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  1. Imagine Jim Sterling, in his house, standing in front of a green screen, dressed like *that*, putting on that voice. The information is interesting but that persona makes them unlistenable.
  2. So last night, I tried a PSP game and I am wracking my brain now to try and remember which one it was. Anyway, I loaded it via Managunz, and the console froze. This has happened before with some incompatible games, so I didn't think much of it. However, the console didn't reset, so after an hour I turned it off and on. When it came back on, it said the file data may be corrupt as the console was not switched off properly. Usually you go through the process by pressing X , or you can skip the process by pressing circle. Weirdly, X just rebooted the console then the same message would appear. Circle rebuilds the database (so it seems X and Circle are reversed), reboots the console, then the same message would appear. The only way to get past this was to go through the whole safe mode process, which rebuilt the database. This took longer, but afterwards I could use the PS3. It still gave the error, but X skipped it. However, after turning the console off, the same inescapable loop happened the next time. So the only thing I could do was option 5 on the safe mode menu, which resets the whole console. What was strange was that this wiped everything back to factory settings, but didn't remove the softmod. However all the ISO files, the launchers etc were all removed as are all my PSN purchases. Now I'm not sure what to do - I don't want to risk going on the PSN store to re-download all my purchases in case I get blocked or something - would that affect my PSN membership on my PS4 for example? But I have loads of stuff on the PS3 that I will miss if I cannot re-download it. If I continue with this modding endeavour, I will certainly be running the ISOs from USB (if it lets you - can you do that?) because it takes no time to reinstall the launchers, but ages to copy all the ISOs across. I'm wondering if a modded PS3 is worth the hassle as for all of the initial wow moments, it's not as stable as the Wii. I think the Wii is a better emulation machine, but the PS3 is great for PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP stuff. But the compatibility with PSP and PS2 games is an issue, especially if they can crash the console to the point where it won't easily come back on and you have to reinstall your launchers.
  3. From my dropbox for you https://www.dropbox.com/s/qsf9lql9abuhuox/WiiBackupManager_Build78.zip?dl=0
  4. dumpster

    Buying games on release in 2018

    I'll amend that - yes, it was £35 on launch when I first saw it.
  5. dumpster

    Buying games on release in 2018

    Back in 2012, I posted about Sonic All Star Racing. Great game, but at the time it felt like all new releases were dropping in price after a month. I picked it up for £19.99 a few weeks after release and enjoyed it. I held off buying Burnout Paradise Remastered because £35 seemed a bit steep for a 10 year old game, and it just *felt* like one of those games that would fall in price quickly, like I felt about Sonic in 2012 - there's nothing relevant to the quality, it's just one of those games that you just know, will drop, right? And I bought it 2 months after launch from Asda for £18. It's on PSN today for £12. I'm finding that there's a world of retro out there that isn't really especially retro, and I'm catching up with stuff that I missed at the time and paying pennies for it. I haven't put the time in to Burnout that I'd like to because I'm currently loving Split Second Velocity on PS3 that was £2 in Cash Converters. It still holds up, looks great, plays great, and I'm regretting buying Burnout for £18, knowing that I haven't played it much and by the time I get round to that it might be a tenner. I've been disappointed with a number of games recently, and the demands on my time are pulling me away from Zelda BOTW, a fantastic game that I personally have only scratched the surface of and paid £55 for. There's simply too many games to play, a back catalogue that gets bigger every day and so many bargains to be had on the older formats that I'm wondering why I even bothered buying the Switch at all - It's a fantastic bit of kit but it's staying unused while I plough though a £2 game from Cash Converters. Retro used to be a nostalgia trip for me, and I'd remember the simpler times, the basic graphics, beepy music. But PS3 and Xbox 360 games seem to be as good as current stuff. Sure the frame rate might be 30 instead of 60, but that's not altering the fun I have playing Daytona, and in the current generation I just picked up Rare Replay and Dead Rising 3 for £3 each. I've always been a big gaming fan, preordering and the like, enjoying the anticipation and going to midnight launches, but today i feel there's no point, I'm happy to be a few weeks behind and spend a fraction of the money, or even be 5 years behind and play for pennies. Wondering what you all think?
  6. dumpster

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I think one of the joys of Star Wars when I was a kid was the use of language, with lots of dialogue deliberately making little sense to the viewer. It's to be expected that we won't know what these guys are talking about because it's all happening A long time ago in a galaxy far far away. "Years ago, I fought in the Clone Wars with your father" - we don't know what the Clone Wars were, but we accept that this is some war that happened. "It's the ship that ran the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs" - it means nothing to us, but we can see Han is proud of the achievement. "But I was going to go to Toshi Station and pick up some power converters" - we can only imagine what Toshi Station is, and why he needs power converters. It's all dialogue that makes no sense to the viewer, but it doesn't need to, because it's all throwaway lines that are never mentioned again. The important thing is it builds a picture in the mind of the viewer and expands the Star Wars Universe. But all these movies, released at a startling rate are showing us all this stuff we dreamed up as kids and it's making the universe much smaller because nothing is left to the imagination. There will be "24 hours at Toshi", a fly on the wall documentary that reveals that Toshi Station is a futuristic Charnock Richard Services and you'll forget the image you used to have in your mind.
  7. So, @amc and @Vimster , is there a port of Saturn Sega Rally to the PS3? I have the disk that came with the 2006 remake and it's the arcade version, and doesn't work well under emulation at all. If there was a Saturn port, I'd love that.
  8. I would imagine that all you need to do it replace the hard drive, go through the recovery options, then when you have a working pS3 again, do the PSUPDATE part of the mod. The bulk of the process in the OP is backing things up in case things go wrong.
  9. dumpster

    PlayStation VR

    It won't be VR as we know it here, it will be 360 degree 3d video at best. Personally I don't get it - TV is much better than reality when it comes to seeing the action, as you have a director working to capture all the action. Being in a live game has a great atmosphere, but VR would be like sitting in one spot, not being able to see the stuff that's further away, watching in low res without the atmosphere.
  10. Ridge Racer 2 works using the method I posted 2 posts up. Outrun 2 doesnt though.
  11. This looks interesting - on it now http://psx-scene.com/forums/f339/boot-psp-iso-cobra-psp-launcher-psp-remaster-mode-119171/
  12. My experience of converting PSP ISO files into PS3 Minis / PS3 Remasters gave me a load of games that froze up during loading. Also I replaced the "Psp loader Remaster Fixed" witht he PSP loader fixed (not remaster) and the system just told me there was no PSP loader installed at all. Went back to PSP loader remaster and it's amazing for the games it works with, but sadly only one or two of the games I really wanted to play work. All the games I don't care about didn't work. Back to the drawing board with PSP.
  13. I loved Arrested Development and have found the first 2 episodes of series 5 bewildering. No idea what's going on.
  14. I'm currently exploring PSP compatibility with this converter program. It takes your ISO and changes it to a PS3 Mini that is auto upscaled to 1080p and makes PSP games look amazing. Stay tuned! http://www.mediafire.com/file/96rz66bsb46tp3e/PSP+2+PS3.zip
  15. Hmm.. getting nowhere with the PSP Launcher now, going back to the remastered version.

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