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Found 11 results

  1. The Xbox app for Windows is about to become less awful! hurray! https://www.theverge.com/2021/11/11/22776024/microsoft-xbox-app-windows-folder-install-uwp-options
  2. Last Stop, by Variable State, is a game that would be painful to describe in spoilers and PM maybe isn’t inclusive. (note. More of a visual novel, with mild interactivity and some nice scene framing). Accordingly, here is an open spoilers thread. You. Have. Been. Warned. In both this post and the thread title.
  3. Forza Horizon 5 November 9th 2021 - Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, PC Playground Games REDFALL - Series X/S, PC Summer 2022 Arkane Microsoft Flight Simulator Series X/S July 27th Asobo Studios Sea of Thieves A Pirate's Life Expansion June 22nd Rare Halo : Infinite Multiplayer Reveal - Holiday 2021 343 Party Animals Series X/S 2022 Tomas Sakalauskas (Human Fall Flat) Replaced 2022 Sad Cat Studios Atomic Heart Series X/S Xbox One PC Mundfish 2022 Twelve Minutes 19/8/2021 Luis Antonio
  4. Out on gamepass now and I believe for sale tomorrow. You are time. Your friend Miss Mass gets killed by Golden Boy causing the big bang. You have to travel through time and space to figure out how to stop it. A very, very weird game full of Jazz http://www.genesisnoirgame.com/ I'm only a little way in on XBox but it's really good. Headphones recommended.
  5. Just completed this on Gamepass and had a fantastic time with it. The game is a perfect recreation of 90's internet, except surfed through mind bands whilst you sleep. You play an enforcer, which is essentially a RLLMUK moderator, except for the corporation that runs the internet. It's an incredibly accurate pastiche of the internet, and the scope is pitched perfectly. It's a tiny microcosm of the internet, full of fan pages, badly drawn comics, arguments over bands, nostalgia, conspiracy theories, and oh so many gifs. And the game is really just reading these pages, and getting drawn into the lives of the people behind them. Initially I thought the game was going to be a puzzle game where you have to work out what rules are being broken, but the game quickly dispels that notion by making it completely explicit what you're looking for, and just laying puzzles in place to prevent you going there. There are a few issues with it- typing with a pad is terrible, and some of the late game passwords are long, which is really frustrating. Combined with the obtuseness of some of the later puzzles means I used a walkthrough later on rather than try and puzzle through. Apparently there's a great hint system though, which I somehow missed. The other thing I'd advise is to enjoy it the most you need to take the time to allow yourself to get involved in the people's pages- rushing through would be utterly pointless here. However, just like real internet, a lot of it is chaff, so only read the pages which interest you, don't try to 100% from the off or you'll burn out. Thoroughly recommended, especially because it's free on Gamepass.
  6. Surprised not to see a thread on this unless my searching skills have let me down again. Monster Train is a deck builder which appears to crib heavily from Slay the Spire, but I'm actually finding much more enjoyable! At first glance it appears a lot more complex, with a more MtG approach of summoning many monsters, buffing them, as well as spells, all over 3 floors. But after just a couple of runs it all fits together really smoothly. Any StS veterans will know the score- pick a class and choose a direction from the first few cards, then keep your deck as lean and focused as you can because the final boss will escalate things. The differences are all positives to me: 5 classes, one your main and one support, each with 2 different basic cards and champions, allow for 160 different starting setups and playthroughs before the different upgrade paths and artifacts are taken into account. Very generous deck customisation from the off- it's not heal or upgrade, it's heal and upgrade and discard 2 and an event. But this doesn't mean it's easier, just more interesting. Also it's free on Gamepass, so there's no excuse to skip it.
  7. PHOGS! (Pronounced "Fogs") is out today on pretty much everything and it seems to be reviewing exceptionally well. https://culturedvultures.com/phogs-xbox-one-review/ https://www.heypoorplayer.com/2020/12/02/phogs-review-ps4/ https://www.thedigitalfix.com/gaming/review/phogs/ Essentially it's a co-op puzzler (both couch and online) where you each control the head of a conjoined dog. Yeah, you read that right. Anyway, it's on Gamepass which should give it some exposure and it's installed on my Xbox ready for my other half tonight.
  8. The first chapter of the next 3 part episodic game from DONTNOD - Tell Me Why - is out on Friday and I couldn't see a thread. I'm always interested in what these guys put out and it looks to keep to the traditions set by the LiS series. Anyway, it's going straight on Gamepass on both Xbox and PC so there's no reason not to give it a whirl! Episode 1: August 27, 2020 Episode 2: September 3, 2020 Episode 3: September 10, 2020 Here's the first trailer:
  9. Thought this maybe warranted its own thread since discussion on it is currently split between the Gamepass, Switch and eShop threads. I love the art style, animation and premise, but kind of switched off when they showed the management side of things, which I always believed wasn’t my thing, but then I remembered how much I grew to love the various management sub games in the Yakuza series, and how much I’ve been enjoying the base management in between missions in MGS: Peace Walker which I’m currently playing. I feel like I’ve been living a lie telling myself I don’t like management sims, or maybe it’s something I’ve grown into, but whatever. Spiritfarer also looks to have a little bit of platforming and exploration, so it could actually be a really sweet blend of stuff. I thought this was a lovely review on Gamexplain: Anyone going in on it? Curious to see how good or otherwise the co-op component is (player 2 can go the cat!)
  10. GDC info That ain't no track....
  11. From the makers of Layers of Fear and The Observer. Looks pretty good and is on gamepass so no reason not to give it a try. Plus there's a really nice doggo. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-08-30-blair-witch-review-lumpy-horror-that-has-its-fair-share-of-scares
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