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  1. I've messed up the thread with the use of the word "allegiance". I think I should have gone with "preference". I've got a PS4, Xbox One and a Switch. I have a handful of games for the Xbox and Switch and a large collection for the PS4. If I want a game that's multi format, I buy Playstation. I also have PSVR. There's no real reason why, it just worked out that way. I just find the PlayStation has the edge for me and I bought into it more. But console availability has me looking at the Xbox now and I already made the decision not to buy both consoles thi
  2. Let's say you've been an Xbox player since the OG and you're eagerly awaiting the day that you can walk into a shop and just simply buy an Xbox Series X. Or, perhaps you're a Sony fan through and through and you keep popping into Argos to see if they got any PS5s today. So, whichever category you fall into, tomorrow the OTHER type of console becomes freely available across the country. A completely normal supply that doesn't diminish. Plenty to go around. Would you switch? Also, just curious, what's your opinion on how this would affect the battle between console
  3. There's a lot of that going on in the thread - a game that's £70 isn't expensive because you can get it for £50 if you use the Tesco voucher on their eBay outlet store on a Tuesday when the wind blows high on the smugglers cove. But of course , if games were £50 you could use the voucher to get it for 30 so it's the worst argument ever. £70 quid takes the piss.
  4. How does this stand up as a one player game? Just seen it's £15 in Asda and thinking of dusting off the PSVR.
  5. Good point! But I would argue that if a fantastic game was released tomorrow for £70 I'd leave it. But Resi8 *could be* a bit average but for £40 I'll be taking a punt. It's probably great but I'm buying it when I'm not sure of that fact yet. It's like, imagine someone telling you there's a movie at the cinema and it's the greatest story ever told. In fact it's life changing. Seriously. The single best thing ever created. Makes you totally re-evaluate everything you ever saw or heard. Cinema tickets are £99. Would you go?
  6. Ban request. 10 years. No soup for you!
  7. I'm buying Resident Evil Village today, £40 at Tesco. I'm reading on the forum how the content is front loaded and the comments are mixed. £40 though. I'll take a punt. If it was higher than that is wait for it to drop to £20. Weird psychology but there it is...
  8. I'm on the fence here. I loved Resident Evil 7 on the PSVR. But the VR is so good that it's hard to go back to playing on the TV. My attempts to play RE7 without the VR headset didn't go anywhere because I'd end up saving my progress and sticking the headset back on. It's just so much better in VR that the 2d game gets spoiled. I'm a big fan of all the Resi games but for me, 7 was built as a VR experience. It was first person because it was VR. So for them to continue with the first person view but not VR seems a really odd choice. But then again, £40 at Tesco so what the hel
  9. It should be noted we are still in the excited early adopter period. People have just got the PS5, they're excited, they want to show off their new purchase. I bought loads of crappy VR experiences initially, couldn't resist. A tenner here, tenner there, all because it's new and shiny. It's impossible to prove but I'd bet that if returnal was a tenner you'd get a great attach rate . But they released it at £70 and 4000 copies a week is fuck all.
  10. Spending a year, maybe two on development of a game comes at a cost. It's all very well to say, "if you don't want to pay £70, wait a while and get it at £50, or £30, or £20 whenever the price is what you feel is appropriate". But Housemarque have a team of programmers, artists, musicians and they already did the work and they got paid. They have their game on the shelves now and hope to see that money rolling in. Frankly, if they're selling 4000 copies a week, worldwide, they're in the shit big time.
  11. The one I'm thinking of was a side scroller, where you ran to the right knocking over the enemy characters using a football. It's called Soccer Kid and was really good but I've got intermittent memory loss and have no idea what its called. It was great though and it was called Soccer Kid. You could do football tricks. The music was great and it was called Soccer Kid.
  12. Yes, any advice welcome.. it came.in a box and had a price.stiker (top right). It was.written by a coder and had graphics by artists. The music was great and was done by musicians. Come on, you must remember. Honestly. .
  13. While we are at it, can anyone remember an Amiga game? It was on a disk and was sold in shops.
  14. Gabrielle Pasternak's story...
  15. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/books/2021/may/04/jaws-35000-feet-falling-torri-newman-debut-novel-terror-skies
  16. It's amazing really. To have a fictional character in a fictional universe able to do a piece about a different show, 25 years ago, bringing the characters back, and actually use the real footage , no cgi'd ageing make up or sepia footage, it's mad how we've all grown up with the character from our teenage years.
  17. The PS4 remaster fixed the camera, floaty controls and runs at a super 60fps. It's great!
  18. Good lord. It really is someone sucking off a giraffe!
  19. Thank you, we need all the help we can get
  20. I really like Resident Evil 6. It's not the best Resident Evil game. It's not even in the top 8. But it's a great fun game anyway on its own merits, has the best version of Mercenaries of any, great co-op, and a good sense of the plain old silly. Everything explodes, the dialogue is deliberately crazy, the action is relentless and there are multiple characters that have their own gameplay styles and levels that intersect each other's stories. It's great! Isn't it?
  21. How much do Microsoft make out of a months GP subscription? How much would they make on a Halo sale? Seems to me that if Halo sells zero copies because Microsoft have sold all those customers a Gamepass subscription instead, they'll be laughing all the way to the bank.
  22. ...but if you ignore it having the resident evil name, and just play it for what it is, it's just stupid and puts a massive smile on your face. It's not perfect and it has issues but it's way more fun than people give it credit for. My opinion anyway.
  23. And in turn, the size of the marketplace is way bigger than it used to be. And the tools you mention simplify development and pay for themselves, otherwise they wouldn't use them. Gaming is no longer the niche, geeky activity for nerds. It's mass market. Games like Fortnite appear to be played by pretty much everyone in school. Why is it that Tom Cruise gets paid 95 million to appear in a Mission Impossible film, yet they sell for a tenner on DVD? There's no justification for a game, delivered digitally, should be anything like £70.
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