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Found 4 results

  1. Here's a launch trailer. Here's a primer / beginners guide by yours truly! Here's a more advanced guide for when you're a bit further: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Original post from nearly two years ago! So yeah, this came out on the day of the VGAs and no one seemed to notice... Considering I'm just playing Transistor again (never finished it, started from the beginning), I'm actually quite hyped to see what they can craf
  2. This looks super cool. Fluid combat, great art direction, animal transformations, beautifully animated boss fights. Apparently set to come out on PC and next-gen consoles when it's done. https://gfycat.com/tiredcompassionateallensbigearedbat
  3. Haven't tried it out yet, but assuming it's good this is one hell of a nice gesture by current Titan Quest ip owners Nordic Games. Out of nowhere (well, not exactly, they've been patching the original games and running beta versions for months on Steam now) they've now released Titan Quest Anniversary Edition on Steam! That's right, one of the best ARPG's ever made remastered for a new generation to enjoy with a total of 1261 changes. It incudes both the original Titan Quest and the must-have expansion Immortal Throne combined into one game with reworked multiplayer, stability, per
  4. Titan Quest is my favourite ARPG of all time. Sadly, Titan Quest developer Iron Lore was shut down due to some funding issues despite everyone agreeing that Titan Quest, and especially its expansion Immortal Throne, was rather brilliant. Former members of Iron Lore went on to form Crate Entertainment though and through some kinda deals with former publisher THQ they were allowed to bring their Iron Lore engine with them and use it to start making a spiritual successor to to Titan Quest called Grim Dawn. As a massive TQ fan you can imagine I was rather excited when I found out! So what is Gri
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