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Found 108 results

  1. http://itunes.apple....d422667065?mt=8 Back in July last year I gave this game a lot of stick & a friend who is still playing the game suggested I go back to it & try again. So what's changed since July last year. You can now customise your floor names missions to complete to gain extra bux's share your tower on the internet (http://towers.nimblebit.com/) - currently unavailable stars next to floors show you if you have any bitizens in their dream job. upgrade floors - you can upgrade a floor to increase the amount of stock held but this cost bux's What is surprising when I reinstalled the game was that it had my old save file from last July so I carried on building from floor 35. Currently on floor 39 - will show my tower when the sharetower feature is back on. So who else is still playing this? EDIT 18/06 - Tower Sharing is now back online http://towers.nimblebit.com/1009414887
  2. Well, barely a rant, I don't think I rant well, more a dispirited post I had to get out my system. So I tried Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes. Fuck me, is there anything so focused on the drip feed addiction of grinding, and then offering to remove the tedium of it all for a small 'fee'. The grind, the repetition of menial pointless tasks the player forces themself through for the sweet succor of EXP or BUX, it was the nadir of gaming before this. The curse of badly designed JRPGS and the lazy fallback option for mmos. It was identified as being dangerously addictive ages ago, but it's cynical exploitative use here it really really shit. Take 'Tiny Tower'. I order some stock and then wait. That's fine, lots of good games have a delay whilst stock arrives. There's nothing else I can really do here though, so I turn it off. Except I can't, because the stock arrives in 5 minutes and I have to click when the stock arrives otherwise it won't get sold. Why? Because the developers want to inconvenience me in order to make me pay to make it arrive. So what can I do when I'm waiting? I can move people in a slow elevator. And sometimes there'll give me things. No skill involved, no tactical decisions, no thinking or finesse involved. I just move people in an elevator. And sometimes they give me BUX. And that *ding* of victory in the grind is why people love it so much, well done you've acheived something! Success in your life! No you did nothing a hamster, or nodding bird couldn't do, but you've got this valuable item, and that means you can avoid the tedium of having to wait for your stock to arrive! Or save it because its valuable. And my stock arrives, so I put it on the shelf and order the other items of stock to line the shelves. Except I can only order one at a time. Because the developers need to inconvenience me, make my life more tedious, keep me looking at the screen because it would be a waste to turn it off when it arrives in 8 minutes. And I pay 13000 of the currency to build a floor, except it takes 3 fucking hours, because the developers need to inconvenience me. And this is one of the highest rated games on the system. It's brother 'Pocket Planes' is just as tediously shit and it's got a whole thread on here I just don't know why. And there are thousands of them. All of them have been designed in order to inconvenience the player and make you bored. Somehow that has become good games design, that's what people want now- to grind and grind with the impossible prospect of enjoying the game when you've ground enough, or people just spend money to avoid the tedium of the grind but not too much because that would remove the game veneer, like installing a one-armed bandit in your kitchen and realising actually it's nothing. I know I'm not saying anything new, but I get wound up for a couple of reasons. 1. Grinding is the worst part of any game ever, and using it to appeal to base addictions is a shit thing done by twats. I understand I've just said that turning a poor game mechanic into a game is worse than hooking people, and I probably should have rewritten it. 2. We're actually rewarding people for making their games shit. If these games were fun in of themselves they wouldn't make as much money, so they have to make them tedious. And everytime they're paid someone is rewarding them for their shitness. 3. I want to remunerate a creator for making a good game, not in order to be able to play the game it should have been. I guess this is just 2 again, but I'm concerned that thhis is so profitable it will become the norm. Even good games will make you sit through a 12 minute cutscene every time you play unless you give them money. Oh, and I want to remunerate them ONCE. 4. We're giving every child in the school an iPad. Admittedly this depresses me for other reasons but it does because of these games as well. I think that's about it. I know people disagree but I genuinely think every 'game' of this type is awful, money grubbing stuff. I rarely consider myself wasting time playing a videogame, even the crap ones, but with these I feel every bored moment I spent looking at a screen waiting for something to happen was wasted.
  3. gospvg

    Hero Academy

    Anyone still playing Hero Academy? http://itunes.apple.com/app/id488156323 [media=] If you are send me an invite, I've got all the extra teams except The Tribe. Game center Username is gospvg
  4. After reading the E3 threads I am left with no real interest in what has been presented by the three big hitters. For me these days it's games like Fez, Minecraft, Trials Evo, Limbo, Double Fine's output, DayZ, Dear Esther that interest me, but am I kidding myself that these games can make enough money to support a platform without riding the coat tails of the AAA infrastructure? Xbox and Playstation are so far down a road of big budgets that even though they do deliver these great indie games they're side lined by social networking and media systems trying to bring mass market appeal. I think Nintendo had a great idea with the Wii by making a lower spec, cheaper machine, but they're such a closed market they focus on their own IP and back catalogue. So do we have a new opening in the market for a console that provides a dedicated Xbox Live / PSN style experience with a channel for more experimental titles like the Xbox Indie gaming but one that actually makes these games the focus and gives them better exposure? It doesn't have to be a new player either, Steam and Apple I think are both excellently placed to step in on these, Apple's recent purchase of Leowe seems to suggest they're bringing the App store to our living room TVs.
  5. the makers of the korg ds10 app have recently released a standalone 8 channel FM synth features demo tracks by the guys who did music for espgaluda and dodonpachi daioujou / tekken ridge racer. not cheap, probably complicated as hell, majorly niche, but i wants it!.
  6. Hey guys, I know most of you probably don't know me, but I'm here to ask you for your help with our project. I'm assuming, that some of you were, at some point in your life, dreaming about creating your own games, just like us. We're trying to make this dream come true and also making a point to the whole gaming industry. Today's game industry is more about money than fun and we think it's wrong. Amazing game concepts are thrown away every day, simply because publishers think, those games would be "too hardcore" and they have no interest in creating games only 5.000 people would buy. Using crowdfunding we're trying to start our own company independent on those huge corporations. We're also trying a different approach to our cooperation with gaming community. We're trying to encourage people from all over the world to send us their ideas or whole game concepts so we can help them create their games. Unlike a publisher we want them to retain rights to those games and we ask only for a part of their profits, so we can continue helping others as well. Unfortunately promoting this idea proved to be difficult. Non of us is actually worldwide famous (for example I wrote reviews and interviews for a local website that no longer exists). Since we're trying to create a whole new company we have nothing fancy to show in our video. And mainly, it looks like all online media simply decided to ignore us. And I mean really ignore us. Not even a "go f... yourselves" e-mail... They simply don't believe it's possible to achieve something like this without having John Carmack or someone like that on the team. But without promotion it's impossible to get to word out. You can't get famous if nobody gives you a chance to try. And that's where they're wrong. I still have faith in gaming community. I mean, how many gamers are there? Even if one out of thousand decides to send us one dollar we'll still have more than we need. So I ask you, take those 5 minutes to check out our project page, pick any of those perks you'd like, even that $1 makes a difference, if you'll send it using PayPal it won't cost you nothing else. Or even if you don't believe we could succeed, help us spread the word, share our page, our story with your friends, you never know who'll read it. And if you want to help us or have any questions, any suggestions or critics tell us. I'll be checking this thread often and I'll answer to everyone. our fundrasing page: http://www.indiegogo.com/frozen-frog-games and our homepage: http://www.frozenfroggames.com Thanks for reading this far, I hope I didn't sound too cheesy. Nick p.s.: feel free to correct my Engrish, it's really hard to explain your thoughts when English isn't your native language
  7. joeplus

    Whale Trail.

    I read a post that said good iOS games should have their own thread, so I'll give it a go. Best thing I've had on my phone in ages. It's a slightly twitchy game about guiding Willow the Whale through the clouds on a rainbow. It's one-button, all the time, and yet there's loads in it. There are 64 missions, with the last ones only unlocked through better (sometimes perfect) scores on the easier ones, which creates a nice learning curve. The Endless mode looks like the easy one, and is also fun, but check out the achievements on it. They are hard. It controls great and it's fun, you should buy it. Also it's soundtracked by a Super Furry Animal.
  8. As some of you know these days I'm half of a independent dev team, so this question is purely research - mods, if this isn't acceptable then kill it. We're looking into async multiplayer gaming on iOS and how people do it. With iOS 5 Game Center supports this natively for iOS, which is good as it removes the server issues/costs and data protection issues from our plate. But are people using it, do you prefer to use something that already exists like Facebook (although that will be storing data on our servers somewhere) or sign up for something new. For example Draw Something will let you use Facebook or sign up with OMGPOP (or Zynga now I guess). Thanks to anyone that takes a minute to answer this. Edit: First question now allows multiple answers.
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