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  1. My PC is old but was decent enough in 2008. I assumed that's why it runs Outrun 2 so well (a game from 2006) but I'm surprised that it's also running arcade games from 2018. Maybe these arcade games don't use massive PC hardware under the hood?
  2. Carter announce no more gigs, in The Last of USM. Miami Vice actor publicly executed in Super Hang Don.
  3. I remember the first time I inserted the disc in the PS4. You think "ok, it's inst...oh it's installed already. Oh, it's downloading an update from the intern... Oh it's installed that too." It's like almost retro - it feels weird to be able to play the game 10 seconds after you put the disk in.
  4. Really good article on how Bubble Bobble works. I like knowing how to trigger the sweets to appear (51 bubbles, 51 jumps) and the shoe (move around on the ground as much as possible) and how players can exploit the mechanics of the game to make sure the bonus items appear. https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/340040/Exploring_the_secret_depths_of_Bubble_Bobbles_design.php
  5. Very impressive, cheers for posting about it. Excellent conversion.
  6. Thought there was one where you got the full standard Ridge Racer (not enhanced) and the Hi Spec demo (only one other vehicle on the track) and a load of demos . But I'm probably wrong.
  7. To be clear, I'm asking that when there is a perfect remaster, are there reasons to go back to the inferior ports?
  8. You mean there's fun to be had from playing the port because (even a crappy port) has something different to offer?
  9. I like arcade PacMan, and play PuckMan set 1, Namco 1980 on Name. There's the Atari 2600 version of course, with its crap maze, vertical tunnel and 2 ghosts. The game looks like it was written by a coder that had PacMan described to him and had never seen the original. It was fun at home in 1982 but of course we can now play the arcade original via emulation, or Namco Museum releases. The point being, if you are playing the games for any reason other than mere nostalgia, having the perfect conversion of the original available to you makes a million clones and ports obsolete. Likewise in the recent Daytona thread some are asking which is the best version to play, Saturn original, Saturn remake, Japanese, Pal, CCE edition etc. But I'd suggest that now there's an arcade perfect conversion with online play on 360/PS3 (and XBox One BC) is there any reason to be trying to play conversions from the 90s when the hardware meant you had to be playing a hobbled version? Are there any examples of games that have been remade /remastered where older versions still have more to offer? Or does the newer release render the originals redundant?
  10. If I remember rightly, Type 4 came with the Ridge Racer Hi-Spec demo only, where the Japanese disk has the full Ridge Racer on the Hi-Spec disk and a load of demos. But the Japanese Hi-Spec demo still ran that bit faster and smoother than the PAL conversion. The did optimise the PAL version but natively running the Japan version was still better.
  11. Thing is , with these historical documentaries the time period already happened. The stories have already been told so any of these docs are just Thumb Candy with a different host. I'm not sure there are other stories , unless you start to go specifically into one area (like a documentary about Amiga music, or the donkey Kong high scores one). If you set out to make a general documentary about the history of video games it's been done already.
  12. Not a game, but the music on Turbo Imploder 3 on the Amiga is good enough to make you want to implode disks at turbo speed all day. This is one of those rare Amiga mods that can't be ripped because there's code in there that's manually altering the sound samples on the fly while it plays and squeezing a 5th track of music in there as well.
  13. Another question would be... Seeing as how the Xbox and PS3 got the perfect arcade conversion, does that render the Saturn versions obsolete anyway? Is there any point other than nostalgia to play a previous home conversion when a perfect one exists?
  14. The one linked to in the OP is a live document that updates as needed.
  15. I watched The Perfection after the recommendations on here, and have to say that I came away with massively mixed up feelings. I've always enjoyed lesbian cello players and thought this sounded interesting, but it left me... Well ..
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