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  1. As the title suggests, it's a spin-off from Orphan Black. Some of the original people behind the scenes. Not sure if we can expect any original cast back. Probably not as central characters anyway.
  2. https://deadline.com/2021/09/krapopolis-hannah-waddingham-richard-ayoade-matt-berry-dan-harmon-animated-series-1234828618/ It's Dan Harmon, so some people giving their opinion on him in the last day in the Rick & Morty thread probably won't like it. It's about a family of humans, gods, and monsters in mythical ancient Greece. Starring Hannah Waddingham, Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, Pam Murphy and Duncan Trussell.
  3. Do we really not have a topic for this show? I couldn't find anything using the forum search. For those who might know nothing about John Oliver or the show it can probably be summed up like this: John Oliver, a comedian who cut his teeth on 'The Daily Show with John Stewart', hosts a news based entertainment series on HBO. The first season had some amazing stuff going on, can't help thinking of those poor space geckos, and the new second season is going strong too. Last night's episode on the tobacco industry was great, really highlighted some stuff I didn't know about and 'Jeff' the mascot is hilarious. Other highlights from the first season include longer segments like these: FIFA and the World Cup Eurovision As well as shorter focussed pieces like these: How is this still a thing? Ayn Rand Tony Abbot - President of the USA of Australia It's quite amazing that most of the episodes and some web exclusive stuff is all on YouTube. I've included a link for the lazy here.
  4. They're bringing back Gremlins. It'll be an animated series on the WarnerMedia streaming service. It's a prequel, about Mr. Wing, when he was a young man, and Gizmo.
  5. https://deadline.com/2022/01/apple-tv-godzilla-legendary-monsterverse-1234916545/ Apple have done a deal for a live-action TV show which is part of the big-screen Legendary Monsterverse.
  6. https://deadline.com/2018/08/solar-opposites-alien-animated-comedy-rick-and-morty-duo-20th-tv-hulu-series-order-justin-roliand-mike-mcmahan-1202453250/ Hulu have given a 16 episode (across 2 seasons) order for a new adult animation from Rick and Morty's Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan. Due to start in 2020. It's about a family of aliens from a better world who are taking refuge in middle America. They disagree if it is awful or awesome. Roiland is also voicing a couple of the main characters.
  7. New Netflix adult animation from Pendleton Ward and Duncan Trussell. Starts 20 April.
  8. First, I'll get this out of the way. Alex Kurtzman is co-writing, co-showrunning and directing multiple episodes. If you've not run away, it'll be a series on Showtime. Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor as the alien, Jimmi Simpson as a CIA agent whose obsession with the alien drives him to the edge of insanity, and Naomie Harris as a scientist and engineer who finds herself racing to save two worlds.
  9. Anyone been watching this? (Note, very different to the similarly titled BBC sitcom 'The Other One'!) Wikipedia blurb: I absolutely adored the first series a couple of years back and I am currently working through series 2. Kind of the sitcom sweet spot at 10 episodes per series x 25 mins which helps - it mercilessly lampoons internet pop culture and social media (and the twist at the end of series 1 is inspired) and it just seems to be getting funnier. It started out on Comedy Central and Channel 4 but has since moved to HBO Max, I'm not sure what this means for a UK release but I'd really recommend tracking it down.
  10. Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions are making a TV show out of a videogame. Cobra Kai writer Michael Jonathan Smith is writing it based on an idea originally from Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.
  11. We’ve known about this since the game delay but I can’t see a topic about it. New CW series, pilot shot and approved. We now have our first look. Yup, that’s a CW show. [Edit: First trailer]
  12. Another show to add to the pile, coming next year. This has Jude Law and director Jon Watts on board. It's about some kids who get lost in the Star Wars universe, set in the same period as The Mandalorian and Boba Fett. They say it stars 4 kids, but isn't a kids show. Lost kids and "skeleton crew" is making me think of Star Trek Prodigy, though that is a kids show.
  13. This one seems more kid focussed, coming to both Disney+ and Disney Jr. It's set in the High Republic era. About Younglings learning the ways of the Force. Coming in spring 2023.
  14. On 6 May (and 7 May on Sky), HBO and Sky start a new drama of the Chernobyl disaster. Not sure how many episodes (edit- 5 parts), but it's billed as a miniseries. Stars Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgard and Emily Watson, playing a Kremlin scientist, government official and nuclear physicist respectively. Looks like a few other familiar British and Irish faces in the trailer too.
  15. Live action Speed Racer show coming to Apple. Don't expect it to be like the Wachowskis movie, which this is unconnected to, apart from the source material. It's apparently going back to the manga and bringing it to life. Main writers and showrunners are from Snowpiercer and Westworld.
  16. An animated revival is being pitched to networks, with interest from them. Katey Sagal, Ed O’Neill, Christina Applegate and David Faustino have already signed on. https://deadline.com/2022/05/married-with-children-animated-series-original-cast-revival-1235023019/
  17. Amazon have picked up Greg Daniels Upload, described as a sci-fi romantic satire. Stars Andy Allo and Robbie Amell.
  18. 8-part action comedy series from the creators of Cobra Kai, a show which shouldn't have worked, but did. https://deadline.com/2022/05/cobra-kai-creators-las-vegas-action-comedy-obliterated-netflix-series-moves-tbs-1235014236/ An elite special forces team thwart a deadly threat to Las Vegas. But after they celebrate their victory, they discover the bomb they deactivated was a fake. So now a drunk elite special forces team go in search of the real bomb.
  19. New workplace comedy based on Donald Trump's announcement of a new Space Force. That's where we are now. Created by Steve Carell and Greg Daniels of The Office (US version) and starring Carell. It's about the people tasked with creating the Space Force after the announcement.
  20. Batwoman is coming to the "Arrowverse". It's not certain of being its own show yet, but they are casting the character for a crossover event in December with a view to spinning her out to her own show. It's being developed by Greg Berlanti, of all the other shows, and Caroline Dries, of The Vampire Diaries.
  21. Mike Flanagan's 5th Netflix TV show, based on Edgar Allan Poe's story. 8 episodes. Starring Frank Langella, Carla Gugino, Mary McDonnell, Carl Lumbly and Mark Hamill. More casting to be announced later today. Langella is Roderick Usher, patriarch of the Usher dynasty McDonnell is his twin sister and hidden hand of the dynasty Lumbly is C. Auguste Dupin, an investigator in multiple Poe stories Gugino and Hamill's roles haven't been disclosed yet
  22. The Offer, a Paramount+ limited series based on producer Albert S. Ruddy's book about making The Godfather. Stars Miles Teller as Ruddy, Matthew Goode as Robert Evans, Juno Temple as Bettye McCartt, Giovanni Ribisi as Joe Colombo, Dan Fogler as Francis Ford Coppola, Burn Gorman as Charles Bluhdorn, Colin Hanks as Barry Lapidus and Patrick Gallo as Mario Puzo.
  23. https://deadline.com/2020/09/peacemaker-james-gunn-john-cena-dc-hbo-max-tv-1234582582/ Peacemaker, as played by John Cena in The Suicide Squad, is coming to HBO Max. The whole 8-episode first season will be written by James Gunn and several episodes directed by him.
  24. Exploding Kittens, based on the card game, is getting an animated series and mobile game from Netflix. Starring the voices of Tom Ellis, Abraham Lim, Lucy Liu, Ally Maki, Mark Proksch and Sasheer Zamata. The show will be made by new company, Bandera Entertainment, founded by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels.
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