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  1. This is a genuine question that I can't find an answer to. There are many of us on this forum who want a PS5 and/or Xbox Series console but they are virtually impossible to get because scalpers are buying them all and selling them at inflated prices on eBay. Scalpers are people, just like us. If we got hold of a next gen console there's nothing to stop us sticking them on eBay or popping it round to CEX for profit. But we don't do that, because scalpers are scumbags, ruining it for the rest of us. But what I cannot find through googling is how the scalpers are buyin
  2. Last Shift is currently on the Horror Channel's on demand app, free. It's low budget, but a pretty good claustrophobic horror. A rookie police officer covers a shift at a police station that is closing down. It's the last night and weird stuff happens. It's got a real feeling of the Resident Evils about it. Attractive woman in the lead role, dressed as a police officer, walking around the empty corridors of the police station with her gun out. Weird shit happening. Shades of Resident Evil 7's family. It's worth 90 minutes of your time while it's free just to see how Resident Ev
  3. Well, if Sony announces today that online gaming would be free on PS5 it would definitely cost Microsoft 1 customer. Gamepass is a brilliant service and steers me towards Xbox, but today's behaviour reminds me that these things are fluid. Right now Gamepass is a great reason to go Xbox next time I buy a console, but they could remove half the content and double the price tomorrow and that's completely out of my control. Up to now I've bought every console but in 2021 there's just too much content over too many services. It's the first time I've ever been content to miss out on stu
  4. Discovered this via the horror thread and a recommendation by @Goose Really good and deserving of its own thread. Some of the funny dialogue is in this trailer so I'd recommend just going straight to the movie. It's a corker. ON his release from prison, a guy throws a dart at a map and heads to Finland taking with him his clothes, his phone and his inner monologue, a confident, more exciting version of himself that he visualises in stressful situations. When he gets kidnapped, he works together with himself to get away. Loved it.
  5. Loved Bloody Hell. Really good performance from the lead actor. Horror or not, it's the best film I've seen for a while.
  6. Just to add, Spotify all but killed off music piracy because their service is good and they have everything on there. But for movies and games you accept you can't have everything, and that's why I'm (a) only buying one next gen system and (b) noticing how much people are using dodgy streaming sites for movies again. I'm not advocating piracy but surely the industry can see that 20 different streaming services doesn't work for most people.
  7. Seems to be a wider issue here that companies create subscription based services that are great value for money, happy that instead of achieving great profits they are earning market dominance instead. Then they increase the prices and also drop the quality. Gamepass is amazing right now because it has unsustainable cheap pricing and loads of content. That won't last. You can see how Netflix used to be £5 a month for the service and had loads of great movies. Now, as well as many incremental price increases they also charge extra for HD, more screens, 4k etc and it's about to beco
  8. I thought Resident Evil 7 was specifically designed to be a VR experience. I played it through on PSVR and never had any reason to play it without the headset. The change to first person view seemed to me to only have come about because of VR. I really think this could be another great VR experience but if it's not a VR game I'd much prefer third person.
  9. "you can pre-order it today". Well duuh! That's what's pre-ordering is.
  10. First person Resi4 VR, with head aiming like on R7 using the aim reticle from the Wii version. Day one.
  11. Resident Evil 4 on the PS4 with the updated graphics is still a great game today. If it had never been released I think it would stand up as a brand new game today. The Resi2 and Resi3 remakes were transformational and I cant see how you'd do that with 4. The tank controls are integral to the gameplay and I can't think of anything they could do to remake it as a current gen game. It still feels current gen to me. Mind you, I liked Resident Evil 6 so what do I know.
  12. They are making a new resident Evil movie starring the cast of the PS1 original, all doing their best.
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