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  1. Played through this a number of times over the years, enjoyed it on a big TV when I was starting out with emulation on the Wii. Played it again this week on 3DS and it still stands up. But there's fundamentally something very wrong with the coding, which could even be a bug. The random item drops are ridiculous, I've almost completed the map (pretty much everything found apart from the battle arena) and I've got about half the DSS cards, and an inventory that's never had more than about 4 items in since I started. If item drops are linked to your luck stat, they would need to have the valu
  2. Theres a market stall near me that has consoles displayed on a 14" CRT , usually a Megadrive or SNES. I was there a while back and he had GT3 for the PS2 running and it looked to me like it was PS4 with only the TV letting it down. When I saw it was PS2 I couldn't believe it.
  3. Officer, I'd like to report a crime.
  4. I bought a 3DS a few weeks ago and posted in another thread about how it's a whole generation of console that I missed. I got one at launch and sold it on pretty quickly as I didn't get of with the screen and from then I figured the 3DS was just like a DS but with a 3D screen on. Now I have a 'New' 3DS XL and it's been a revelation, I've missed so much. Initially I still struggled it the screen but I somehow have trained myself to look at it correctly and it's a proper wow moment. Mario Land 3D, Pilotwings Resort, Zelda Ocarina and the Sega 3D remake compilations have really blown me away
  5. Level 3 Drindy Driller has some of the most incredible level design I have ever seen in a game. Really. It's outstanding!
  6. Hypothetical, but what would happen to Game if lockdown causes all non essential stores to close and the lockdown period covers the dates for the launch of Xbox Seres and PS5? Supermarkets would still be open, Amazon would still be shipping, Argos would be open inside Sainsburys. But we know that shops like Game tend not to make money all year round and rely on console launches, christmas sales etc. I know we have been asking if Game is finished since 2011, but I bet this could the the straw that breaks the camels back. I wonder if the implicatio
  7. Just stumbled across this. It's really interesting! Shows how it all fits together. Also how much of the story I've never seen in nearly 30 years of playing this. It's almost demonstrating what a flawed concept it is. If you play to trap the Augers then you miss the story, but if you try to watch the story you will get a game over through not trapping the Augers.
  8. That period in the 1980s - 1990s where you'd read about arcade machines in the computer mags. Mean Machines, C&VG and Ace had a monthly round up. I remember a 2 page spread about Powerdrift that made it look awesome. Might have been in a Spectrum mag that one. You'd never know if an arcade near you would ever get the games you read about so that day you walk in and see it there for the first time.. it really felt like these game delivered a big shake up, with new hardware and big cabinets. I've written here before about the first time I played Ridge Racer Full Scale and Daytona but I'm s
  9. I kept getting chucked out to the sleep mode screen, I thought I must have messed up the mod somehow and the games were crashing. Turns out, if you press the power switch, you get a choice of sleep or switch off, but no way to get back to the game, and the power button is where your little finger naturally falls when you use the trigger buttons with your forefingers. What a terrible bit of design. I googled it and I'm not the only one who turns their 3ds off mid game by accident.
  10. Thinking about it I might be completely wrong. Was it the screen that fades, or the light in front of it? Or am I misremembering this entirely?
  11. Oh my god, I hadn't seen this before. I had no idea the PS3 was more powerful than the PS5 https://youtu.be/zAb2rP9Wp-U
  12. We had a VHS tape of The Bouncer on a continual loop. Loads of preorders. Shite. I wish I'd kept the press release we got for PS2, there was a whole paragraph about how the emotion engine could accurately simulate iron filings or something, it was just gibberish.
  13. As we are on the verge of the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and people are fighting in the queues to get the new NVidia graphics cards, it's worth remembering this: This is Motorstorm for the PS3 as presented at E3 as a demonstration of the pure power of the PS3. It's stunning isnt it, and somehow nothing happened when the console was released and people played the game and it was nothing like that. It's been going on for years of course. I remember buying Nemesis for the Spectrum based on the screenshots and not noticing the initials of the a
  14. One of my first posts here in 2004 was about the weird relationship between game purchasing, money changing hands and pre-owned. At the time pre-owned was the main focus for EB and Game, HMV were trialling it. I couldn't see why it was legal. No-one other than HMV or Game makes money when I buy a pre-owned Metroid Prime, but downloading it off a rom site is illegal because no-one involved in the making of the product makes any money. So why is it legitimate to buy a game for a fiver from CEX but not to acquire it by other means? I'd imagine that Nintendo lose more sales because of the predo
  15. New Digital Foundry video and while the benefits vary from game to game, Just Cause 3 looks a complete riot and I can't wait to play it! https://youtu.be/LsQldhmN5XU
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