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  1. dumpster

    PlayStation VR

    I'm trying to forget the whole Resi7 experience just so I can play through it again. Amazing game (although it does start out on a high so the later levels can feel a bit of a comedown) but my god what an experience. You WILL get it though - I struggled at first with the last part of the Astrobot VR playroom thing they did, he goes down a slide and I was fine until that moment. Then Ultrawings had me gipping. But it's weird - you kind of forget, as long as you stop playing as soon as you start to feel unwell, you won't have any problems within a few play sessions.
  2. dumpster

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    Serious point - The Chaos Engine was a very highly regarded game on Amiga - Amiga Power had it at position 11 in their all time top list. If you downloaded a full romset of Amiga games, Chaos Engine is one of those stand out titles, like Xenon 2, Cannon Fodder etc. But you downloaded a full romset of Snes or Megadrive, would it even be on your radar as one to look for? Most of the highly regarded Amiga action games were the best of their kind "for the Amiga" and they were standout titles "on the Amiga". Would you rather play Xenon 2 (100% review, Amiga Format magazine) or Thunderforce 3?(Megadrive). There was a large scale deception with the magazines and publishers when it came to the Amiga. Look at any arcade game advert for the Amiga and you will often see arcade screen shots with "screen from Amiga version" in small print. Or check out the screenshots of Amiga Format's review of Xenon 2 and ask yourself, did it ever look like that when I played it? I love the Amiga, and as I said earlier, "computer" games were often great on it, but the specific point in this thread is that Commodore decided to stick a CD drive on an Amiga 1200, call is a console and then wondered why all the games were terrible and no-one bought it. Same with the Amstrad GX4000, the Commodore 64GS - just because you take the keyboard off and replace the tape deck with cartridges doesn't mean you have a console. A console is a device that plays console games. Computers do not play console games, and when all the Amiga owners started to envy their NES owning friends all the magazines rallied round and said "Look! We have Great Giana Sisters, it's every bit as good as Mario! We have Yo Joe, it's by Hudsonsoft so it must be as good as a console game! Hey Kids! Look, it's blummin' Zool, a piece of shit platformer that was marketed as a Sonic The Hedgehog beater, and REVIEWED ACCORDINGLY, with 97% reviews that basically said "Who needs consoles?" The CD32 lacked a keyboard and mouse, and so all the genuine great Amiga games could not be played on it. Theme Park, Cannon Fodder, Lemmings, Civilisation, Monkey Island etc were all computer games and were great. But none of these would work on a CD32 because it was a console and therefore it only had the Amiga console-style games converted to disk. Dangerous Streets, Oscar, Zool and so on were pale imitations of console equivalents. Then you had Planetside (which ended up existing only as a demo) and Microcosm, games which threatened to show the real capabilities of CD storage, and ended up being FMV with a crappy shooter glued on top. The AVGN is making that point, the CD32 was actually a very capable piece of hardware, but it was a computer pretending to be a console, and console games are a totally different thing to computer games. Commodore was expecting to become a contender to the Sega and Nintendo formats, proving they didn't understand the console market at all. Be honest, if you owned an Amiga, and then you bought a SNES with Mario to go with it, would you ever buy an Amiga platformer game ever again? Would you ever buy a 2D shooter and expect it to be anywhere near as good as Contra? Edit - for screenshots of 1943 and Xenon 2, have a look here to see the same point being made http://worldofstuart.excellentcontent.com/lesson1.htm Edit 2 - Holy shit , that article also nails the Amiga classics, Rick Dangerous (both One and Two) as the complete shit they were. I don't know if @Rev. Stuart Campbell still looks here, but that's a spot on piece of writing if ever I saw one.
  3. dumpster

    Shenmue 1&2

    Thoroughly enjoyed these games on DC back in the day and completed Shenmue 2 on the OG Xbox a few years ago. Playing them now on PS4 has been another great trip down memory lane, and I've really enjoyed both Shenmue 1 + 2 (in fact, back in the day I preferred Shenmue 2 by a long way, and wouldn't have bothered with Shenmue 1 on PS4 if I hadn't forgotten the plot). But I have to say, at the Kowloon section of Shenmue 2 when most of the action starts to take place inside buildings, it really starts to become a chore doesn't it? I think I must have forgotten, or maybe it didn't seem too bad back in the day, but ...really has soured the whole experience for me. It seems deliberately annoying and badly designed, which it hasn't before.
  4. dumpster

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    My point was that the Amiga had great games which were specific to computer formats - despite console conversions of Lemmings, Turrican, Cannon Fodder etc the Amiga versions were superior. But if you make a comparison of different games systems of the same era the Amiga got shovelware imitations of the stuff that was causing a stir and bringing gaming to the masses. I loved the Amiga and spent days, weeks making music and programming. But when console owners were playing Streets of Rage, Mario World and so on, the Amiga pretty much couldn't do equivalents. You got Giana Sisters which looked similar enough but they didn't copy the gameplay and handling. Meanwhile the reviews made out that Giana was every bit as good as Mario. I can't see any reason why an Amiga couldn't handle Streets of Rage but no-one ever did a game that played the same on Amiga. It was as if the Japanese had mastered the 'feel' of the gameplay so even when an Amiga game had the excellent graphics they didn't play like console or arcade titles did. Also the majority of Amiga games didn't even use the bottom third of the screen. That used to really piss me off. Something to do with NTSC and 60hz, but here you had a world beating games computer and lazy programming meant much of the screen became unused. Consider games like Strider, Street Fighter etc. They were initially arcade games, converted to home formats. The Japanese developers paid care and attention to making great home versions that were almost perfect. The Amiga versions were handled by Tiertex who churned out conversions at an alarming rate and I cannot remember ever seeing a good one. Amiga hardware just didn't seem up to the job of doing fast paced arcade action even though it was more powerful than the megadrive. For every good conversion (Toki springs to mind) there were loads of terrible ones, and it is also quite telling when you look at the Amiga's best arcade titles (like Chaos Engine or Turrican) which were subsequently released on console and they didn't sell. Why would a SNES owner want to play Chaos Engine when they had Mario? I loved the Amiga, and still have one and have many fond memories. But purely as an arcade games machine it never had a chance against consoles with Japanese development. The Amiga was great for Theme Park, Civ2 etc but action games were always overhyped by the magazines as if to say "Yo Joe proves that anything a console can do we can do better" and it was bollocks, as a quick game of Yo Joe on an emulator will prove. That's a game that many of us loved back in the day but playing it now shows we didn't know any better. When I played Contra3 on the SNES I realised the Amiga wasn't a games machine for me. And Street Fighter 2, as mentioned, 12 disks and 1 joystick fire button. We used to use a Sega Master System control pad to get the luxury of 2 buttons. Any magazine that said "plays just like the SNES" were so obviously lying. And do t get me started on XENON BLOODY 2. 100% Amiga Format review (I think), plastered with screenshots of packed screens with loads going on. Playing at home it just didn't look like that. The game itself is just rubbish and came out in the same year as Tatsujin on megadrive.
  5. dumpster

    Shadows in the Woods

    Yes, mine is a German box (although the back of the box has multiple languages) and there's a sticker over Waldschattenspiel that says "Shadows in the Woods". It seems such a great idea , and the only negative reviews I can find are from people who said they couldn't get the room dark enough. I guess at Xmas that won't be a problem.
  6. dumpster

    Shadows in the Woods

    Anyone got experience of this board game? Graham Linehan said it was great on RHLSTP, and I've considered buying it for ages and finally given in. It looks great and I've picked it up online to give as an Xmas gift to my two nieces who will never have heard of it, so I want to big it up before Xmas (as long as it is as good as I am lead to believe.) The game involves players moving their characters across the board which represents a forest, complete with trees that stick up. The players make the journey staying in the shadows which are cast around by the adult player, using a tealight as their counter, so you play the game sat in the dark. Sounds a lot of atmospheric fun - anyone tried it?
  7. Oh yeah and all the games are expensive. Zelda is what, approaching 2 years old now and is somehow still full price everywhere? Even Cex do it for £45 second hand. In a world where preowned was still a thing it was good, but these days why would you spend money on a digital download when it's half the price on all the other formats?
  8. Bargain. There's a great three minute speedrun of it here, really makes you want to give it a go yourself.
  9. Am I the only one who presses "A" when the prompt comes up on the screen and nothing happens, and then you realise than only Nintendo puts "A" on the right and "B" on the left? I know they've done it that way since the Snes, but Zelda drove me out of my tree. I played for hours and still never picked it up through intuition. Mario wasn't a problem at all, but I really struggled with every aspect of Zelda.
  10. Well, I wrote it and it's my opinion, so it's factually spot on!
  11. Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes is £3 at Cex, and for my money is better than Phantom Pain. The tiny play area means you can try and kill every soldier with stealth in one sitting, making it a more arcade oriented experience. There's no endless running, and it's as tight an experience as you could ask for. I love it, and play it often.
  12. I already did a thread about the Switch that was deliberately a little incendiary but I did make honest points on my thoughts: The Joycons are uncomfortable to hold when detached, the button layout is weird, the button labelling doesn't match what everyone else uses so when you play Zelda all the screen prompts make me press the wrong buttons, it's not as powerful as an Nvidia Shield which is cheaper and uses the same chipset, it's too big to be a handheld, too underpowered to be a TV console, too salty to be an Almond, it's got the same "Do a Metroid, Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong then forget about it" approach that Nintendo always uses, you know there's a new version coming next year because that's what Nintendo do, there's 3 individual pieces and if one has no battery you can't use it, theres a touch screen but no-ones going to develop for it because you want the game to work on the TV, there's waggle but you can't do it when the joycons are attached, there's games that have seperate functions on the the waggle of each joycon so you can't use the Pro controller, and the whole console seems to be aimed at people who go into a wooden cottage in the Swiss Alps and play Mario Kart, 8 players at a time instead of actually skiing. I have used the Switch less than any console I have ever bought, and it's basically a Mario Odyssey machine that has Night Trap on as well for the laugh.
  13. dumpster

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    Ok, name a beat em up , a shootemup, a platformer and an arcade action game that had an equivalent on console but was better on Amiga. It's like when your mate has a NES and shows you Mario and you have to confront that no matter what Amiga Format tried to tell you , Giana Sisters is just a pale imitation. If you go back and emulate the Amiga now, most of those big name games have dated way worse than their console counterparts. That video even references how most games involved pushing up to jump. Would you rather play Banshee on the Amiga or Tatsujin on the Megadrive? There are a few diamonds in the rough but most Amiga games feel sluggish, have terrible frame rates, or are poor conversions and lazy ST ports. Where the Amiga excelled was in games like Cannon Fodder, North and South, Command and Conquer etc. All that "Zool is just as good as Sonic" talk was nonsense. As I write all this the only genuine consoley game I remember being as good on Amiga is Soccer Kid.
  14. dumpster

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    That Amiga video sums up my thoughts perfectly. We look back nostalgically at Stunt Car Racer, North and South, Buggy Boy and Lemmings and it distracts us from the sad fact that the vast majority of games were truly terrible. Especially any game that tried to do what consoles were doing. Zool, Magic Pockets, Yo Joe etc, all really really terrible yet somehow we were brainwashed into thinking they were good. Most games didn't use the bottom third of the screen and somehow no-one complained. Compare any screenshot of Xenon 2 to your experience of playing it to see that we were all basically lied to that whole time by the magazines. When you look back you see games like Gods which got great reviews across the board because it had good music despite the game being no fun at all. Just because Speedball 2 was great, we all thought the Amiga had good games but most were awful. The Amiga was great for being creative though, Dpaint and Protracker , learning to code etc. That was the real strength
  15. And the stores haven't acted in the best interests of the industry, publishers or customers for ages. Customer's dont trade in as much because they get so little for the games. People don't by as much preowned because you don't get the added extras, and the publishers hate the retailers for pushing preowned in the first place. Everyone hates the stores now from all angles and it's their own fault.

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