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Found 6 results

  1. Forza Horizon 2 Hub : Montellino Track : Hill Scramble Class : S1 Car : S1 819 1985 Ford RS200 Evolution How to Time Trial in Forza Horizon 2 & How to post your time. Leaderboard
  2. Details to follow (hint: It won't actually be all 500 miles) but I'm sure you can probably guess this will be an IndyCar special around the famous Brickyard. Draft and pass your way to victory lane. One night, one off event, to hopefully pave the way for an open wheel championship from yours truly down the line. Plans are afoot for the next Sunday night championship run by someone else after the Endurance Cup is over so think of this as a Milky Way between championships. Pls sign up if you're up for an evening of oval hilarity, I will edit and add more rules later. Rules: * Fixed spec, fixed setup - you are free to choose from either the modern day Chevrolet or Honda IndyCars (exact model names to follow) and paint them as you see fit if you so wish (you may of course use the default paint schemes also), but their setups will be locked to default. Anyone flouting this rule will be immediately disqualified with no appeal. * 2 lap qualifying session (cars set to ghost, one from standing, one hot) * Rolling start - do NOT shift higher than 2nd gear on the formation lap at any time. Stay in formation around all 4 corners and within a reasonable distance of each other. As soon as the lead driver is around the final corner and straight, the race is considered to be live and all drivers are free to "go". The lead driver will need to call when he is going, although this is not the responsibility of those behind him should he not be quick enough to accelerate once he hits the back straight. If voice chat is fixed we will use a VSC system for accidents (to be explained) If voice chat is still broken, rules on accidents tbd * Deliberate or continual accident instigation will result in an steward's investigation and possible disqualification from the race on conclusion. Using any camera angle is not an acceptable excuse for causing an accident - in oval racing being observant of your surroundings is absolutely key. * Most importantly - have fun!
  3. Rllmuk Cup TT No.2 Le Mans C Class Japanese Manufacturers How to Time Trial 1. Select Go Race tab 2. Select Rivals 3. Select Class C Time Attack 4. Select Le Mans Bugatti Day 5. Select car. (Japan C 500) 6. Load Tuning Setup/Race Anyway 7. Select tune from Recommended Tunes / My Tunes 8. Download and Install 9. Buy for xx,000cr 10. Select assists / A to accept 11. Start Race 12. Post Name - Car - Time in thread. e.g. Boozy - Ford Capri - 2:05.789 Allowed Manufacturers Datsun Honda Mazda Mitsubishi Nissan Subaru Toyota Final Results 1. Meatball - Toyota Celica '03 - 1:55.955 2. SnoopZaka - Honda Civic '97 - 1:55.991 3. McSpeed - Honda Civic '97 - 1:57.878 4. Meerman - Honda Civic '97 - 1:57.976 5. jashin1973 - Honda Civic '97 1:59.226 6. Boozy - Subaru 22b STi - 2:01.628 7. Christoph84 - Honda Civic '97 2:01.960 8. The Kron - Honda Civic '97 [EK9] 2:04.221 9. ryodiUK - Lancer GSR 08 - 2:05.927 Leaderboard Updated 28/9/15 08:21
  4. Hello everyone and welcome to the first Forza Motorsport 6 online Rllmuk event: the Rllmuk Endurance Cup! The lowdown When: Every Sunday evening at 21:00h. Where: On 6 different tracks and 6 races in total. What: Tuned cars with assists allowed. How: Random grid order in races taking around 45-60 minutes. Why: Damage set to cosmetic and collisions on will make it frantic, though fun. Who: 24 of Rllmuk's finest racing game drivers, listed below. More info Meerman will host the session - add me! The lobby opens at 20:00h for practice laps, race starts at 21:00h (UK time). Since the game chat is broken, we will resort to party chat (8 people per party max). See below who hosts the party chats (bold, coloured names). Join either of them and if you can't get in, try another host. Rules Use of voice comms is obligatory. Do not interrupt when the host is talking about session related things. Make sure your controller's battery is full and your router has been rebooted (open NAT - see network settings). Be on time for the race - if you show up after the lights go green, we won't restart. If there's a crash involving 3 or more cars during the first lap, the race will restart. Let people know when you're passing them, and on which side (e.g: "Meerman, on your left"). Stay on the same side of the track where you started from (left or right), during the first few corners of the first lap. Do not cut across to attack a corner when the field is still together early in the race. Do not purposely ram people off the track - 2 violations in a race will earn you a penalty (which is to be determined after the session). Look in your mirrors regularly (or look sideways/back with the right stick). Car setup Race 3 Any German car manufacturer Tuned to B600 Performance Index. Own tunes and community tunes allowed. Assists allowed. Custom liveries recommended. Switch damage and wear off (in the assists settings) Drivers Meerman (session and party chat host) Boozy the Clown (party chat host) RichXM655​ (party chat host) Harns SnoopZaka Jashin1973 Dudley Footle mlewis CypherQ Dimahoo del3k Joe McSpeed ryodiUK christoph84 multiclunk meatball46 ngcholer Yoshimax Bleeders The Kron mexos3 jskone SnakePlisskenUK Rice Kingford ryui Calendar Race 1 - 20-09-2015 - Lime Rock Park - Lime Rock Full circuit - 40 laps - day - D400 class Race 2 - 27-09-2015 - Le Mans - Bugatti Circuit - 20 laps - night - Japanese C500 class Race 3 - 04-10-2015 - Hockenheim - Hockenheim National - day - German B600 class Race 4 - 11-10-2015 - TBA Race 5 - 18-10-2015 - TBA Race 6 - 25-10-2015 - TBA Happy racing, everyone!
  5. How to Time Trial 1. Select Go Race tab 2. Select Rivals 3. Select Class D Time Attack 4. Select Lime Rock Full 5. Select car. 6. Load Tuning Setup/Race Anyway 7. Select tune from Recommended Tunes / My Tunes 8. Download and Install 9. Buy for xx,000cr 10. Select assists / A to accept 11. Start Race 12. Post Name - Car - Time in thread. Final Results 1. SnoopZakaDaVe - VW Golf '92 - 0:59.275 2. Jashin1973 - VW Golf '92 - 00:59:877. 3. McSpeed - Toyota MR2 '89 - 1:00.819 4. Meerman - Abarth Punto SuperSport - 1:00.971 5. Boozy - Fiesta XR2 - 1:01.141 6. YoshiMax - Mazda MX-5 TF - 1:02.335 7. ryodiUK - Mazda MX-5 Cup - 1:02.387. 8. The Kron - Mazda Cosmo 110S '72 - 1:02.661 Leaderboard updated 21/9/15 14:31
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