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  1. Kinda looks like a mashup of Sword and Sworcery, Okami and Tearaway.
  2. Came upon this through a rundown of the shortlist for the Indiecade Awards. http://www.blindsidegame.com/ 'What if the things in the night didn't just go bump? BlindSide is a terrifying new audio-only adventure game, set in a fully-immersive 3D world you’ll never see. Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and explore the darkness. Listen as the world rotates around you! You play as Case, an assistant professor who wakes up blind, to find his city destroyed and mysterious creatures devouring people. Will you and your girlfriend be able to find your way without sight? How will you escap
  3. http://itunes.apple....d422667065?mt=8 Back in July last year I gave this game a lot of stick & a friend who is still playing the game suggested I go back to it & try again. So what's changed since July last year. You can now customise your floor names missions to complete to gain extra bux's share your tower on the internet (http://towers.nimblebit.com/) - currently unavailable stars next to floors show you if you have any bitizens in their dream job. upgrade floors - you can upgrade a floor to increase the amount of stock held but this cost bux's What is surprising when I reinstalled
  4. Well, barely a rant, I don't think I rant well, more a dispirited post I had to get out my system. So I tried Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes. Fuck me, is there anything so focused on the drip feed addiction of grinding, and then offering to remove the tedium of it all for a small 'fee'. The grind, the repetition of menial pointless tasks the player forces themself through for the sweet succor of EXP or BUX, it was the nadir of gaming before this. The curse of badly designed JRPGS and the lazy fallback option for mmos. It was identified as being dangerously addictive ages ago, but it's cynical ex
  5. Anyone still playing Hero Academy? http://itunes.apple.com/app/id488156323 [media=] If you are send me an invite, I've got all the extra teams except The Tribe. Game center Username is gospvg
  6. After reading the E3 threads I am left with no real interest in what has been presented by the three big hitters. For me these days it's games like Fez, Minecraft, Trials Evo, Limbo, Double Fine's output, DayZ, Dear Esther that interest me, but am I kidding myself that these games can make enough money to support a platform without riding the coat tails of the AAA infrastructure? Xbox and Playstation are so far down a road of big budgets that even though they do deliver these great indie games they're side lined by social networking and media systems trying to bring mass market appeal. I think
  7. the makers of the korg ds10 app have recently released a standalone 8 channel FM synth features demo tracks by the guys who did music for espgaluda and dodonpachi daioujou / tekken ridge racer. not cheap, probably complicated as hell, majorly niche, but i wants it!.
  8. Hey guys, I know most of you probably don't know me, but I'm here to ask you for your help with our project. I'm assuming, that some of you were, at some point in your life, dreaming about creating your own games, just like us. We're trying to make this dream come true and also making a point to the whole gaming industry. Today's game industry is more about money than fun and we think it's wrong. Amazing game concepts are thrown away every day, simply because publishers think, those games would be "too hardcore" and they have no interest in creating games only 5.000 people would buy. Using c
  9. I read a post that said good iOS games should have their own thread, so I'll give it a go. Best thing I've had on my phone in ages. It's a slightly twitchy game about guiding Willow the Whale through the clouds on a rainbow. It's one-button, all the time, and yet there's loads in it. There are 64 missions, with the last ones only unlocked through better (sometimes perfect) scores on the easier ones, which creates a nice learning curve. The Endless mode looks like the easy one, and is also fun, but check out the achievements on it. They are hard. It controls great and it's fun, you should buy
  10. As some of you know these days I'm half of a independent dev team, so this question is purely research - mods, if this isn't acceptable then kill it. We're looking into async multiplayer gaming on iOS and how people do it. With iOS 5 Game Center supports this natively for iOS, which is good as it removes the server issues/costs and data protection issues from our plate. But are people using it, do you prefer to use something that already exists like Facebook (although that will be storing data on our servers somewhere) or sign up for something new. For example Draw Something will let you
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