a demo as well for those who want to try it. If you are tempted to buy, I would wait until next week now, just in case it shows up in the Black Friday sale. But it's great. It's beautiful. And it's one of the best rhythm games on the market. And I want more people talking about it.
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