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    Ah ok. I was wondering if I should move for cata. Change is always good I guess. Don't want to move from an average server to a shit one though
  2. patriot


    So where is everyone nowadays? Are you all on Ravenholdt? Am I the only person clinging on to TVC
  3. tbh, its not really game breaking. if tards want to waste time doing this to get to 70, then let them. I'm more concerned over the real wallhacker / aimbot cheaters. People will eventually get to 70. its not like this really spoils my fun. If i guy kills me with an AK that he got after only like 4 hours of play, I don't care. A guy kills me from a mile away while shooting a hand gun through a wall ... that pisses me right off.
  4. patriot


    if you wait before cata though they should come down in price a fair bit.
  5. patriot


    Back in the Days, macs were the way to go if you were a designer. All the software is made for both systems now and there is no difference at all now. You definitely get more bang for your buck with a pc and the upgrade options are better. No brainer if you ask me. I'm upgrading as well. I'm going to hold out about a month before the release so I can get an i7 proc as cheap as possible. overclockers also do i7 overclocked rigs to fucking crazy specs that everyone is giving amazing reviews. I'm really tempted to get one. Thing is, while I'm upgrading, might as well get something that will play crysis2 and possibly Rage when it comes out. My current pc has an 8800gtx which is actually more than capable of playing Cata, but i feel it's dieing a slow death
  6. Bring back the 2d style imo. To be honest if this was any other publisher or IP nobody would give this a second glance. It looks very generic. I dunno, there was better on show than this. I hope I'm wrong and I'm buying this on launch day.
  7. patriot

    Crysis 2

    yeah, haha. even their pc can't handle a video of it!
  8. patriot

    Crysis 2

    looks good. new duck and cover thing will be nice. time to save for a new pc
  9. portal 2 on ps3!
  10. God I hope they stop pitching their new pack every 10 seconds
  11. MOH is basically Cod in both MP and SP. Not a bad thing I guess.
  12. i thought that was kid icarus on the wii. I know its not saying much. but still for a handheld its nice. Is there anywhere i can see the beginning if the show? Missed Zelda and some of the specs of the 3ds.
  13. Even if it is HL3 or Ep 3 or whatever, it will be 2012 before it comes out anyway. Late 2012 that is
  14. I can't wank and post at the same time! ah wait there ya go. Guess it wasn't hard after all
  15. It will be naked pics of Gabe. That's the surprise. ....and Morrius will love it.
  16. You're forgetting Broxigar. How could you!
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=panjUz4gqD0...feature=related
  18. post more jack!!!! anything on the lock talent trees please
  19. srsly. it has a better story than most games today. Oh I went there!
  20. patriot

    God of War 3

    This is my first game in the GOW series. Feels like i really missed out. So far its simply amazing.
  21. Yeah I read it. I'll try the Mp alright, I'm not that bad before i write the game off. I just think it will be hard to sway me as the weapons and feel (i dunno maybe the hud) doesn't feel as polished as MW2 and I think it will be hard because of this to sell me on MP. Who knows, I am trying it out when I get home today anyway.
  22. Well after listening to this thread I decided to get BF:BC2. Fuck me this game is bad. What a waste. I just tried SP so far. Some people were saying that the SP is not as good as MW2's SP. Understatement of the year. Thing is though, while playing the SP part of it, all the weapons feel bland, clunky, all the same. I don't see how the multiplayer component of the game will change this. God damn what a waste of money. fuck my life.
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