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  1. I've waited a while before starting the new thread as doing it on mobile is difficult and I only have my work laptop and didn't want to log in until today as I've been off on leave all week and wanted a complete break. Here we are again - this season is going to be very odd with behind closed doors games, limited capacity games, probable postponements and a season that will need to be shorter in terms of calendar months. We could end up with less teams in leagues than ever before if Covid and lack of income bites - there are a few clubs in serious danger of going the way Bury sadly did last season. I wish you all well for the season. If you post and aren't listed below, can you let us all know who you support as I can tag you. I've got my season ticket already but might not see a single game. Strange times. I've added a poll again. @neoELITE - Plymouth Argyle @Fatsam - Wrexham @Cosmic_Guru - Sutton United @El Pibe - Exeter City @Coltrane - Portsmouth @Danster - Bristol Rovers @carleton - Bury @Chawkso - Oxford United @merman - Ipswich Town @wullie - Coventry City @AfromB - Coventry City @Billy Brown - Crewe @Spleen - Portsmouth @wev - Notts County @grounded_dreams - Southend United @gospvg - Oxford United @MikeBeaver - Ipswich Town @rgraves - Peterborough United @artz - Wimbledon (the real ones)
  2. Here we are again for another enthralling season of supporting England's finest lower league clubs. From Carlisle to Plymouth Argyle, lower league clubs are everywhere. Some links below and, as usual, I'll make a list of the posters and who they support. I've already tagged the usual suspects. EFL website https://www.efl.com/ Non-League Football Paper https://www.thenonleaguefootballpaper.com/non-league-tables/ @neoELITE - Plymouth Argyle @Fatsam - Wrexham @Cosmic_Guru - Sutton United @El Pibe - Exeter City @Coltrane - Portsmouth @Danster - Bristol Rovers @carleton - Bury @chawkso - Oxford United @merman - Ipswich Town @wullie - Coventry City @afromb - Coventry City @billy brown - Crewe @spleen - Portsmouth
  3. I usually post up a thread to cover League 1 and below and here it is. Welcome once again for another season of lower league football fun. If you aren't listed (I copied/pasted from last seasons' thread), can you add your club in your first post and tell us a little about why you support them and what you think your chances are this season, I'll update this OP with your team and username.. Some links: English Football League official website The Non League Paper Football Ground Guide for travelling fans Soccer Stats.com @neoELITE - Plymouth Argyle @Coltrane - Portsmouth (League 1) @Danster - Bristol Rovers (League 1 @El Pibe - Exeter City (League 2) @Fatsam - Wrexham (National League) @Tomox - Oxford United (League 1) @gospvg - Oxford United (League 1) @Chawkso - Oxford United (League 1) @Spleen - Portsmouth (League 1) @wullie - Coventry City (League 1) @rgraves - Peterborough United (League 1) @Cosmic_Guru - Sutton United (National League) @Billy Brown - Crewe Alexandria (League 2)
  4. The Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League is now open. This is a brand new league. Please post your forum name and team name and I will add to this post. rllmuk league code: 141267-29603 https://fantasy.premierleague.com Player List: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ixfy2bp_tcsMvQAFkwdskxlMcVuQ8n6DD2lU7qCN8QM Rllmuk Name | Team Name Commander Jameson | Jameson's Jewels Bushtopher | Bush FC The Grand Pursuivant | My Little Bony Jolly | Kane Salah Zaha Hellccck | In shaa sAllah Smoothy | Cecil's Specials Geoff C | Geoff FC Luseth | Luseth's dummies Gotters | Brexit Schmexit CheekyLee | Salahbrations ? | CHANGE NAME sladie | Sladie FC Swallow | The Shape of Walker SmokeMeAKipper | West Lancs Warriors joeplus | Mt. Celeste Athletic Muttnicks | Pink Chicken AFC gospvg | Krazy Khans Stigweard | TLB united Marzipan Travolta | We Aren't Sparta FC ? | Destinys Disciples Pandy | Scuttlers Albion FC Butters | Instant Backpass XV ? | The Radiators Omizzay | Omizzay FC Hoodedclaw | Bad Wool United reef | 1st Class Keitaring Keith's Dad | Merseyside Red mackenie | Mackakaka Mars | AC Mallin jimmmUK | McMorrow's Mad Men El Pibe | Molly St Merryn sith | sith united Robsk1 | AttackTheRightWing magicaldrop | Metal Slugs RULES
  5. Season 2017-18 begins in earnest after a long, hard Summer of virtually no football at all. If you want to add some good links, I can stick it in this OP. Good links Guardian EFL Blog One thing I've done in the past is add a username and their team in this OP so I shall try and do this again. Can your first post in this thread include that please @neoELITE - Plymouth Argyle (League 1) @Coltrane - Portsmouth (League 1) @Danster - Bristol Rovers (League 1) @Carlos Valderrama - Exeter City (League 2) @Fatsam - Wrexham (National League) @Tomox - Oxford United (League 1) @gospvg - Oxford United (League 1) @Chawkso - Oxford United (League 1) @Spleen - Portsmouth (League 1) @wullie - Coventry City (League 2) @rgraves - Peterborough United (League 1) @Cosmic_Guru - Sutton United (National League)
  6. The rllmuk Fantasy Premier League is now open. rllmuk league code: 125858-32631 If you were a member of the league last season, then you should automatically be included. Otherwise, please use the league code above to join. Other leagues to join: marcus: FPL 2K17/18: 52534-15156 Smoothy: Cecil's Specials: code TBC gospvg: 51 Broad St Bookshop: 111512-67272 https://fantasy.premierleague.com GETTING STARTED TIPS 1. When you start the game, you can auto-fill your squad. You have unlimited transfers until the start of the first gameweek (GW) to refine your squad. 2. You can download the full list of players here: https://www.premierleague.com/news/437421 (I've creates a spreadsheet with this info in https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wmV2OcluriwYSwudcoetYJdJGzPUfVUKx1G-jpfiTDw/edit?usp=sharing) 3. More to follow (any tips for beginners welcome) RULES
  7. Thread for transfer activity (rumoured or real), especially around that bloke who has a good 90 minutes in the World Cup and then joins West Ham for £30m before disappearing. Liverpool have signed Fabinho from Monaco for £40m. He sounds like a knock-off ice lolly but is actually a replacement for the off to Juventus Emre Can. Spurs have got their business in early, saying they can't afford Bale. He'll be off to Man Utd then, to play alongside Alexis Sanchez which will definitely work. Scott Arfield off to Rangers on a free from Burnley. Dean Marney is supposedly off to Forest but Aitor Karanka appears to be taking his time. Brighton sign Leon Balogun from Mainz on a free and Florin Androne from Deportivo La Coruna for £5m. (He was linked with Burnley last year for over twice that.) Riyad Mahrez going to Man City from Leicester for SEVENTY FIVE MILLION POUNDS.
  8. Heard about this game a few months back when they had the creator on talkSPORT. It was a kickstarter that has now been made and distributed. It's currently out of stock due to popularity but you can preorder it for October delivery from London board games: https://www.londonboardgames.com/games Ive honestly not looked up that much about it but I enjoy a good board game and am obsessed with football and love football manager, so am seriously thinking of preordering the £52 executive box. has anyone else heard of it? or has anyone got it? https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/206091/football-game
  9. The fixtures are out and I thought I'd start us up a new thread for the coming season. We have Scunthorpe, Oxford and Bolton as our first three games, which doesn't fill me with confidence. But a good result against two of those three should set us on our way to a half decent season. Good luck everybody! And for those who don't know, pledge your allegiances now. For the record I am a Bristol Rovers fan.
  10. As per last season, post up your final Premier League table prediction for the 2015-2016 season. You get zero points for each team where you correctly predict their position. For each position difference, you get one point. The player with the lowest points wins. Deadline: End of the transfer window (1 Sep 2015) List of teams to copy/paste: Arsenal Aston Villa Bournemouth Chelsea Crystal Palace Everton Leicester Liverpool Man City Man Utd Newcastle Norwich Southampton Stoke Sunderland Swansea Tottenham Watford West Brom West Ham
  11. New fixtures = new season. Go! Premier League - Opening day fixtures: Saturday 8th August 2015 Arsenal v West Ham Bournemouth v Aston Villa Chelsea v Swansea Everton v Watford Leicester v Sunderland Man Utd v Tottenham Newcastle v Southampton Norwich v Crystal Palace Stoke v Liverpool West Brom v Man City Champions League - Group stage - draw: 27th August 2015. Fixtures played over six rounds between 15th September 2015 - 9th December 2015. Knockout stages: Second round - draw: 14th December 2015. First legs played between 16-24 February 2016, second legs played between 8-16 March 2016. Quarter finals - draw: 18th March 2016. First legs played 5-6 April 2016. Second leg played 12-13 April 2016. Semi finals - draw: 15 April 2016. First legs played 26-27 April 2016. Second legs played 3-4 May 2016. Final - 28 May 2016. Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) Milan, Italy. FA Cup: first round - week commencing 7th November 2015 second round - week commencing 5th December 2015 third round - week commencing 9th January 2016 fourth round - week commencing 30th January 2016 fifth round - week commencing 20th February 2016 quarter finals - week commencing 12th March 2016 semi finals - week commencing 23rd April 2016 Final - 21st May 2016. Wembley Stadium. London, England. England: Sat 5th September 2015 - San Marino (away) Euro 2016 qualifier Tue 8th September 2015 - Switzerland (home) Euro 2016 qualifier Fri 9th October 2015 Estonia (home) Euro 2016 qualifier Mon 12th October 2015 Lithuania (away) Euro 2016 qualifier 13-17th November 2015 currently unannounced friendly international Euro 2016: Draw: 12 December 2015 Group phases: 10th - 22nd June 2016 Second round: 25-26-27 June 2016 Quarter finals: 30 June - 3 July 2016 Semi finals 6-7 July 2016 Final - 10th July 2016 Stade de France, St Denis, Paris, France
  12. No details yet, but there will be a competition that follows the same structure as the actual competition. Only 24 places are available and teams will be allocated in a vaguely seeded manner. Teams not available in the game will be replaced by their next highest fifa ranked neighbour. You don't have to be in a league currently to join this. Please add add your name to reserve a spot! Players: SaintM Bennette98 mackenie Luseth Jamin gooner4life superstarbeejay AlfromSleep Fennas3 BiGBaZ96 Bleeders kiko kylz Sladey19 Alison94 Wincho Timmo Seanfl9 smithstock KriessG Steely MardiganX
  13. Another season of pain/glory (delete as appropriate) awaits. Due to the way the Christmas break gets in the way of the schedule, we'll be skipping the pre-season cup and the first league fixtures will commence on the 7th January. If you are up for the challenge, please stick your name down below! There are also likely to be gaps for managing next season, so please also step up. Existing managers: Please post if you're staying in the role! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are two changes of note for our 1/3rd centenary: Team selection changes As outlined in the thread, there will be a player run team selection process in place which aims to increase manager participation and give us all something to follow when the mince pies have taken their toll. Real team look and feel changes This was a qualified success, with some great efforts by the player base to get in the spirit of the changes and embrace the idea tempered by some restrictions which led to a few minor issues. The following tweaks will be made to improve the ruleset: * players will for next season be able to use any of the listed positions for their player rather than just sticking with one. * Also, at the half way point managers will be able to juggle things around and change who has which players. * Finally, this is now a normal part of the league so infractions will be deemed serious enough for monetary(* if the team selection process supports it) or points deductions for teams that field ineligible players. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The league is nothing without you (yes, even you!), so thank you for your continued support. As always, I'm happy to hear and discuss ideas for how we can keep the league in place for all our enjoyment/hatred. Values http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/289880-bap-season-33-sign-up-and-details/?p=10691771 Teams to be used http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/289880-bap-season-33-sign-up-and-details/?p=10692360 Managers http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/252686-bap-managerial-waiting-list/?p=10692308 Club division http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/289880-bap-season-33-sign-up-and-details/?p=10692391
  14. neoELITE

    League 2 thread

    Fixtures http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/league-two/fixtures I've already bought my season ticket for the 2013/14 season. Plymouth Argyle is my team. Welcome to Portsmouth, Bury, Scunthorpe, Hartlepool and Mansfield and Newport. My tip for the top two are Burton and Bury and feel that the play-offs might be Shrewsbury's as they've been up and down for years. Relegation could be the usual suspects, Accrington, Wimbledon, Plymouth and the other two Devon sides. Saturdays are a bit pointless withouth football - roll on 3rd August. POSTERS AND TEAMS Me - Plymouth Argyle Carlos Valderrama - Exeter City Tomox - Oxford United Lanark - Portsmouth Danster - Bristol Rovers Richard - Bristol Rovers Davidgri2002 - York City Carleton - Bury (shortest name in the league)
  15. Brazilian Campeonato: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/league/_/id/bra.1/brazil?cc=5739 Argentinian Primera: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/league/_/id/arg.1/argentina?cc=5739 Chilean Primera: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/league/_/league/chi.1/primera-division-de-chile?cc=5739 Paraguyan Primera: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/league/_/league/par.1/primera-division-de-paraguay?cc=5739 Copa Libertadores: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/league?id=conmebol.libertadores&cc=5739 South American World Cup Qualifying: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/league/_/id/fifa.worldq.conmebol?cc=5739 Can't be bothered to dig out the other leagues, the above of the main ones, plus the international competitions of note. The Peruvian top flight is alright as well. South American football runs pretty much non stop throughout the year, most leagues being split into Apertura (Opening) Championships, and Clausura (Closing) Championships, so there are two different winners each season. The exception to this is Brazil, who play a national competition, the Campeonato, from around June to December, and then a series of State Championships in between. The State Championships are normally the main clubs from the top two divisions battering a load of village teams with their youth/reserve sides, so it is an effective off season, with full sides only playing in the Copa. The South American Champions League equivalent is the Copa Libertadores, every round after the group stages is two legged, due to the impracticalities of travel in South America. It runs for the first six calendar months of the year. The UEFA Cup equivalent is the Copa Sudamericana, which runs for the last six months of the year. I'll put up some more posts when I can be bothered about the individual leagues and players/teams to watch/hate/avoid betting on.
  16. Welcome! To the 2014 World Cup Predicitons thread! Nobody else was doing it, so I thought I'd get on with it. There are a variety of ways that a World Cup predictions game could be played, but there is a chap at work who has been organising one for money for the last twenty years and so I am going to copy his rules. You have to predict the entire competition up front and get points depending on how many of the teams you think are going to get through, do get through, with a maximum of 1000 pts up for grabs if you got everything exactly right. The Rules Group Stages: For each game you can score: 5 pts for getting the result correct. 5 pts for getting the score correct. At the end of the group stages, you score: 20 pts if you predict 1st and 2nd correctly 10 pts if you get the right teams in the wrong order 5 pts if you get 1 team in the correct place 2 pts if you get 1 team in the wrong place. For example: I predict England to Beat Italy 4-0, they actually win 2-1, I get 5pts. I predict Italy will win England's group and England will come second. Actually Costa Rica win the group and Italy come second. I get 2 pts. You get bonus points for your predictions of the last sixteen. 30 pts for all 16 correct. 25 pts if you get 13-15 correct. 15 pts if you get 10-12 correct. 10 pts if you get 5-9 correct. 2 pts each, if you get 1-4 correct. Last 8 you get: 10 pts for each correct team. 30 pts bonus if you get all 8. Semi Finalists: 10 pts for each correct team. 30 pts bonus if you get all 4. 3rd/4th Place: 10 pts for each correct team 30 pts bonus if you get both. Final 10 pts for each correct team 30 pts bonus if you get both. Winner 50 points for predicting the winner. No changing your guesses after the competition begins. I thought we could use this template to record the predictions: You can copy and paste and type in your values, for example: Put it in quotes if you like, leave the commas in place and then I can just copy and paste into a spreadsheet and keep the scores / table up to date. All completed predictions will need to be in before midday on 12th June. Useful spreadsheet here: http://www.excely.com/football/2014-fifa-world-cup-schedule.shtml For recording your scores in and figuring out who goes where etc... Good Luck! Edit: fixed group and example!
  17. Issue 130 is out today and features:- History of Crazy Taxi Ultimate Guide to Yie Ar Kung Fu Making of Theme Hospital Top 25 N64 games From The Archives Telegames Bluffers Guide to Football Games Plus loads more and all the regulars
  18. Just wanted to share a webseries I was part of quite a while back but the first episode has just finally been released online. It's called 'Road To FA Cup' and is a 6 part mockumentary based around a fiction semi-pro football team, the Croydon Terriers, who have just been entered into the FA Cup for the first time in their history at the same time that they have just been bought by a playboy millionaire. Hope you enjoy! (I play Ian 'Speedo' Davies and was a good 4 stone heavier at the time!) http://youtu.be/zumZ-naIGTs www.roadtofacup.com
  19. LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB THREAD FOR 2012-2013 SEASON A new season, new manager, new hope! With Dalglish relieved of his duties, the owners have decided to offer former Swans manager Brendan Rogers a chance to make his mark on the historic club. Regardless of having to be a fair bit more prudent than previous seasons, there's still enough to be excited for the new season. We're in Europ...a again at least. Thread rules in addition to normal forum rules (still to be decided/amended accordingly to people's wishes): Thread will be updated later, just making sure it's not a completely terrible OP. Oo-er!
  20. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone fancies doing a prediction competition for the Prem this year? Not a match-by-match one, just a prediction of how the table will stand come May, with points awarded for how close your prediction is to each team's final position. Something a bit different from FF, and easy to enter. I'd be happy to organise it if there's interest, might even be able to scare up a prize of some sort. Edit: if you fancy entering just post your predicted final league table. You can always edit it before next weekend.
  21. What's your clubs best sing along song? What's the story behind it? I don't want your offensive chants, or your fucking Poznan. I want the naff, badly sung, out of time song that your club's fans sing along to at every game without fail. Nottingham Forest have two. The first is the fine "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" by The Righteous Brothers, which is to be sung to taunt the opposition after we've gone and netted a goal against them. When I was little, I used to think every club sang this song. Turns out, they don't. It's probably for the best. Beautifully awful. The best one is the rousing song before kick-off, which consists of an arm-waving sing-along to "Mull of Kintyre" by Wings, with the words changed to be a bit less Scottish. It includes reference to the "mist rolling in from the Trent", which is you've ever been to an evening kick-off in Autumn or Winter, will have experienced. It's great, it is. Gets me going every time.
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