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Found 13 results

  1. Don’t you read my posts? I use it as every other word! https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/search/&q=Conniption&search_and_or=and And that’s where FromSoftware got it from.
  2. Lovely as it was back in the day, I reckon the ponderous movement would give any modern gamer a conniption. It richly deserves a current gen update.
  3. Stereoscopic 3D, the better term for what most people call 3D these days, but polygons already took that, and I'll stick to the better naming to avoid giving myself a conniption. 1080p x 2 would indeed be more processing intensive, hence why most games on console with a S3D mode had to resort to lowering the resolution per eye and framerate compared to the 2D mode, and why S3D on PC requires so much grunt, at least twice the workload for every single perceived frame. The success of VR would help keep S3D viable funnily enough, the same HMD can be used to watch S3D material, if it's as good as the Sony HMD, solves most of the complaints about the quality of home S3D, except for the need to wear a heavy HMD anyway
  4. ZOK

    Far Cry 3.

    Guys, I haven't even started this yet, please don't make me weep! Woo's comments about the foliage and the weather are enough to give me a conniption, let alone all these 'explore the island' bits and comments about your character. That was another wonderful thing about FC2, the devs understood that there was no need for story, no need for talking. They just gave you a wonderful place, and let you rip it up. Oh well, onwards and upwards!
  5. I've been away on a short holiday for two days! I've just got home! Like, 10 minutes ago! I turned on my PC and was all relaxed, checking my mail, browsing a bit and then saw: Chris Avellone! Tim Cain! Josh Sawyer! Making an RPG together that blends the combat and exploration of Baldur's Gate, the dungeon spelunking of Icewind Dale, and the powerful narrative of Planescape: Torment I'm backing the fuck out of this! Edit: also, I learned a new word - conniption. Cheers, Rudi
  6. Gerbik is going to have a fucking conniption. also Fergus Urquhart can't even pronounce his own surname, poor show
  7. That Addison Groove tune isn't too bad at all...but it's hardly The Party Scene by The Russell Brothers, is it? Which begs the question, why did they even bother? I haven't listened to any of the tunes Crisp has posted, by the way, as my instinct tells me that they will probably give me a conniption.
  8. Kerraig is going to have a fucking conniption.
  9. Sounds awful to me to be honest, as these efforts generally do. All he's done is stuck unnecessary crap over the top and under the bottom. Fucking hell Art you monster, you'd probably put a moustache on the Mona Lisa! That bass line is giving me a conniption. I generally like the work of Dmitri, but he should go to jail for this. What on earth is the point? "Here's a tune that's perfect, and now you can listen to a worse version, thanks to ME! DMITRI!! FROM PARIS!!!" It's not so bad at least when there's no singing, as you can pretend it's a different song. And do not pass go!
  10. ZOK

    Ridge Racer 6.

    The thought of playing any game with a Dual Shock rather than a 360 pad gives me a conniption, but it's horses for courses I suppose.
  11. ZOK

    Ridge Racer 8

    I don't have a PS3, and I'm never likely to own one, sadly. Although the thought of trying to play playing Ridge with a Dual Shock 2 gives me a conniption.
  12. I swear, if that sheep runs over my eggs ONE more time, I'm going to have a fucking conniption.
  13. ZOK

    Far Cry 2

    The thought of playing such a beautiful game with a Playstation pad gives me a conniption.
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