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Found 7 results

  1. Old Threads 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 League https://fantasy.formula1.com/ League is live! Join code 4b362c04af Drivers & Teams Team Drivers Mercedes Lewis Hamilton Valtteri Bottas Red Bull Max Verstappen Sergio Perez McLaren Daniel Ricciardo Lando Norris Aston Martin (Racing Point) Sebastian Vettel Lance Stroll Alpine (Renault) Fernando Alonso
  2. I'll add some proper info to this tonight but until then here's the new place to discuss the 2018 season & generally laugh at Mclaren. All formatting shamelessly stolen from @Jonny5 excellent topic starter from the 2017 season. Driver Lineup Mercedes Lewis Hamilton (Confirmed) Valtteri Bottas (Confirmed) Ferrari Sebastian Vettel (Confirmed) Kimi Raikkonen (Confirmed) Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo (Confirmed) Max Verstappen (Confirmed) Force India Sergio Perez (Confirmed) Esteban Ocon (Confirmed) Williams Lanc
  3. Formula One - 2017 Season (Content shamelessly stolen from various websites) Rule Changes In what is possibly the first time F1 has made aesthetics a central pillar of future regulations, 2017's cars are set to look more "aggressive" thanks to regulations to make them wider, heavier and run on fatter tyres. Wings will also be wider, with the rear wing lower than is currently the case. The FIA claim substantial gains of over three seconds are expected in 2017 through the "aerodynamic rules evolution, wider tires and reduction of car weight". Engine Changes COST A
  4. Full Career Mode is back! Safety Car is back! More realistic handling. Cars very difficult to drive in the rain. Parade Laps. Manual starts. 22 player online. August 19 release.
  5. It's that time again where we all get excited about a new season of Formula One. Pre-season testing kicks off at the end of Jan so not long to go now! 2016 PRE-SEASON TEST SCHEDULE January 25-26: Paul Ricard, Wet-weather running February 22-25: Barcelona March 1-4: Barcelona 2016 RACE CALENDAR 20 March: Melbourne, Australia 3 April: Bahrain, Bahrain 17 April: Shanghai, China 1 May: Sochi, Russia 15 May: Barcelona, Spain 29 May: Monte Carlo, Monaco 12 June: Montreal, Canada 19 June: Baku, Azerbaijan* 3 July: Spielberg, Austria 10 July: Silverstone, United Kingdo
  6. http://gpda.motorsport.com/ Just curious how many people have seen this and how many bothered to do it.
  7. A new era of V6 F1 deserves a new thread all ready to roll for the pre-season testing, so here it is!
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