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  1. Firstly, it's a fantastic dreadful name that's been created by the internet to describe something wonderful - less a genre in its own right, more a qualia (a quality or property as perceived or experienced by a person). The name is honestly nonsense, since it encompasses games which are not European in origin, and "jank" is normally a pejorative but here has been reclaimed as a term of endearment. Personally: I loved them before I even knew what they were. I would see the name thrown around and discovered it was being applied to most of my favourites (STALKER, Pathologic, Gothic, EYE Divine Cybermancy, etc. etc. etc.). So WTF is eurojank? (Big list at bottom of post.) "An unofficial term for that class of sprawling, verbose, and often times glitchy action/RPG titles originating from Eastern Europe. Rarely do these games hold players' hands." - Urban Dictionary "Games with less polished feel than their Western or Eastern counterparts. Sometimes unusual gameplay mechanics that feel awkward. They almost always come from Europe." - Reddit "A game with enough fresh ideas that despite somewhat flawed execution they're willing to look past that to enjoy those more novel features." - Resetera "Usually better designed games, more ambitious, less compromised to appeal a broader audience, that on the other hand suffer the lack of decent budget to improve the production value." - NeoGAF "A catch-all term for games made in Europe. Very ambitious, modest budget, strong focus on gameplay over presentation. Usually buggy and unpolished, hence 'jank'. TLDR: ambitious, but flawed B-tier games made in (Eastern) Europe." - The Escapist "Eurojank is a pretty derogatory term or silly meme; its a terrible descriptor that doesn't do the games justice at all." - GOG The problem with the term is that it's really describing a qualia, a feeling, rather than a genre. Which is why the games cited can be a futuristic FPS, third-person fantasy RPG, or anything in-between. When you look at the components of some of the best examples, you can even retroactively apply the label to the first Deus Ex - highly ambitious, grid-like inventory, damageable limbs, versatile mechanics allowing solutions even the devs didn't consider, a little rough around the edges. The sequels streamlined and smoothed over everything until it was very dull. Even the first Morrowind, in my mind, sort of falls into this jank sphere (despite being American made). From Oblivion onwards you notice Bethesda streamlining the mechanics, removing pauldrons and the ability to mix and match clothing, etc. Some games are easy to classify, like The Fall: Last Days of Gaia. German made, great ideas (bartering, no currency), but janky as hell. But what about something like Game of Thrones? Very rough in places, but the mechanics are interesting. Then there's a game like Brigand: Oaxaca, which is the poster child for the definition, but is made in America. I should probably mention Cyberpunk 2077, though I've not played it and - based on what I've seen - it failed to achieve a lot of what it set out to. But the Witcher trilogy probably fits nicely. Also the STALKER series, which I think is partly where the term came from. Also I feel something like Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines wants to be in the list, despite Troika being American, because that was very ambitious, outright broken in places, but overwhelmingly fun to play. What do you think when you see the term eurojank? Do we need a new term for these kinds of overambitious games? Are there any key titles missing from the list below? Thanks to digital distribution I've found myself sort of collecting them... Except for Sabotain - that was sold only in mainland Europe, not the UK, so I bought a physical copy to then patch using the English language files from the UK demo which came out. So, eurojank. It's not really European at all, is it? It may have started out describing things like STALKER, made in Ukraine, and the German made Gothic series, but the more I think about it, the more I want to apply it to other games not made in Europe. Amerijank? Asiajank? Are we just making up words now? Here's a big list I've made from browsing multiple forum topics. Anything in bold is something I have played, so ask questions. Pathologic is amazing. Neuro Hunter is the worst Deus Ex clone I've seen. EYE Divine Cybermancy is like nothing else. So much good stuff here.
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