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Found 9 results

  1. With The Last of Us seemingly being a huge hit with both fans of the game, newcomers and critics, I was toying around with the idea that we probably have quite a few gaming IPs that could work as a TV show if given the right treatment. If you could choose one franchise to be given a proper treatment for a TV show, what franchise would you pick and what would the format be (self contained mini series, seasonal, 25 minute or 1h eps etc)? I think there are many gaming franchises that could work, even for a non-gaming audience (just like The Last of Us) and I'd love to see quite a few of them. Overall, though, I think my first pick would go to Silent Hill. I just love the general vibe the games has, the atmosphere and the various wtf moments. I'd love to see it made as a Horror/Mystery show, 10 episodes running at 1h each with a conclusion at the end. I'd be open for multiple seasons but I'd rather each season was its own thing.
  2. There's been a lot of discussion lately around the current pricing situation for new console games and how digital releases more often than not is way more expensive than the physical version, but what kind of game will usually give you the feeling of a good investment (no matter the price you paid). There are the simple games that basically repeats itself endlessly, like Tetris, and will give you endless playablility as no two games are ever the same. Personally I rarely spend a lot of time on these games, at least not compared to the ones I play the most and I usually grow tired of them after about 20 hours. Then there are the linear action games like bullet hell shooters where you can basically play through all levels in one sitting, aiming for a high score. What about open world games? Or survival horror? Or MMOs? RPGs? Personally, it seems like games based on an open world is my jam when it comes to most hours played for each title. Over the last decade my most played games, in hours, are as following: 1: Minecraft - 2100h on the PC version alone, possibly another 500h on the Switch and PS4 versions. 2: World of Warcraft - 1800h (and I can add another 4000h for the period 2005-2011) 3: Disgaea 5 - 700h 4: Animal Crossing: New Horizon - 600h 5: The Legend of Zelda: BotW - 500h 6: Diablo 3 - 500h+ on PC version alone, possibly another 250h on Switch and PS4 (combined) 7: Stardew Valley: 450h+ combined between Switch, PC and PS4 versions 8: Destiny: 400h What strikes me with this list is that, apart from BotW, there are no games I usually tend to recommend to others whenever I'm asked what games I'd recommend. Depending on who's asking, ofc, and if I know what they tend to like I usually recommend titles like Mario, The Last of Us, Bloodborne, Forza Horizon, Pro Evolution Soccer (yes, I prefer it to FIFA), Ratchet and Clank, Tomb Raider, well, basically games that's sold bucketloads and are easy to get into. So, even if I play games for hundreds upon hundreds of hours myself I tend to recommend others to play games I've spent 10-50 hours on.
  3. Video games has always been a big part of my life and while most of my gaming mates from my childhood/young adult years have stopped playing I'm actually spending more time playing games than ever before, mostly because I struggle finding any good series or movies to watch anymore. One thing has annoyed me over the last couple of console generations in particular, and that's patches. Or the size of patches, rather. While I fully understand that games need fixes, adjustments, optimization or even added content, what I don't (fully) understand is the sheer size of some patches. My own logic tells me that in a modern video game, especially the 3D ones, quite a big chunk of the games's data consist of NPC speech, music files, SFX, textures and geometry for all 3D models. The rest is the code that makes everything come together and work as the devs intended. Why are most patches for some games basically the entire game size all over? How come we need to re-download all the assets, textures, audiofiles etc. again, if the majority of the patch content is basically bug fixes? I'm obviously not a games designer but I would like to get an explanation from someone who knows more about this. Surely there must be loads of other questions out there? I've got a few more but I'll save those for later.
  4. Feel free to update your choices as E3 progresses. Currently I'm super hyped by Doom Eternal and Lego Forza but most of all the new Flight Sim has me drooling buckets.
  5. Hi RLLMUK I'm happy to announce a new website online for Commodore Gamebase enthusiasts. Commodore Gamebase is an online search tool to search any Vic-20 or PET game that is known to exist. Currently there are 700 PET and 2,277 Vic-20 programs which are searchable aphabetically, by programmer, publisher or software title. I will soon be adding the ability to deep search by year and genre. There's also an upload area for people to add their own programs (upon request). A big thanks to CBM8Bit for hosting the game files. Commodoregamebase
  6. PK

    VR Games

    What are your favourite Very Realistic games? I've always been partial to the IL-2 games; the flying feels incredibly dangerous, and the planes all feel exactly like they're made of bits of plywood and thin mental bolted together and are barely staying up in the air. If you take the piss too much with your manoeuvering it's possible to rip the wings off your plane.
  7. Does anyone know where i can try the HTC Vive near me? It's a big investment before i know if it's worth it. I live near Bournemouth and the New Forest and the nearest place i can find is in Reading in PC World where there'll be queues no doubt. Don't mind paying if anyone knows of a local arcade offering gametime on the Vive.
  8. Hi, I would like to invite you to the site Upcoming & New 8 Bit Games. It provides the news about new releases,for 8 bit computers and consoles and also an articles about 8 bit culture nowadays. I also reccomend for those of you will be interested in site to follow facebook profile. I hope some of you will find this post interesting and I also hope you will have a good time reading the articles on the page. It would be great to recieve a feedback from you guys. Regards, Kamil "gorgh" Trzaska P.S. The site is still under construction so forgive me if something is not right , my current server is a bit slow , so sorry for that.
  9. Olé is a free to play soccer game exploring dribble and goal Play Ole free visiting: http://goo.gl/Z6njf is the short URL google link which allows us the visiting control Summary: The adrenaline pumping as you run across the field, the ball at your feet. You dribble the first opponent with style, see the second moving in, overtake him and then you do a 360º to surpass the third. You run to face the goalkeeper, the last barrier between you and victory. You calculate the kick and the ball hits the net: it’s a goal! That's the magic of Olé, the new game from Olympya Software. Learn more about the game: site http://futweb.com.br/ole and see our vídeos in YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/OlympyaSoftware?feature=guide Learn also about our MMO soccer game: http://futweb.com.br Play Ole free visiting: http://goo.gl/Z6njf Rgds Paulo Mattos Olympya - CEO
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