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  1. fantasybapleague Top Row- Outsider(£14.3), Meerkat(£14.2), Jamin(£18.7) Bottom Row- LittleJoe(£17.7), Smithstock(£11.4), Mitchell(£11.4) & Al(£9.2) Welcome one and all! Its time to test your managerial metal, do you have what it takes to put together a winning team!? I am sure you are all well aware of fantasy football and how it works (similar to www.fantasy.premierleague.com), for those of you who are not familiar, in simple terms you are given a budget to put together a team of players who all play in the same competition, you are then awarded points based on their performances (Full details of points awards in below). It's as simple as that! I'll be looking to do weekly updates, Mike has kindly offered his time to produce a page on the website which will make this all possible.. HOW IT WORKS BUDGET You have 100M to build your team of 10, The values are taken from the site (www.rllmukbapleague.com) and slightly adjusted (All by the same sum) to accommodate the 100M budget. FORMATIONS Based on the players stated position who you pick you must use one of the formations stated. Defense-Midfield-Attack: 4-4-2 4-5-1 4-3-3 3-4-3 3-5-2 5-4-1 5-3-2 In other words: -You can only have 3-5 Defenders as a minimum-maximum -You can only have 3-5 Midfielders as a minimum-maximum -You can only have 1-3 Forwards as a minimum-maximum The total number of players obviously being 10. PICKING LIMITATIONS You can only have a maximum of 3 players from each BAP team, for those who are thinking about it, yes, you can choose yourselves you self indulgent so and so's. AWARD POINTS Appearance +2 Clean sheet as a defender +6 Clean sheet as a midfielder +3 Assist +3 Goal as a defender +6 Goal as a Midfielder +5 Goal as an Attacker +4 Best Defender/Midfielder/Attacker +2 Team of the Week Appearance +2 Yellow Card -2 Red Card -5 POSITIONS Players set positions have been assigned based on best guesswork, so more likely than not there will be players who are down as defenders but will mostly play in midfield this season. Etc. Regardless of what position your player is grouped into (def/mid/str) he will play he will be awarded points based on the position he actually plays in game, that week. Example – You buy Mitchell who is a defender by trade, he plays upfront this week instead, he will not be awarded a defenders points (+6) if he was to score a goal, he would be awarded what an attacker (+4) would received as that's the position he played when he scored the goal. In a same sense if his team was to keep a clean sheet whilst he is playing upfront he will not be awarded a clean sheet bonus and so on. THE ANY! An any player will have their points divided by their total number of appearance then multiplied by the total number of games played in the league by each team to date. Example – Pompey plays the any in week one, he has two players per game, so that's 4 appearances in total, his overall score will be divided by 4 and then multiplied by the total number of games played (2) to negate any advantage gained. The only time an any will have an advantage is if he was to miss a week it wouldn't be taken into account, example. If he failed to turn up in week two his score will be divided by 4 and then multiplied by 4. CAPTAIN Your captain will get double the award points, choose wisely! It will make all the difference. TRANSFERS There will be a opportunity to adjust up to 3 players in your team post week 5 fixtures, pre week 6 fixtures. Where you can transfer up to 3 players out of your team and obviously sticking within the limitations of your budget transfer up to 3 replacements in. AWARD Our winner will be supplied with a fantastic trophy.jpeg which I will find via Google images and not only this, they will also be awarded with the smug self satisfaction of being Fantasy BAP League Champion. BUILD YOUR TEAM Right, so now its time to put your team together please save the spreadsheet below and send it to my email address j*a*m*e*s.*l*.s*t*e*e*l@gmail.com (remove the "'s) https://docs.google....MkIyVkt4ZUNhOVE Things to remember: -Your Budget. -You cant have more than 3 players per team. -You must use a standard formation. -Choose a captain.
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