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Found 108 results

  1. Totems - Game of Conquest https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/totems-game-of-conquest/id499852645?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 GAME DESCRIPTION The game design is derived from the world-famous “4-Color Map Theorem”. The randomness of the totems in your ‘hand’, the changing colors of the territories, the variety of the maps, and the cleverness of your opponents will all conspire to make each turn a fun and interesting challenge. The object of the game is to place carved animal pieces (totems) on the map in order to claim territories. Each turn you will place matching totems on adjacent territories to expand your control of the map. The player who conquers the most territories when the map is full, wins. A game of Totems can be finished super-quickly or slowly, depending on your skills and your approach. It's FREE so download it now & give it a try. Seems like a simple game but could be worth a try? Multi-player is via game center my username is gospvg
  2. I hope Mr. Gerbik's family are ready to provide comfort and support for him during this difficult time.
  3. Tennis Champs Returns is a new and rather nice game out this week - its free with a 79p option to remove ads, and is apparently an old Amiga fave that has been redone by the orignal dev (have to admit it passed me by at the time). Looks like there is a nice deep career mode in there with some RPG type options, daily challenges and a nice cartoony look and play style that I'd pitch as a more sophisticated version of the old SNES classic super tennis (its not aiming at Top Spin or the serious games) Anyway its free so no reason to not give it a go if you think it may be your type of thing. iOS Link https://itunes.apple.com/app/tennis-champs-returns/id1062318595?mt=8
  4. Pocket Mortys is far more extensive than i'd anticipated. I've only played an hour or so but it has the feel of a full blown Pokemon game. It'll be nonsensical if you're not a Rick and Morty fan, but there are only 20 or so amazing episodes, so c'mon. iOS Link https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/pocket-mortys/id992640880?mt=8 Android Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.turner.pocketmorties&hl=en_GB Trailer Link
  5. I think it's probably best we start a new thread for season 2 players. That way any new players just getting started on season one don't get spoiled.
  6. Hi, I develop iOS apps and my daughter and I have been working on one which is ready for a bit of testing. I was hoping somebody on here could help, I got some good feedback for Instant Hero this way. There is a catch though; the app involves wandering about in the real world looking for clues to solve. It's based in Newcastle city centre and would take somebody about 2 hours to complete. I'm working on another app which is less physically demanding but it's not quite ready for QA yet but if you're interested in helping with either please let me know.
  7. Xevious

    80 Days

    80 Days is an iPad game, although it can be played on a phone if you really must. It's a text adventure with trading and route planning, based loosely around the Jules Verne novel but with a great deal of artistic licence thrown in. Your primary objective is to get around the world in 80 days, but if you fail (as I have done) you simply restart but with knowledge over what may happen. There are hundreds of routes to choose from and the world seems to be based on a random seed meaning that no two games will be the same. I started well, travelling through France and Germany, then up to Scandinavia. Unfortunately routes to Russia were limited and I ended up having to travel back down through Turkey and the Middle East to India, arriving in Japan at around day 45. Not too bad, but my journey across the Pacific (a direct boat to San Francisco) was interrupted by a storm, and we lost a number of days heading down to Hawaii instead. I led a mutiny to get the boat to depart for the US West coast immediately, but travelling across America took a long time and on day 80 I was aboard a paddle steamer, just after it had exploded. No oceanic transportation from New Orleans meant a slow trek up the coast to New York. It felt a huge anticlimax, and this made me realise just how exciting the game had become. Every time plans went wrong, or I arrived at a city with no clear path forwards, I was feeling genuinely anxious. I remember watching Michael Palin's second travelling series Pole to Pole, and feeling that without the time constraints of Around the World in Eighty Days it felt a little pedestrian. Here again I could see the deadline creating the tension. A game like this needs to have good writing and a clear visual style, and 80 Days has both. It's a testament to its quality that as soon as I'd arrived in London I was ready to set sail again. On my second journey I managed to make good time across Europe and Russia, until on day 23 I was thrown into a Russian military jail. I know that many others have played this already, and it's Wiper's game of 2014. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  8. This was released yesterday on PC and PS4 (not sure about iOS). I've had my eye on it since I saw it in the voting for the PS+ free games and was excited to finally get my hands on it, played for about 3 hours last night when I could have been playing Phantom Pain. http://armello.com/ Trailer 1 / Trailer 2 I'm terrible at describing games so i'll copy the blurb from wikipedia: Armello is a digital re-creation of a traditional fantasy tabletop role-playing game featuring dice and an assortment of cards that allow the player to carry out specific actions. Up to four players assume the role of a Hero character that represents a specific animal clan, each with their own unique strengths, with the ultimate goal to storm the castle and become the new king or queen of the kingdom. The playing board area is divided into hexagon-shaped tiles that contain randomly-generated features such as dungeons to explore, quests to complete, rival heroes to battle, or settlements to capture. As the game progresses, players can acquire currency to purchase additional abilities for their hero using a talent tree system specific to each character. The game uses a turn-based system where players are allowed to perform actions such as equip items and purchase talents during another player's turn to eliminate downtime. Cards and dice are used to directly interact with the game world, and form the basis for the game's combat system. Players use cards they draw from a deck to cast spells, recruit followers, heal wounds, or use items that grant special abilities. Cards may also be played as "Perils" which can be laid on specific tiles to act as traps for other heroes or used immediately in combat, and other cards may be used to forge temporary alliances. Armello also features a day/night cycle where certain heroes gain advantages based on the time of day, and certain groups of enemies only appear in either the darkness or light. I'm not normally interested in these type of games but something about this one intrigued me and from my few hours last night, it looks like a fantastic game. The prologue which teaches you the game mechanics is quite long but nicely designed. The game looks incredible, I love the character designs and general art style. The four different clans (with 2 characters each) means there is plenty of different play styles to try on new games and the game in general flows really nicely, there's a really nice balance between finding your way of winning the game and slowing down others progress. I had a tiny bit of trouble remember what some of the stats represented and some battles flew past without me really knowing what caused what to happen, but I think that'll click given some time. I'll be starting another match tonight as the rat clan Anyone else played it or can suggest anything similar that I might enjoy?
  9. Divide By Sheep is a puzzle game available on iOS (currently on sale for 79p!) and Steam (currently £3.99), and look how cutesy it looks: Stupid cutesy mobile game! Except it's not cutesy at all. To solve these puzzles you have to feed sheep to wolves, slice them in half, sellotape them back together, drown them, and all kinds of other horrific things. Just like in your maths GCSE! It's also not bloody easy. I mean, it's bloody, but it's not easy. So to go back to the above image, your goal is on the left hand side. To get three stars in this level you have to save exactly four sheep at once by getting them to the raft, then five sheep, then six sheep. You do this by hopping them between adjacent islands - whenever you swipe, all the sheep from one island will jump to where you swiped. If you swipe three sheep and there's only one vacant space on an island, two of them will drown. If you swipe the two sheep you see above through the lasers, they will be sliced in half and take up four spaces on the middle island. If you swipe four half-sheep onto the raft, they'll be revived and you will be on two sheep saved! But you need two more. So basically you have to keep killing sheep and moving them around until you work out how to meet all three criteria without running out of sheep to save... the above level is the 16th of 150 and I'm already starting to struggle to get all three stars! Anyway, it's really good. And look, so cute! Errrrmmm...
  10. For those that didn't see the Square Enix E3 Press Conference. They announced they're releasing a Final Fantasy Portal app . That alone isn't really worthy of a thread. What does make it worth it is the fact it includes Triple Triad, the utterly amazing card mini game originally included in FFVIII. Portable Triple Triad!
  11. Hello rllmuk! With a written permission of the committee, I'm here to present our upcoming game and looking for beta-testers. I'm Jari from Traplight Games, and we are the developers of 1000 Heroz, an iOS game published by RedLynx with 1000 days of tournaments. I remember rllmuk from those times, there was some of you playing it and since our upcoming game shares a lot of similarities with that game, I came knocking. In What on Earth! aliens start testing stuff they see on our TV shows (like Monster Trucks, Teleports, Exploding Barrels). You research new items, build your own tracks and drive and test stuff made by others, as well as compete in tournaments etc. The beta is completely free, you can not spend money - we just want to see what you can do with editor and get some real competition to the Leaderboards. Here's a quick trailer of the action: And a little bit longer feature with me yabbering about the game: http://www.appspy.com/feature/9460/hands-on-with-what-on-earth-where-trials-meets-littlebigplanet-in-a-most-spectacular-fashion So if you are interested, here's the link to the sign-up page. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1W2XjgDLrtUPXKHYn-RjlBX337aBRqOxJo0ttbeZL8SM/viewform We'll be sending the invitations in batches, first one maybe even during the weekend but latest on monday. We are starting off with iOS, but Android should follow at some point. There's a lot of known issues in the menu structure and player progression and we are going to revamp all the menus, but the main things Playing and Track Creation are good to try out. So come try them out! I'll be hanging around in here so if you have any questions or comments, just shoot. Screenshots!
  12. I thought I'd start a thread and see if there was any interest here. I've been playing since the EU edition came out last October and it's massively addictive. The best way for me to describe the game is to link to the excellent Neogaf thread on the subject http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=693226 The Japanese phenomenon, now in English! Puzzle & Dragons combines Pokemon, Bejeweled, hardcore dungeon crawler RPGs, social gaming, and crack cocaine into one app. In Japan, it's remained at the top of the iTunes charts for over six months, currently has over 15 million downloads, and even got its own TV commercial. Assemble a team out of hundreds of monsters to wipe out everything that moves in the dungeons! Power up your critters by feeding them other monsters in a bizarre cannibalistic ritual! Spend your paycheck buying IAP so you can evolve literal Egyptian Gods* into anime lolis! Wait a second... Seriously though, while PAD may look like yet another shitty Japanese iOS freemium cash-in, the game is surprisngly deep. We're talking 30+ hours of content just to reach the real "meat" of the game, and GungHo will continue to add more new dungeons and monsters over time. You know how people describe the "Tetris Effect" where they'll see falling blocks everywhere? This game will do that to you too. The strategies needed to beat later dungeons could fill pages and pages of text (and in fact has, if you look at the number of pages in this thread). You'll need proper hardcore RPG planning before going into a dungeon if you don't want to get slaughtered instantly, and once in battle use pro puzzle gem moving skills to execute your plans. And if you're into that shitton of numbers going up always thing, this game has that too. There's currently a hello kitty themed dungeons (Previous ones include Batman and Final Fantasy). You get rewarded for logging in every single day (Worth it. You don't even have to play a level) and the strategy is so deep I have no real idea what I'm doing. Player List Flub 721 343 244 Neg 767 448 248 Footle 721 442 249 Harsin 769,549,245 MK-1601 789,742,231 Hexx 760,446,249 Deerokus 353 390 284 Blunted 321,196,280 Berties Paw 787,144,237
  13. How not to be a n00b at battlefield. The most important change for a CoD player, is spotting. Spotting is critical to success. On 360 it is the back button to spot. aim at an enemy (person, tank, whatever) and press back to spot. This will highlight them for your team-mates and you and track their movement for about 10 seconds. Sometimes it's better to not engage someone and let a squad member or someone else from your side take them out: be it they're better positioned or you can do more damage by slinking towards the flag/MCOM and not give yourself away by letting out shots (non-suppressed fire marks you on the mini map). While there are times and places you can lone wolf it, and to great success, the key to winning is teamwork. There are two sides in Battlefield. The US and Russians. Each side has some weapons that are distinct to them. You might have been playing for a different side in one match and not seen your customisations. Actually I may have mis read your question. I should point out the unlocks are per weapon not an 'overall' unlock. i.e. you need to unlock the holo for each and every weapon. Am I levelling up as I play? When do i get more gear? 1: Yes, new attachments every 10 kills and new gear every level up of the weapon, and often when levelling your soldier. Why are some people green? 2: They are in your squad of four. You can spawn onto your squad but not the rest of your side. Also, 1 person leads the squad and can designate targets to attack/defend. Point straight at the target and press back. How on earth do you fly planes and copters? Seems very difficult to me 3: Slowly but surely. You need time to get accustomed and the game doesn't give you it at all. Once you are in the air, spot as many enemies, particularly aircraft, as you can, and you'll eventually get flares, then heatseekers, by which time you'l have got better at not pitching your machine into the turf. Vanilla aircraft are more or less useless. I'm playing without a mic as I dont have one - does this matter? 4: Appallingly few people use voice in this game. No idea why - it's built for it, it is limited to your squad to encourage squad play and being able to warn or call for backup as well as spot is worth many points sometimes. When a round has finished how do I leave the lobby? 5: You have to wait for the next game to start, then go to pause-quit. This is because DICE fucking hate you and want you to piss half your evening away loading maps you don't want to play. The skill level: What is Suppression? Basically, you shoot at somebody behind cover or not and whether you hit them or not - doesn't matter. Whilst you are suppressing them with fire, their screen goes blurry and distorted for a few seconds (or constant when under fire). The suppression perk makes the effect last longer and be more brutal. Then, if your team kills that person you get 50 points (suppression assist). Join a squad! Join a squad, even if it's randoms. It will allow you to get back into the battle quicker when killed and vice versa, rather than spawning right back at the base. Even if you're not using voice chat, sometimes squads just click, supporting each other with ammo, health, cover and spotting. Squad leader has a star next to their name, the other information in those columns are class and squad perk, in case you didn't realise. Pressing spot as squad leader scouts out commands to your squad and you get bonus points both for telling them to do it and for them doing it, I think they get a few points for following orders too. If you order an attack/defend on a specific objective it gets 4 little red arrows around it. Is there bullet/projectile physics? Yes Why be recon? Whenever Recon I'll make sure it's for counter-sniping (generally only ever on Rush). Damavand Peak is a perfect example where 1 good Recon can turn the tides. When you're attacking and you have 3-4 snipers on the opposite team defending from the towers. Your team become scared to move from all the suppression fire, so you tend to see them hang back shooting people to the far left of the complex. Take out their snipers so they don't have issues bombing down the hill and the defence will be overrun in no time. The MAV is perfect for advancing, it helps hugely to just see where their defence is setting up. Your Little Bird and your LAV can then rain down hell while your squad advances to the MCOMS on maps like Noshahr Canals for example. Then obviously as has been discussed, you get the spawn beacon. 1 spawn beacon placed in the right place behind enemy lines on Rush is priceless. Regarding spawn beacons: basically if you leave a spawn in open space then you will parachute in, if you leave it indoors or under cover then you will spawn on the group by the beacon. Gun stat porn:- TLDR: AEK-971 and M240B are still the shit. SCAR-H is still good. http://symthic.dy.fi/?s=bf3 Original First Post Below Beta Info... http://planetbattlef...y.php?id=164272 http://blogs.battlef...rder-now.aspx## Full reveal in next months GI. (March 1st, but as always expect scans to be available earlier) http://blogs.battlef...rder-now.aspx## Battlefield 3 allows you to feel the full impact of battle like never before. Powered by Frostbite 2, the next generation of DICE's cutting-edge gaming engine, Battlefield 3 delivers spectacular visuals, earth-shattering destruction and real as hell combat gameplay providing a dramatic immersive First Person Shooter experience. One moment you may be marching down a hilltop listening to the hypnotic sound of a firefight in the distance or admiring the way the light reflects off the smoke plumes of ground to air missiles rising from the city you're about to engage. The next you're on an urban street, surrounded, claustrophobic, fighting for your life and looking eight ways at once with all your senses on high alert, chilled at the knowledge that the building you're hiding behind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Welcome to Battlefield 3. Beta info. http://www.ea.com/1/beta
  14. http://www.sonicretro.org/2015/07/sonic-dash-2-sonic-boom-stealth-released/ :omg: :omg:
  15. Site: http://eightyeightgames.com/?page_id=54 Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eightyeightgames.ymbab(£1.99) App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/id811397653?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D6(£2.29) Steam (PC/Mac): http://store.steampowered.com/app/290890(Currently £2.67, normally £3.99) One of my favourite mobile games, 10000000, has a sequel out today: You Must Build A Boat. So far I'm loving it. It's a realtime match-three game, with added lightweight roguelike mechanics; shades of the orgiinal Puzzle Quest about it. It also has outstandingly strong "oh, just one more go then" feelings.
  16. This is one of my favourite iphone games at the moment it's a cross of monster busters / candy crush type match 3/4/5 gameplay but when you do the tiles become letters - you then make words from the letters causing them to pop and dropping the tiles above into their place. This leads to a lot of strategic play whereby you attempt to transform then pop letters in order to cause appropriate cascades. The level of challenge seems to be almost perfect with it getting very hard indeed once you get above level 50 through different targets set per level (remove x number of blue tiles, make 10 words of 7 letters or more, score x number of points etc). Leaderboards are via Game Center and Facebook. It's free and there's no need whatsoever to make any in-app purchases. Might be able to play it on Facebook as well I'm not sure. http://www.languinisgame.com/ it's well good.
  17. So this just came out on Android (also been available on iOS for a while as far as I know). I spotted it whilst browsing the store and it reminded me instantly of Wind Waker and then upon closer inspection I realised it had elements of Animal Crossing in it with you being able to collect furniture, hats and other things. Then it also has Wind Waker style sailing mini games, exploring dungeons, trading and helping villagers out. I've only played it for a few hours so far but it appears to be incredibly well made and has a very Nintendo-ish style charm and quality about it. It's free to play and so far it doesn't seem to limit you too much. Obviously this could well change the more I play. Anybody else playing it?
  18. http://www.retrocollect.com/News/fans-petition-for-sega-to-bring-sonic-3-a-knuckles-remastered-to-mobile-devices.html and the original Taxman video: It would be really nice to get this game to happen, so.... http://www.sonic3remastered.com/sonic-3-remastered-campaign.html# DOWNLOAD & SEND THE LETTER TO SEGA! DO IT NOW! I GUARANTEE HAPPINESS FOR ALL MANKIND! THANK YOU!
  19. https://twitter.com/eidosmontreal/status/341537040107712512 "Are YOU ready for The Fall?" E3. Mark it down.
  20. http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/iPad/Legend+of+Grimrock/news.asp?c=65203 £3.99 As the subject. I'll be having some of that. Dungeon Keeper next pls.
  21. This has been out in Japan for ages and has just been released in the West. It's F2P game in the style of all those other Japanese rpg combat F2P games. This one is FF themed and you play through scenes from all the different games fighting the same monsters with the same weaknesses and tactics. Level up your party. Recruit people from the different games. Do stuff with equipment. You know how these works. Touch arcade have reviewed it http://toucharcade.com/2015/03/25/final-fantasy-record-keeper-review/ Only played it a bit so far. It's as inpenetrable as other games of this type this early on but from reading old Touch Arcade articles about it the game is very generous with currency and energy recharges so I'm going to play it a bit and see how I like it
  22. I was listening to last week's Giant Bombcast and they mentioned that during his Superbowl F2P game quicklook Drew had got a bit hooked on one of the games. Thankfully not Clash of Clans or Game of War. One I'd never heard of. Heroes Charge. He described it as a game where your team autoattacked and you just had to choose when to use their "Ultimate skills" It sounded pretty casual so I decided to give it a try. It's surprisingly mellow. It shares a lot of the same genetics as all the other games in the genre (And I remember playing one with almost identical combat mechanics previously). https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ucool.hero&hl=en https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/heroes-charge/id900313219?mt=8 It's got the usual energy mechanics but the rest of it doesn't seem too greedy. Plenty of grinding but to be honest given the combat it's almost painless. And yes. You might recognise most or all of the character designs
  23. Out today apparently and looking good. Eurogamer gave it a recommended out of 10. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-03-12-sid-meiers-starships-review I'm not sure when it'll drop on iOS but I think I might try it on my iPad. It seems a good fit
  24. http://www.sonicretro.org/2014/12/sonic-runners-confirmed-to-officially-exist/ :omg: :omg:
  25. EDIT: Instant Hero is out NOW! You can download it FREE on the App Store here: Http://Www.tinyurl.com/instantherogame Really excited, hope you'll all support the game! Here's the brand new launch trailer to celebrate: ORIGINAL POST: Hey guys! So for the last few months, a few of us here (Carleton, Breaksmith, Melon Bread (aka pixelartist extraordinaire Army of Trolls) and myself) have been working on a game, and it's now pretty much ready for launch. It's sort of a cross between a traditional RPG and Peggle, and we think it's pretty cool. There's even jokes in it and a selectable female character, because, y'know, fuck GG. We're just looking for 10 or so people with iOS devices (iOS 6.0+) to try it out. If you'd like to try it out, and give us some feedback, we'd really appreciate it. If you get in touch below, with your device and iOS version and we'll pick a few out to test it. Don't worry if you've got an older device, we want to test it across a range. We'll try and sort out something cool for anyone who takes part. EDIT: Carleton's made a handy link now, so if you want to enter our Beta team, just click here! http://tflig.ht/11NXodj Meanwhile, here's a few images to give you a look at the game. Cheers!
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