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  1. The time I spent with the Amiga was the best era - games, music, demo scene, Amos and Dpaint, I loved the Amiga and the friendships I made through it. But objectively, the Amiga needs a mouse, joystick and keyboard. That would be impractical in mini form, so I'd imagine that an Amiga mini would not be a computer, but a menu with a list of games , like the other Minis. But If you take away the mouse and keyboard you loose all the games that were specifically Amiga. All those point and click adventures would be gone, your syndicates, your theme parks, your north and South's. No Command and Conquer. An Amiga Mini with only a joystick controller would not have the ability to play these games. Much as I loved the Amiga, and I love the nostalgia of these mini consoles, would anyone want to play James Pond, Body Blows, Turrican, R-type, all held up as excellent Amiga games, but all competing with Mario, Street Fighter, Contra and, um, R-Type from the competing mini consoles. I had an amazing time of my life with the Amiga, but an Amiga mini would be a non-starter.
  2. Only until 31st October when we crash out without a deal.
  3. There's already a PC Engine Mini, its called the PC Engine.
  4. You're right there, and that's my point. Its all very well having people saying there's no lag, but it doesn't mean a lot when we know many people don't notice it. But even if Iain Lee isn't noticing the lag, there has to be some explanation for his failure to get anywhere in any of those games. Load up Fatal Fury on an emulator or original hardware and you'll beat the first round just by button bashing. Here, Iain can't get a punch in and says so. Perhaps he's doing what I did when I got that DLP TV, thinking ”what a great TV. Man, I'm bad at this game” , then a week later realising the TV was a piece of shit. I don't think any amount of evidence will convince me until I try it myself.
  5. I had my rubbish DLP TV from Samsung for about a week until I worked out that I wasn't getting old, and it was the TV that was at fault, not my reactions. I can't help that while Ian Lee is saying there is no lag, he's apparently very bad at playing these games. I really want to try this for myself. Is Iain Lee right, and there's no lag? Or is he just not noticing it and thinking he's rubbish at the game? Weird also, I get major terrible lag on the PS Classic which is emilinated when I put the TV into Game Mode, yet the PS4 has no lag regardless of the TV settings.
  6. I used WinUae, and created a Harddrive File, then booted up with a Workbench disk, formatted the hard drive, then installed Amos and also the Craft Extensions just like you would on a real Amiga. The hardest part was getting used to the keyboard being slightly different. Shift and 7 gets you an / symbol for example.
  7. I'd forgotten, and your post just reminded me that I spent hours making "Jet Set Penguin" and taking it to the local store to see I they would sell it.I had no real understanding of copyright issues and how the game was written by Matthew Smith and I'd just changed the level layout and main sprite using an editor so this wasn't my game to sell, I was NINE.
  8. Inspired by the forthcoming re-release of Amos, I started tinkering with a game I did in 1997, an unofficial conversion and piss take of The Wild Bunch from the Spectrum. This is my Amiga remake. The timing is all over the place on an emulator, so it's "right" on an unexpanded A1200, and a bit easier to play on an A500 but the music will be out of sync. Anyway. Here it is, with the unforgiving difficulty and general unfinishable qualities all FIXED THIS MORNING as I started playing with AMOS again 22 years later. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jylbclbpycoj3cm/TheWildBunch2019.adf?dl=0 Thought it would be fun to have a thread where you can share the games you made as a kid for everyone else to chuckle at all these years later. Have you converted any of your old cassettes to Z80s? Your floppies to ADF? Want to let the rest of the forum have a play?
  9. I select scan file or load content or whatever and the first option I get is this one pictured below. Selecting it (and there's nothing else to choose)/is what brings up the PSC files. All my ROMs are on the USB and no-where to be seen. Yet the PSC games all work from USB. I just can't see what's going wrong.
  10. I get this to work and it always goes weird on me at the same place. Right now I have psx games added in autobleem and the autobleem menu loads retroarch by pressing square. But when I use rertroarch the files and folders are those of the PSC, not the USB stick. And this has worked for me one time and every other time this happens. What am I missing?
  11. Did you have to do the solder? I can't find a definitive answer on whether Autobleem requires the solder mod, or merely needs it for more power hungry USB sticks.
  12. I really enjoyed all three episodes. I like going into Black Mirror without knowing what it's going to be. Will it be comedy? Horror? The Ashley Too episode was a bit of knockabout fun, and the other two had me thinking about them the next day.
  13. Because the OP says this is the best emulation device for most people. But while it's great for PS1 stuff, you miss out on the Dual Shock controls. Also there are many things going on in the scene and a Dreamcast core for Retroarch looks very promising right now. N64 sucks at the moment, but look a the massive improvements that were made on the Switch recently - the PSC could improve too and it would be nice to be able to play those games when they become available.
  14. I can't wait to re-do my homemade remake of The Wild Bunch from the Spectrum. I did it in Amos over the space of a week, and I believe it is still the first game to use the "Game Over Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh!" other than Sega Rally. If you use Amiga Emulators, here it is ! https://www.dropbox.com/s/jylbclbpycoj3cm/TheWildBunch2019.adf?dl=0 Edit - DAMN THIS THREAD. I've just spent all morning adjusting the timing, fixing bugs and messing about with a 22 year old game I only wrote for fun in the first place!!!!! (This is my new 2019 version - I've made it much easier. You can earn money at the shooting range, buy some marked cards at the store, gamble at the saloon (no more than that per town when you're cheating with the marked cards), buy a horse and saddle and food, then go from town to town looking at the wanted posters, writing down what everyone looks like as you play. In each bar, look around, when you know the name of the person in the bar, shoot him, claim the reward, then go somewhere else. One gang member per town, so no need to go back to a town if you shot the bad guy there already. If you have a horse and saddle you can run away from all the fights when travelling. Read the faxes before travel to find out where the FBI agent is, and don't go there. That's the only way to play, it's way too stingy on the cash if you don't cheat at cards.) To shoot a gang member wait with your finger poised over the space bar, keep waiting, press the very moment he draws his guns.
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