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  1. http://www.sonicretro.org/2014/12/sonic-runners-confirmed-to-officially-exist/ :omg: :omg:
  2. EDIT: Instant Hero is out NOW! You can download it FREE on the App Store here: Http://Www.tinyurl.com/instantherogame Really excited, hope you'll all support the game! Here's the brand new launch trailer to celebrate: ORIGINAL POST: Hey guys! So for the last few months, a few of us here (Carleton, Breaksmith, Melon Bread (aka pixelartist extraordinaire Army of Trolls) and myself) have been working on a game, and it's now pretty much ready for launch. It's sort of a cross between a traditional RPG and Peggle, and we think it's pretty cool. There's even jokes in it and a selectable femal
  3. Okay, this doesn't really have anything much in common with Heartstone, but I wanted to make a bad pun. It's more like an online multiplayer version of Top Trumps with collectable cards and some very light RPG elements. You choose a deck of 5 cards, then you play three rounds against an opponent, each round will be based on one or two of your stats, so you pick your best card and pit it against their's. After the match you get to pick two cards (or one if you lost) to add to your collection. It's a very simple game to be honest, but I haven't been able to stop playing it this evening. The best
  4. Out for iOS and Android. It's classic Puzzle and Dragons style f2p japanese gaming with rythmn action (missus) and schoolgirls instead of match 3 and monsters. Same basic principles. Feed your schoolgirls other girls to level them up and become better idol singers. 
 Quite difficult on the harder difficulties too. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/school-idol-festival/id834030294?mt=8 I'll be in the cell next to Rolf.
  5. By popular request here's an Enscripted discussion topic. Enscripted A very simple (but addictive) puzzle game based on monoalphabetic substitution cyphers. (Or letter "swapping" to you and me) - each day there is a new puzzle based on a film quote and film title. The player must substitute letters for other letters of the alphabet to work out the right combination. ITunes Link - 69p Thread notes: Obviously this game is pretty vulnerable to out-right spoilers, so if we could avoid anything really obvious popping up without spoiler tags that'd be ideal. Also, a note, if you could put the puzz
  6. Been a while since I've been in these parts - probably the Crackdown 2 days... sorry about that one Anyway, I'll take this opportunity to share my new iOS title, Jack B. Nimble! It's a fast-paced, reaction-heavy platformer with a retro 8-bit/game boy aesthetic heavily borrowing from Castlevania (or Kid Dracula). It is available now on iOS for $1.99 - no ads, no in app purchases, just game You can grab it here: https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=918891211&mt=8 A bit more info... It's a score attack game where you have to run and jump gaps over
  7. As the subject. Very nice presentation too. To save time here's a link to the Neogaf thread http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=773324 It's basically Puzzle and Dragons but with JRPG style combat and nicer graphics. Friend codes Flub 2133576 Argh 1879343912
  8. I just started playing this tonight and it's really fun. Classic roguelike template. Get as far as you can into the shattered planet until you die, repeat. Lose all your shit when you die but keep stat bonuses you apply at base between runs. It has some premium currency but I haven't played it long enough to see if there are any paywalls to bounce off yet http://www.kitfoxgames.com/shattered-planet/
  9. More info at their Kickstarter page. That soundtrack though (by Logan Mader no less!) .
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgWqUCMvhuU So I guess this is why we didn't get a Ridge at the PS4's launch. They were making another mobile game probably filled to the brim with IAP. After the depressing Driftopia this is not good news. Then again, it does look like a quick and dirty port of the PSP titles, so maybe it'll at least play like a Ridge Racer.
  11. If I'm honest I'm a bit disappointed they've gone iOS but there's probably budgetary reasons and maybe it'll subsequently hit XBLA/PSN or similar. Still, it looks lovely. http://kotaku.com/project-gotham-devs-get-back-in-the-race-with-2k-drive-1153111885
  12. Another day, another story about a kid spending too much money on virtual energy, another framed photo of parent and chastened looking child. http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/smartphone-apps/toddler-spends-big-bucks-on-free-ipad-app-20130602-2njq2.html And of course the traditional wisdom here is going to be "bwahahahahahahahahaha. It's totally the parents fault for not disabling in-app purchases which is easily found (nested under several menus.)" But I think there's a point to be made here about predatory design. We can laugh at these sorts of stories but I think if the freemium games
  13. Thought that some of you might be interested in reading an interview with Infinite State Games, developers of the brilliant Frutorious. And if you have not played it yet, rectify that immediately! There's also a look at future plans, including the awesome Avoid Droid... http://www.100percentindie.com/2013/07/05/infinitely-happy/
  14. Apologies for people waiting for Beta invites..
  15. As some of you may remember long ago, Ookibloks were nominated for the 2008 IGF award for excellence in audio. It's a fun action puzzle game with a musical touch. Interview After numerous tribulations with a number of high profile publishers and a number of conflicts of interests due to dayjob issues, ookibloks went through a number of programmer changes, and is now being programmed in the capable hands of the designer and programmer of Gun Bros and Super KO Boxing 2 on ios. As before I'm on music, art, and design duties, I've been making games since '89 for Ocean, Infogrames, Core, Capcom,
  16. There seem to be quite a few of us with this now, so I thought I'd start a thread. I just downloaded this last night. From my quick go at the tutorial it seems quite in-depth, and I'm surprised about how well it works in the iPhone (I was worried the screen might be too small, but it seems to work fine). I'm a little flummoxed by some of the rules - not so much the "how" you do certain things but rather the "why" - but doubtless that'll come given a few more games.
  17. So I'm currently addicted to this, and would like more friends and gifts please. Game Center: Mr Do 71 So I can have a nosey at your streets, thanks. Or if anyone isn't playing anymore, any gifts you could send would be most grateful.
  18. You've probably seen in the news that the Office of Fair Trading is investigating in-app purchases after multiple complaints of kids blowing loads of cash on games and then surprised parents receiving a hefty bill a few days later. Here's the survey they've released for parents to submit. I think there are definitely rotten aspects of some games that use IAP and then specifically target children, it could also be argued that Apple could do more to highlight the importance of the in-built parental controls when you're setting up an iPhone/iPad for the first time and the 15 minute window that
  19. Oh dear, Gamekyo posted a little tidbit that indicates a bit of a massive shift for Sega. For anybody that can read French, here is the original link: http://www.gamekyo.c...-fermeture.html Google translate gives us this: So in conclusion: -No more AAA titles from Sega -Mostly iOS and Android stuff -Bye bye consoles and PC for Sega Gives new meaning to the phrase "Nintendo to go the path of Sega" doesn't it? On one hand it IS still a rumor, but considering that Sega has not been performing that well and has announced that they won't be joining GamesCom, this doesn't seem to unlikily sadly.
  20. From the Dutch team Paladin Studios comes the lovely Momonga Pinball Adventures, on iOS now. I've spent some time with it this week and I think it's really good. It's a very cute adventure game, with the mechanics of pinball, plus some other surprises. You play as a little flying squirrel whose home town is destroyed by owls. It's a beautiful game - the graphics are reminiscent of Okami, and each little area you pinball through is memorable. The gameplay is great too: I'm about 10 levels in, and I've been going back to the extra challenges for each level that demand a different style of play.
  21. pixie


    Side scrolling minecraft type thing but with neat queuing up of commands and multiple people to control. F2P but the IAPs don't look like they are essential. https://itunes.apple...app/id519596406
  22. In recent year we've seen the launch of the 3DS and the PS Vita. Both did terrible at retail, although 3DS sales picked up after a price drop and Nintendo rolling out some big guns like Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 and recently New Super Mario Bros 2. The Vita still seems to be struggling despite a pretty strong launch line-up and some excellent downloadables, and even big shots at Sony are now going public with statements that it's hard to cement third party software. Looking at the festive season, the release schedule for both seem to be pretty dire. Am I being overly pessimistic, or is
  23. Pocket Planes is Nimblebit's follow up to Tiny Tower (Apple's 2011 iOS Game of the Year). It's available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad right now for the grand price of nothing at all. It's a pretty simple game, but it does appear to have a bit more depth than Tiny Tower, you pick a region of the world to start your airline and you're dumped at an airport with a small assortment of bottom of the range planes from there it's up to you to build your fleet until you're a globe spanning powerhouse. It does have in-app purchases, but Tiny Tower was a case study in the good implementation o
  24. Cyhwuhx


    https://play.google....dlecake.huebrix http://itunes.apple....rix/id543812828 Fill up routes of predetermined length within a grid field. It's basically puzzle crack. The kind that infuriates you with its goodness.
  25. squenix are showing off their on rails demonic rhythm action shooter, Demon`s score at E3, IOS and android. [media=]
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