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Found 2 results

  1. All kinds of mixed results for me last year. I feel like most of my guesses were fairly safe bets but the predictions life is rarely smooth. Again, try to predict things that probably aren't going to be confirmed by the end of today and there are no prizes, it's all for fun. My 2021 recap: So yeah, not a great result for me. But that won't stop me trying again! Persona 6 gets its first for-realsies unveiling. The unveiling is every bit as vague as the Persona 5 chairs. PS5 and Switch. Street Fighter VI. It's announced. Everyone is Luke. Still no 2D sprites, because Luke. And time, and money. We're all too busy playing Ultimax anyway. Enhance Games provides some news and updates on Humanity but it isn't released in '22. We go again. Tunic actually gets released this year! Pretty confident about this one since the demos I've played have been pretty solid. Everyone ignores it because it doesn't have Zelda in the title. Babylon's Fall and Forspoken both get released to Partridge shrugs all round. Yellow metascores by the end of the year. I feel like this isn't even that controversial.
  2. It's that time again. I feel like I did fairly well with my 2020 predictions; only the most outlandish suggestions turned out to be false. As suggested with last year's thread, try to predict things that definitely won't be confirmed later today and you should end up with a solid list. And with that... Balan Wonderworld is released to a mixed reception. I mean, I love NiGHTs, but aside from the art style I don't find this all that interesting. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong. (Update: this literally has red critic metascores and green user metascores on some pages, so does that count?) Enhance Games provides some news and updates on Humanity but it isn't released in '21. I wanted to predict that they release it as a nice surprise, but there's still so much that's unknown. No Switch "Pro" hardware refresh next year. Not whilst the existing hardware is selling so well. Nier: Reincarnation is released!... but either it's unavailable in the UK App Store or my device doesn't meet the requirements to run it. Bah. I don't have any interest in the series and I haven't played any of the games. Maybe there's an announcement, maybe there's a logo, maybe there's a trailer. I'm just going to say "Uncharted 5" I really don't know what to expect out of '21 so my predictions are pretty scattershot. Hopefully you can do better!
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