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Found 202 results

  1. Made another vid after the DRM U-turn,. Hope you like it (mods if you feel it should go in the uturn folder pse move) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isInZw_ZbsE&feature=youtu.be
  2. This deserved its own topic I feel as it might have been brushed over in the others. So what was the one great feature that was being communicated outside of the one disaster. The family sharing right- but the way it worked was never clear- the wording around it was vague and no one was left certain which lead to loads of different interpretations of how it worked. Who was allowed to play what on your list of 10 and at what times? Still sounded obviously too good to be true and kind of counter to the idea that the DRM was obviously to control game revenue. That was the whole point. Why do that and then allow you to share your game in such a manner that it might dissuade 9 other sales? Especially when Sony who when they messed up with the PS3, offered for the LIMITED PSN library the ability to share with up to 5 people fully until this was taken away as publishers like Capcom were not happy with this freedom. Sure, maybe only two people were allowed to play at a time but for a console that allowed you to do this with ALL copies of games (not just digital) - it could potentially cut sales in half after the DRM measures were in place again to control revenue. A little more confusion came when Major Nelson in an interview with Angry Joe who said "Can we play multiplayer games at the same time?" Nelson replied "split screen sure" which made this bizarre single player/mp split come in. He uses the words "check it out" and I've heard "try" as well in other interviews, check here at around 03:51. "It's not like you're buying ONE copy for all TEN members" So the whole thing was a little fishy. Before E3 hit, Boozy's favourite leak source CBOAT on neo-gaf said the DRM measures were worse than they were letting on. Then of course the whole changes kicked in after the poor reception and Sony destroying them at E3, and they dropped it all. Including the family sharing. This led some people to believe that the backwards shortsighted idiots who didn't like the xbox one DRM suddenly had denied them the chance to buy one game on launch day for 4 quid each with their gaming cartels with 9/10 other friends. Boooooooooooo! Why gamers why? Why did you deny us the policy that completely contradicts the whole point of the DRM? Turns out there was potentially a reason why MS was being so vague, why Major Nelson said "you're not buying one copy for all ten members" because you're not. Words like "try" and "check it out". Because they're full game demos. If you're not the primary license holder, apparently you get limited access to the full games OF AN HOUR. Full game trials essentially. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=598291 That's why they took it out. Because they communicated it so badly people naively thought it was time they were going to get games for a tenth of the purchase price- at a time when Cliffy B is moaning that the current cost of dev games is struggling so the xbox one DRM was the answer- it obviously was if it didn't allow you to do that. Because it didn't. Anyway, what sneaky shady motherfuckers they are. Boozy, Simms whatever, neg button is there --------------------------------------> Thanks for listening!
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