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  1. You shouldn't watch porn if you have a weak heart.
  2. I'll edit this OP as people reply. What is your book, your music, your podcast, your t-shirt company? Let us know what you have created and maybe others on the forum will buy one?
  3. Surely we are allowed to praise them where they succeeded and criticise where they "failed to make the thing they wanted"? I think there has been a lot of love shown for this game and the criticism has been fair too.
  4. When the NES was new I saw Mario Bros in Boots and immediately wanted one. However, the leap from Spectrum games at £2.99 to cartridges at £40 - £50 meant that I secretly knew if I got one I wouldn't have any games. It took me leaving school and getting a job before I bought my first console, a Megadrive.
  5. dumpster

    Game is Saved!

    They don't actually sell this do they. They never actually existed....
  6. Am I wrong though - didn't the initial announcement make a big deal of Shenmue being the big release follow up to the game from 2001 that was famously left unfinished? "Every story needs a destination" or similar lines? Shenmue fans all know that the story of Ryo and Lan-Di was never concluded, and I'm sure that Yu Suzuki talked in interviews about how the time was right to finish the story. They seemed to change their minds midway through, and I'm sure they referred to this being the conclusion we've all been waiting for up to that point. It's a shame that Shenmue was never concluded due to Sega's issues at the time, and crowdfunding a surprise Shenmue 3 was the opportunity to fix that. But instead, we're still no wiser on how far into the story we are, and we don't know if anyone will finance a Shenmue 4. Star Wars has shown me that while there is an audience that pays money, they will keep churning out sequels until no-one cares any more or we all die of old age. If there was evidence to say that Shenmue was originally going to be, say, five games, then I'd be happy to buy Shenmue 3, safe in the knowledge that 4 and 5 were definitely coming and my favourite DC games were getting the sequels they deserved. A Kickstarter to complete the original story would have been welcome. But in 2019 we now have no evidence to say that Shenmue 4 will be made any time soon, if at all, so all the fans are left with an unfinished story. They already had that after completing Shenmue 2 in 2001. That unfinished story from 2001 could have got a send off worthy of it, a final game in the Shenmue series that no-one expected, topping off the first two games perfectly. Instead, we have another chapter in the incomplete story, with no insight as to how close to the end we are, how many more games there will be and if anyone will ever release any more Shenmue's anyway. That's why it went from essential purchase to "wait and pick up cheaply" and I loved Shenmue.
  7. Edited the OP for spoiler, although everything i described is in the trailer. It is a new release.
  8. Man from very wealthy family marries lovely young woman. The family have a tradition that on the wedding night, midnight, they all get together and
  9. I agree with all the points made above. The fans got Shenmue 3, a game they had been waiting 18 years for. Some of the reviewers seem to have a game they don't like, but have confused that with the game not being a good game. It is a Shenmue game. If you don't like Shenmue you won't like this, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game. Having said that, I have to agree with just one of Jim Sterling's points. Shenmue 3 should have brought the saga to a close and it is a mistake to have made another chapter to the previously unfinished story. When they announced that Shenmue 3 wasn't the last in the series I lost interest. It became a 'must buy for £20' instead of a 'must buy at launch'. Sales of Shenmue 3 have been disappointing and I think it is because it is too much to ask of the fanbase to release a new chapter with the possibility that there could be another 18 years to wait until Shenmue 4, if it even happens at all. Why not take this massive opportunity to tell the story now? Bring it to a satisfactory conclusion. That's surely what everyone expected from that first Kickstarter announcement. This Kickstarter was the perfect opportunity to take that unfinished game series we loved and give it the send off we have been waiting for. I disagree with every other point Jim Sterling makes and I think the poorer reviews are missing the point of what this game is. I'm excited to play it, but it's not an essential purchase now because it extends the story where it should have concluded it.
  10. Can do, it's more the complaint that, for example, if you only want to play Halo, the install is 18Gb, but in order to do that you need to create 88Gb of space, start the install, then untick all the other games you didn't want. There's no way to start the install without deleting stuff to make room, even though you know you are creating room for the games that you will be unticking as soon as you get the option to do so.
  11. Thinking about this as I bought it for the kids last year and I think they were bemused by it. Anyone have success with this as a gift? I could benefit from some better instructions. All I remember was people reaching over the board in the dark, almost burning themselves on the candle and not really being able to work out what to do being it was so dark. Anyone have success with this? I'm convinced it's a great game, and sad that we missed the point last Christmas .
  12. And back in the day, the arcade version was pumped up full volume with speakers behind your head. It worked really well.
  13. Very frustrating. Bought this a few weeks ago to play the original Halo just for nostalgia. Not interested in any of the other games, at least, not initially. But as far as I can see, the game requires an 88Gb install, followed by a 45Gb update just to actually begin the installation. Once the game installer gets to the "ready to start" bit you can go to the launcher and untick all the stuff you don't want, but there doesn't seem to be a way to start the installation without freeing up all that space, even though you know you're not going to use it. I've had to delete so much stuff as I only have an original 500Gb Xbox.
  14. New branch opening early 2020 in Blackpool.
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