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  1. This film is exactly what it says on the tin, and Bob Odenkirk is perfect in the role. It does everything you want it to do, and doesn't outstay its welcome. A really great film.
  2. Thing is, when I buy something I expect it to be "mine". So if I break it, that's fair enough. My fault. But if it stops working because someone else arbitrarily turns it off then that's not right. However it needs to be clear - a flat battery can be replaced and as soon as you connect to PSN you get all your licences back. So this is all hypothetical because Sony is surely not turning off PSN any time soon. However, they have demonstrated their contempt for customers by switching off Driveclub, presumably because they think we shouldn't be playing it any more. So do we trust t
  3. Assuming Sony have plans for a PlayStation 6 at some point and they don't remove the games from the servers for existing customers it doesn't look like it will affect anyone in this lifetime. But if they remove the games for re-downloading after purchase I'll be down head office with my PSP Go banging my fists on the counter demanding to speak to Crash Bandicoot.
  4. @Gotters that's what made me smile, the whole thing ending with, "still bought one tho!"
  5. Whether this is a deliberate joke post or not, sir, this is outstanding work.
  6. Doesn't the 360 need to be online too? I got mine out of the garage a while back and ally Xbox live arcade titles were the trial versions. Then I realised I'd changed my WiFi password since I last used it. Connected to Xbox live and all the demos became the paid versions again.
  7. In Rude Kids, the autobiography of Chris Donald (creator of Viz) he talks of how they were approached by a fruit machine company that wanted to make a Viz fruit machine to go into pubs. The weekend before the meeting the Viz staff created a load of ideas and were excited by the project. To cut a long story short, at the meeting the fruit machine people rejected all the ideas immediately. They had a game template that punters could understand and all their machines stuck to this rigidly to maximise profits. That's why when you see an EastEnders, Viz, Deal or no deal etc they are all much the
  8. Here's a thought. You own a digital only console. There's a publisher selling a game on the digital store which is the only way to buy that game. Then the store closes. The customer loses the ability to buy the game but the publisher loses the ability to sell it as well. The product doesn't exist any more as a commercial entity. There's no way for the publisher to sell you the game, and even if they could there's no way you could buy it. The whole argument against piracy is that sales are lost, money isn't spent etc. etc. But in the world of digital only consoles, if they close the store
  9. OPL has a cheat facility built in, but is uses raw code whatever that means. However there are converter tools that show you how to take a gameshark or action replay code and convert it to raw.
  10. I think there's an issue of visibility too. Like, the internet has made access to music easy and my friend Jim made an album that's now on Spotify and getting listens from all over the place. (One Riff Pony, have a listen!). But the charts are full of, well, chart music and a sea shanty is at number one. Same with books. There's some amazing fiction out there but Dan Brown sells the millions. With games, there's probably more arcade fun experiences than ever but with restrictive licencing agreements they might not be on consoles. And on PC, Steam has a million i
  11. I'm mocking myself. This is exactly the sort of thread where I'd storm in and write a wall of text about how things are not as good as they were in 2005, then bang on about Burnout 2 and Sega Rally for too long. But to be serious for a bit, the rot started with the Tomb Raider reboot. The first time I really felt something was wrong. I'd seen it being played and it looked amazing, but when you get it home you realise that there's 2 major issues with it. First, you push forwards on the controller. You walk to the edge of the cliff, balance on the plank, tiptoe across, an arm jut
  12. Only a personal opinion but Burnout 2 Is the Sega Rally in the past of Outrun 2 (and it's prequel) to be better in the old days of Daytona where Ridge Racer is the 60fps examples, which are simply better than awful Assassin's Creed identical which beats the HD power of the PS5 blue skies Let's Go Away, Rotterdam Nation and of course, who could forget Life Was a Bore with all the Ferraris.
  13. Most of the guides online use jargon that makes things look like gibberish. The Switch is super-easy to mod but the guide will tell you that if your serial number is 12345 then you install custom bootstrap 5 with an RCM Jig and your brain says "what the hell does that mean?" But the reality is that you're just following instructions and pretty much all of them are downloading files, unzipping them and putting them on an SD card. As long as you follow the steps and make sure you're following the instructions to the letter, it's all straightforward. The Switch makes
  14. In the movie Twister, Director Jan De Bont wanted to demonstrate what a strong and powerful woman Helen Hunt's character is in comparison to Bill Pullman's new wife that we meet early on in the film. To make this obvious in the minds of the audience the first time we meet Helen Hunt she says "Fuck Me, this thing is useless!” as she grapples with some piece of equipment or other. This ran foul of the BBFC and their attitude to certification. Jan De Bont was told in no uncertain terms that if he wanted the film to be a PG he would cut that language out. Desperately wanting the movie to remain a
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