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  1. got home late, have they shown the new console yet?
  2. Is anyone else getting tired of the pricing conversion that the big 3 companies do? NGP is $299.00 which works out @ 204 Euro or £182. However they are selling it to us Euros @ €300 (didn't hear an exact GBP announcement)! Thats a large difference and markup they make we shouldn't have to pay for
  3. Then I'd rather they tweeked the engine to get rid of the bugs and get more performance out of it, rather than create an entirely new engine... personally though I found MW2 and B-OPS worked fine for me. I think Black Ops had a few annoying bugs when it came out, but running through it again recently it was better. Don't know much about witcher 2 at all Will check out the other thread on it as heard it was great.
  4. I'm fairly sure they will tweek the current engine anyway. just not completely build a new one.*shurg, would rather they focus on content anyway
  5. Yeah I don't get it either. A lot of people mention the games engine when they see it, honestly I don't know what making a new one would improve upon. Especially as you need a relatively good PC to play Blackops on the best settings...What ever happened to game play man ...
  6. Can't wait to give this a go. I must be the only person to love the COD games for their single player campaign
  7. You guys know there is a Call of duty folder. This thread should be moved there as people will be able to track the various other threads this will spawn.
  8. Those nerfs are for 1-79. They don't affect end game. Not like they are balancing the game around 80 now anyway.
  9. Tool tip error can also be related to mouse hardware acceleration. I disabled that and only that and it's worked so far.
  10. Warlock as affliction. Demo - rDPS off spec. Not sure what I'll level alt wise. I am working on my old warrior which I enjoy prot pvping with. I'll probably level a mage if i have the time. Always wanted one.
  11. HAI. Your avatar suits you perfectly. what you up to anyway. Are you like a doctor or something yet? I was reading about spiders in work yesterday and was doing fuck all.

  12. Dunno about him, but just seems really plane and boring. nothing new is being done here. Even the sniper scene that people are getting worked up about, it was so clichéd and bland. Am I the only person that remembers MOH 1 on the pc. They are still doing the exact same things in that game that they are in this. I love the way the mortar guy has his head blown off and 2 other robots stand in to take his place. How about the first guy that was sniped and there are 2 guys praying 15 feet from him completely oblivious to what was going on. On the rails, scripted robots, cliched story and scenes. This game will be bad.
  13. Does anyone have a SS of an overcloak? really want to see what they look like. WOWHEAD has this link but no SS's http://www.wowhead.com/search?q=overcloak And yeah, Darkspear get a "Shroud" not a cloak - http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=54617 Still want to see what any of them look like though!
  14. you can check out the Arena junkies forums for class videos. Most are from a PVP perspective though. Still though, I saw the felguards "Fel Storm" and had to laugh.
  15. yeah sorry I should have expanded on my answer. -Original game gets you to level 60. -The first expansion allows you access two new races (Blood Elves and Drenai) as well as access to new zones (Outland and the new starting zones for the new races). It also raises the Level cap to 70. -The current Expansion adds a new class (Deathknight), and a new continent as well as raising the level cap to 80.
  16. Yeah you need to get the previous versions to play the latest stuff.
  17. There are always newbies leveling up, my advice is to get the game now and learn how it (mostly) works and you will be all set and ready for Cataclysm. In Cataclysm, lots of the mechanics of the game are changing, so you could sort of be on the same level as some of the other people playing it. There will be of course, be people that have very in debt knowledge and will always be pro, but it goes without saying when talking about such a popular game. In relation to your request about 'control' and 'buffing' classes. Most classes do both, but Shamans and Druids stand out. You can take opponents/players out of the game with cyclone / hex for a limited time. Both classes have plenty of Buffs for other party members / players. Also, these are hybrid classes, so depending on your play style you can spec into Tanking / Melee damage, Ranged caster Damage or healing. So both good classes to start with if you want to get a good overall feel for the game. overall, I'd say bite the bullet and get it. It's a fantastic game and when you fit in with a like minded guild, the game can't be beaten.
  18. Metroid Other M Been a while since I played on the ol Wii. This is awesome so far.
  19. I remember my good ol 9700 pro. I could have just thrown it out as it's soo bloody old. I couldn't do it though. It was my first "o shit" graphics card. I even had the old vodoo but it was the ATI that blew me away. I put it in a frankenstein computer with loads of other salvaged parts and still plays HL2 / CS:S to this day.
  20. what the hell am I looking at lol I read about the quest, just don't know whats going on in this picture.
  21. Haha I just check the realm forums. I think they are mostly fine as it is. All the other forums are just terrible and I try to avoid at all costs.
  22. I'm thinking of getting one (or possibly) both of the expansion rip-off packs. my reasoning is that there will be less hackers on the new maps as they are too cheap to buy em. those that make sense to anyone else <-pc version btw.
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