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  1. Absolute horse shit!!!!!
  2. I reckon if you set out to platinum this game, the best thing to do is ignore all the trophies and play the game as normal, keeping an eye on the items list. I wasted a lot of time grinding levels, locating individual shards etc, and earning the trophies one at a time. In the course of getting the final trophy (items) I have a character which has levelled up to such a degree that I would have earned all the other trophies multiple times over. In other words, don't worry about getting 500,000 gold, your level up to 50, all the shards and all the demons. In crafting all the items and weapons, you'll get all the other trophies anyway. i spent an hour or so killing the same high value boss over and over to get my character to level 50. I currently am on level 70 and still have all the weapons to find, so spending time to get that trophy was a waste. Something wonderful about this game, because why do I even give a shit? There's something that drives me to 100% this game because it's *that good!*
  3. I have 100% all the items apart from weapons, and it seems a more tedious grind to get them than the others. I go to the bit in the waterway where you can grind for money (use the glasses that stop magic depleting and all the candles drop money), and then buy a shedload of Alkahest. That way you can craft the items you need, then once they are added to your list, disassemble them for the pieces you need for the next item. It's been a timesaver, but the missing weapons (and I'm missing 25% of them) look like they will need me to grind for items out in the map, so I can craft items with them that I then use to make the weapons. It all seems needlessly convoluted. Might as well continue as I've come this far, but I can't help thinking that this one trophy is a piss take.
  4. I have only played the game one time, and have all the trophies apart from all items and the platinum. What trophy are you after?
  5. Any tips for collecting all the items? Seems there has to be an easier way.
  6. Tell you what I have noticed due to recent viewings that I totally didn't notice at the time.... If you watch Friends from the beginning you can really see when the show got successful and how this affected the writing. When the show became as huge as it did, the cast and writers all stuck together to make sure they were compensated for the success of the show, and negotiated pay deals that were equal to each other but also massive (a rumoured million dollars per cast member, and the writing team got way more than other shows' writers at the time too). This is fair and I'm not knocking it (the show still earns ridiculous sums for all involved and it's only fair that the cast get a relevant proportion of it), but you can see how the scripts revolve around product placement. If you watch episode one, it's a bunch of little know, fresh faced actors. In series 5 onwards they all look like models from the catalogue, and they have episodes that are basically product placement throughtout: The One Where Phoebe likes Pottery Barn The one where they spend 30 minutes saying how wonderful the homemade cookies are, only to learn that they are Nestle Tollhouse brand. The one where Phoebe gets a Miss Pac Man Machine The ones where Rachel works at Ralph Lauren and Bloomingdales The onewhere Chandler loves smoking and spends the whole episode saying how wonderful it tastes. I'm convinced that's product placement. The one where Chandler replies "You're getting him a Sony Playstation?" in response to "the best give you can give. The thing is, there was always product placement, and that's par for the course in an American sitcom, but in Friends it's really obvious how entire storylines and plotpoints revolve around obvious adverts and it seems to get worse every series. I barely noticed it at the time, but maybe I've got older and I'm more cynical about the whole thing. Either way, it's really distracting.
  7. I totally agree though, as wonderful as Breaking Bad is, it's the 4th to 6th series where it becomes fantastic - parts of series 3 where Jessie has people living in his house, really drag. It'a lucky that the it's all shorter runs, because it's still very watchable as a box set. a 24 episode series would risk ruining it all halfway.
  8. yes it sure is. I definitely prefer having just Wii and Gamecube Isos on the hard drive and SD card for everything else, but that is personal preference.
  9. Only Fools and Horses, as previously mentioned, came back, because, in the words of Alan Partridge, "people like them, lets make moooore of them". Sadly for OFAH every episode (apart from the Gary one) absolutely sucked, they were basically just everyone going through the process. Having said that, for me Only Fools started to lose it when they introduced the ongoing storylines in the first place. Early episodes have a 30 minute play feel about them, with often the entire episode taking place in the flat, and three characters. The series had some peaks with the Diamond smuggling episode and the amazing Jolly Boys Outing, but it was after this when Raquel, Cassandra and Damien came into the show that you just think, who cares? And then when Cassandra had a miscarriage in the Xmas day special, they lost my goodwill completely. Hey granny, get the telly on, come on kids, only fools and horses is on, let's settle down in front of the telly for some big christmas chuckles. But for me, the big one is Arrested Development. It was always a bit weird that the show got cancelled as it did, with many people loving it - it always seemed a successful show but apparently it wasn't commercially successful and it ended rather bluntly. However, Arrested Development is absolutely brilliant and definitely worth watching. Problem is, Netflix stepped in and made more of them. You can see the issues they faced as actors are obviously green-screened into shots because of logistical issues. The new series had the same writer, but they made each episode about one character so it felt very different. They apparently realised this mistake because they remixed the whole series and re-released it. Both versions of series 4 are now out on Netflix and I don't know how the viewer is supposed to decide which version to watch. Now they have made a series 5, and I watched the first episode and found it jumpy and chaotic and it's really hard for me to get my head around the issue that this is a programme I really like, yet there's a whole series of it I have not started and it's been out a year. I just think that they should leave the writers and creative teams to make their vision and leave them to it. Other examples in the thread (Lost def springs to mind) seem to follow this same narrative. The writers make a show, the audience loves it so the writers are contracted to make more of it. They keep making more, often losing the thread of what made the show so special, or padding out content to stretch a 2 series story arc to a 6 series narrative, and when everyone gets bored they silently bring it to a conclusion. I'm never going to watch the last 9 series of The X Files despite being an uber-fan in 1994 because there's just too much of it. I find it so strange that there's something out there that I love that I'm not going to bother with. If the executives and money men allowed the creators to create uninterrupted, you'd probably have a 2 season long series called Lost that was the best bit of telly ever, followed by two other, different shows by the creators that went on to make their next thing. Instead you get a six series long show that everyone loved once but is now famous for losing its way and being a bit shit by the end. In ten years time, if you recommend Arrested Development to someone, they'll binge it and come away thinking it started well and tailed off halfway through, because they won't know that it's basically 2 different shows. See also how all my friends love star wars but now the group gets smaller with every new film and some of them didn't bother going to see Solo at all. Big Star Wars fans, that didn't go and see the Star Wars films, makes no sense, but I understand their reasons.
  10. That train guy.... all you have to do is.... ..and he can't hit you. The 8 Bit boss was a bit of a pain, did it after 3 tries on the same continue by using the Directional Shield to avoid fire, and if I didn't get the shard, I simply....
  11. Burnout 2 and Jet Set Radio Future are both OG Xbox games that work on 360 but in the dragon level of JSR and the rain level of BO2 they both run about half the correct speed theyshould do, and neither work on the Xbone sadly.
  12. I agree but the thing that makes it confusing for me is that the rarity value of all of the trophies are much the same as each other so it looks like all the players that 100 percen the Demons and the shards also went on to hundred percent the items even though the items list looks like a way more difficult thing to accomplish. That makes me think that there must be a simpler gameplay mechanics that I've misunderstood, and I have missed an easy method to collect all the items .
  13. Literally crying. Such hope came so suddenly but was snatched away just as quickly.
  14. Huh????? WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED?????? (Future, I meant - will go and try it now!)
  15. It's all over - no more OG Xbox or 360 games will be coming to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility service. Which titles should absolutely definitely have been brought to the service but were not? (Outrun, Burnout 2, Jet Set Radio, Sega Rally.... but that's just me)
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