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  1. Back by popular demand! I've left it late but I'm sure you couldn't go through a major tournament without the best sweepstake in the world. We have only 5 days left so no messing about! First 24 to confirm they're in get a team. It will be £10 for a team, and lots of prizes on offer below! SEXY DRAW GUARANTEED (definitely not). The Prizes Euro Domination 1st Place: £55 Portugal - Rocafella BREXIT 2nd Place: £5 France - SaintM Au Boot. Team with the Golden Boot winner: £10 France - SaintM Owner of balls First Hat-trick: £10 Portugal - Rocafella The Vinny Jones First red card: £10 Albania - GrahamDunn Not England First penalty scored: £10 Romania - Mackenie The Gareth Southgate First penalty missed (Money goes to the defending team) £10 Austria - Pompey88 The David Beckham First free-kick scored: £10 Wales - Tobert The Ballotelli First player to completely remove his shirt after scoring: £10 Croatia - Jamin Early flight home Biggest loss in group stages: £10 Russia, ROI & Turkey (Gooner, Tomaka, Bennette98) £3.33 each At least we got some money back First match to finish 0-0: £5 to each team Germany & Poland (Steely & Baring) Woof First goal scored outside the penalty area in open play: £10 France - SaintM The Super-Sub First goal scored by a substitute: £10 Slovakia - FuntimeDave The Hero First Own Goal: £10 ROI - Tomakasatnav The Klinsmann First player to be cautioned for simulation: £10 Italy - Manic Minor Out of the traps First team to score in the first 5 minutes of a match: £10 Switzerland - Pants Fergie time First team to score a goal in 90+ minutes. (Extra time does not count): £10 Russia - Gooner Keep your nerve First team to win a penalty shootout: £10 Poland - Baring They think it's all over... First team to score the winner during extra time: £10 Portugal - Rocafella Hawaii 50th goal scored: £10 Wales - Tobert As per previous years, any prizes that aren't claimed get added on to the winners prize fund. There are 24 teams up for grabs and a good chance you'll at least get your money back! Even if it is courtesy of the biggest loss. It starts on Friday so just post in here if you want in and i'll PM you details of how to pay, this needs to be done ASAP, to give me time to do the draw. 1. pompey88 - Austria 2. Grahamdunn - Albania 3. Tomox - Sweden 4. Petey - Czech Republic 5. Gooner - Russia 6. Bennette98 - Turkey 7. SaintM - France 8. Wincho - Ukraine 9. Tomakasatnav - ROI 10. Jamin - Croatia 11. Pants - Switzerland 12. Joffy - England 13. Gerry Helmet - Spain 14. Ryanski - Hungary 15. Tobert - Wales 16. Steely - Germany 17. Baring - Poland 18. Manic Minor - Italy 19. Rocafella - Rocafella 20. FuntimeDave - Slovakia 21. TheOutsider - Belgium 22. Mackenie - Romania 23. Luseth - Iceland 24. Hello Goaty
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