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  1. Anyone else playing? Mechamonkey Mk2 on 360 here.
  2. FUCKING YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! More pinball on the Vita is certainly no bad thing...especially when I can transfer my ZP1 tables over. 100s of hours of gaming!!! We here at Zen Studios are happy to finally share Zen Pinball 2‘s release date with you — the game will be available for download Tuesday, September 4th on PS3 and PS Vita! In addition, we have a great surprise for you! Our latest table creation, based on a PopCap Games mega-hit (and I do mean MEGA), will be releasing as new DLC content the same day! What might this table be? All details will be revealed later this month during
  3. Posting this thread in case anyone here is effected, so they don't worry when they suddenly can't access PSN. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-11-21-psn-eu-resets-many-user-passwords-as-a-precautionary-measure Despite that tweet, it doesn't appear to be the entire EU PSN cusomer base. This is really fucking sloppy on Sony's part, instead of e-mailing those effected, people only found out when they tried to log-in to PSN, people were rightfully scared that their accounts had been hacked, but the real reason only came to light in an off-hand post on their forums. Some are finding
  4. I don't know how this hasn't been done yet, if it has apologies and you can delete this, but sparked by a conversation with a friend...What were your favourite games of the last generation, and no Wii U is not included. If the interest is there, I might get everyone to supply their top 10 and I'll compile a list a la the other "Rllmuk favourite" threads. I know there was a game of the decade thread, but this is different? Personally mine are: 360 - Mirrors Edge The one game that DICE got right. The fluid motion and sense of movement is something to behold, when you put the practice in. You
  5. As this didn't have a dedicated thread yet, I decided to make one. So what's Puppeteer? Puppeteer is a 2D platformer from Sony Japan, directed Gavin Moore. It's not a PSN game, but retail instead, offering approximately 15 hours of gameplay. It will be released in 2013. This is the product description from the PS Blog: Main staff: Creative Director: Gavin Moore (The Geteaway, Siren 2, Siren: New Translation) Senior Game Designer: Kazunobu Sato (Siren, Siren 2, Siren: New Translation) Senior Producer: Takashi Mizutani (MGS, MGS2, Anubis, Ape Escape) Moore on length: On what inspir
  6. This is it folks, as I write, GTA V is just 6 days, 8 hours and 40 minutes away from release. So lets stick all our exciting dispatch/delivery details in this thread, along with any unboxing vids of collector's editions. Also post any rumours of any rebels selling the game early.
  7. Anyone else looking forward to this? I picked up my PS3 only recently (just before Ni No Kuni came out) so I've been looking at the releases for the rest of the year. This seems to have been received well in Japan (a sequel has already been released there) and I enjoyed Tales of Vesperia on the 360. Has anyone played the Japan copy? If so, got any thoughts on it?
  8. Gamecom Official Website Conferences: Sony: Times: August 20th 6:00 PM(UK ) / 7:00 PM (EU) Live stream: http://gamescom.eu.playstation.com/en_GB Live Stream: http://blog.us.plays...nce-live-today/ EA: Times: August 20th 3:00 PM(UK ) / 4:00 PM (EU) Live stream: http://www.ea.com/uk/gamescom-2013-ea-press-conference MS: Times: August 20th Live blog: http://www.lazygamer...wcase-liveblog/ http://embed.scribbl...meId=12676&ss=1 (With comments) http://embed.scribbl...0&ThemeId=12676 (Just news) Attendees & Lineup: Sony: Sony have sa
  9. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-06-10-tekken-revolution-is-a-free-to-play-ps3-exclusive "Money is everything," I suppose.
  10. I bought a PS3 for the first time, about a month ago, just so I could play The Last of Us. Since then, I've blasted through all 3 Uncharted games, finishing Uncharted 3 today. Next up is probably Heavy Rain or Metal Gear Solid 4. After that, I'm not sure. Any recommendations for games exclusive to the PS3? Either full price releases or indie releases (I've already got Journey and Hotline Miami). Types of game I don't like: beat 'em ups and driving games. Types of game I do like: RPGs, third person action, first person shooters, stealth games. Cheers!
  11. Trigg

    NBA 2K13

    So, it's that time of the year again for the best sports simulation game to be released. Didn't really play 2K12 as much as I thought I would if I'm honest, they did make some nice improvements to the game play (I particular liked the new post game) but it just felt lacking for some reason. Looks like they're out to rectify this with NBA2K13 though and I'm eager to play it. Not far off to do so either, think it has a release date of the 5th October. With EA and NBA Live 13 looking like a disaster at the moment this is going to lead the way in Basketball Simulation. Trailer below.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AxovrCeIKo&feature=player_embedded http://www.eurogamer...eaked-by-amazon I can't help but see this as a missed opportunity. After two PS2 games, two PSP games and a PS3 game, I really feel I've had enough of Kratos. Personally I was hoping they might take the formula and apply it to some other mythologies after the ending to God of War 3, might have helped give the series an injection of freshness, as although I enjoyed the last game it was starting to feel somewhat stale. At the point you got sent to Hades yet again I knew the ideas well was star
  13. Gran Turismo 6's demo is released on PSN today as a GT Academy Get it here: https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-gb/games/gt-academy-2013/cid=EP9001-NPEA90124_00-0000000000000000
  14. By Frogwares Magrunner.com Release date: Coming Soon ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS Looks decent enough I suppose. At least it's not brown. I mean just look at all dat colour.
  15. In case anyone misses this in the PS3 thread, there are reports of the latest firmware bricking consoles, so might be wise to not update your PS3 firmware yet. Seems to mostly be affecting PS3s with replacement HDDs. http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-3-Support/Problem-after-update-to-4-45/td-p/40712247 UPDATE: Sony has pulled the 4.45 update.
  16. Times: Main Conference: UK: June 11th 2:00 AM BST EU: June 11th 3:00 AM CET Jack Tretton Interview: UK: June 11th 18:00 PM BST EU: June 11th 19:00 PM CET See Full Game Trailers Schedule: Game Trailers Schedule See The Full Conference: Rumour Roundup: There's already been a good few rumours swirling around about what to expect from Sony this E3, with assurances of plenty of big surprises abound. As usual, shake salt liberally, but the below is what's rumoured to be coming: 40+ Exclusives Coming New Sony Santa Monica Game Will Be Shown Playstation World Detailed See The C
  17. smithstock

    FIFA 13

    Details Links http://www.thesixtha...en-with-balls/# http://www.guardian....fifa-13-preview http://www.eurogamer...ferees-a-w-nker http://www.eurogamer...-voice-commands http://www.eurogamer...nuses-announced Videos
  18. Saw this posted at NeoGAF, they seem to be treating it as reliable. EDIT: I've tidied up the text to make it easier to read.
  19. This is so bought: Although it does mean giving money to the current team of nincompoops at IO Wonder what they did with Contracts, I'd imagine they simply took the offending song out. Which is what they should have done ages ago to get the game released on Steam and GOG.
  20. I recently picked up Playstation Plus, and as this was one of the quickest freebies to download, chose this. It's good, so good in fact that I still haven't downloaded Mortal Kombat and the like. It starts extremely simple, and at first seems no more than a low budget Limbo, but then it's charm draws you in. The first two chapters are basically a tutorial for the main event, chapter three. Like, the best games, this captures you with discovery and exploration, and it's clever in slowly leading you to realise that far off ledges and exits are achievable. The story, sure for what it is, is no m
  21. A range of news sites are reporting that Sony has filed a patent which seeks to monetise the sales of second hand games for their next gen game system. By tagging game discs with the same sort of NFC (near field communication) tags as modern bank cards, PS4 could - without needing online access - determine the permissions associated with that game disc, and if the game is already connected to another user account, refuse to play and/or presumably prompt users to pay to reactivate the disc. You can read further details on the patent over at Eurogamer, but in a nut shell, the goal of this pate
  22. A 2D puzzle platformer that Gilbert describes as a game in the vein of his old adventure games. Preview here: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-05-24-the-cave-preview-double-fines-new-game-for-sega Trailer: Promising, no? And no, this is not the Kickstarter game.
  23. http://www.computera...gamer-magazine/
  24. No screenshots yet, seems they released the statement before the websites referenced went live. Does current generation hardware have enough power to properly render Roger Moore's eyebrows?
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