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Found 2 results

  1. And Amazon are here to cash in! Today they revealed three new games: a MOBA, a MOBA and *yes you guessed it* a survival game! All fully geared towards twitch and esports (obviously) with betting systems and other money making schemes in place. What a time to be alive folks. Let the games begin. make it stop
  2. Well guys, I done did it. On the 6th of February I finally achieved the rank of The Global Elite in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (which I achieved after the rank rebalance that happened in December I might add). It took me a whole lot of time (1100 hours) and energy (drank a lot of Monster Energy) but in the end it was all worth it. Even with all of the cheaters and griefers running amok I persevered and slowly kept moving up the ranks. With each match trying to learn from my mistakes and make improvements to my overall play style, increasingly getting a better understanding of the game and its meta. Along the way I made some friends (and probably some enemies as well) but now I finally have that shiny picture next to my name to prove I am the best of the best! (as far as the game's own competitive matchmaking goes of course). So now that I've attained both the title of the forum's Smartest Gamer (after beating The Talos Principle without the use of any guides) and the forum's Most Skilled Gamer I've pretty much got the world at my feet! Where do I go from here you might ask? I don't know yet... I might take a course in knitting or maybe try my hand at stamp collecting? Who knows! Exciting times ahead though that's for sure. In all seriousness though I do kind of, sort of, feel 'proud' in a weird way. Life has been rather shit for me as of late and with not a lot of going for me at the moment this does feels like a tiny achievement (like dis if u cri everitim). You may think that's sad or whatever but being able to say "I'm a Global Elite in Counter-Strike" now feels a bit rewarding after having spent so much time with it! Yes I could've learned to play the guitar or maybe have learned a different language even but where's the fun in that? Context: For reference out of 1.050.926 Players this is the current rank distribution from the last 30 days. Some more context: The rank-up game: So sexy: The moral of the story? Don't let angry Russians bring you down and never give up!
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