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  1. Just finished the campaign. Brilliant. Short but brilliant. I played it on hard or whatever and died a few times. Definitely going to go thought it once again.

    Gave MP a whirl. It's good. I'm used to CSGO pace, but i am definitely getting the hang of it. Reminds me when COD MW 1 / 2 type pace. Not as fast as the newer games but still fairly fast.



  2. My Take


    I just don't see them using this to replace their hand held model completely. Nobody could come near Nintendo in that Market. so why do they want to move away from it? I read some of Pickfords posts and I think from a dev point of view, Nintendo want to focus their development on the one product. But why risk this when the DS is so profitable. I can only come to the conclusion that they will either make an portable only version of the switch.... Which sounds a bit daft really Or if they see the switch as a device that will belong to a market of people who don't buy consoles and handhelds. I would be one of those people and that's why this product is so appealing to me.


    I love the fact that they did a brief show case of games to come. Mario / Mario Kart / Skyrim (regardless of the version) etc... look good.


    Pro controller looks good but I'll bet anything it's bought Separately. Nobody really mentioned that. There is no way in hell Nintendo will ship a system with 2x controllers. They haven't done that since the SNES days.


    Also regarding the controllers when they are in "separated" mode so they can be used individually. I see this as one of those gimmicks that Nintendo tries on some of their games but not all. It won't always be ideal, it won't work in this mode for all games and most 3rd party publishers won't use it as they just want to port their games directly and might require more grey matter to work correctly like this. Think of the use of the second controller in Mario galaxy to collect stars on screen. you just waved the controller around a bit. Very forgettable experience. 


    I would love to know the specs of this thing. Especially if this has an Ethernet port or if i need to spend money on Nintendo Peripherals again like a chump.


    All in all, I am excited about it. If it has Zelda on Launch its a no brainer for most people.

  3. Just a reminder, you can do another game straight away if both are up for it to get 2 games in for that week.


    But yeah, good so far, I think the non ladder approach is nice just to make it easier for people to play. 



  4. i actually re-subbed :(:):(:) 

    I for some reason got the digital thingie with the mount that has dreadlocks. 


    I'm gonna look boss in greens. I will try out the new hunter and get back to my old lock. should be fun.


  5. rllmuk: patriot | Battle tag: Crankx2504

    rllmuk: And | Battle tag: And#2353 

    rllmuk: RabMyself | Battle tag: RabMyself#2885

    rllmuk: revlob | Battle tag: revlob#2959

    rllmuk: John0 | Battle tag: SlimJD#2161

    rllmuk: NEG | Battle tag: Thirnova#2211

    rllmuk: strawdonkey | Battle tag: strawdonkey#2317

    rllmuk: Robbo | Battle tag: Robbidoo#2651

    rllmuk: shirubagan | Battle tag: kerumba#2473

    rllmuk: #yolo4life | Battle tag: Garza#2380

    rllmuk: Flams | Battle tag: thabflams#2152

    rllmuk: The Grand Pursuivant | Battle tag: krlmarxbeard#2934

    rllmuk: James Lyon | Battle tag: jameslyon#2917

    rllmuk: Padster | Battle tag: Thinpaddy#2554


    Sweet, already a few names. We will kick things off after the launch of the new expansion. Gives more people time to sign up and also allows for more mayhem!


    ### Current Leaders [August] ### 

    rllmuk: revlob | Battle tag: revlob#2959 | Wins 3

    rllmuk: Padster | Battle tag: Thinpaddy#2554 | Wins 2

    rllmuk: Robbo | Battle tag: Robbidoo#2651 | Wins 1

    rllmuk: And | Battle tag: And#2353 | Wins 1

    rllmuk: The Grand Pursuivant | Battle tag: krlmarxbeard#2934 | Wins 1




  6. As we haven't had a tournament in a while (seems the last one just died) I propose we run a new tournament.

    However, as we are all slackers, I think designing the rules with that in mind would be beneficial.


    1 - Sign up here with your battle tag name.

    2 - Challenge 1 person on the sign ups list a week minimum [Maximum 2 a week].

    3 - Play a maximum of 6 games a month between players [noting point 2].

    3 - Simply 1 point a win and nothing for a draw or loss.

    4 - Most points at the end of the month wins for that month. In the event of a tie, the players on the same score play each other to be crowned King (or Queen).


    I understand that the above means if people really go out of their way they can just cap their 2 games a week to get most points. However we rarely get people online and organized for such a thing. if people really want to do this, then let them. This is just a fun tournament.


    update: I know some people have played more than 2 a week, but not a big issue as we are still sorting out rules.


    General Rules


    We won't be playing wild (sorry Dr.7)

    You can add the new cards from the expansion as they appear.

    If there is a tavern brawl week where you can play friends we can do this as well!


    If people want to change any of the above let me know or if you have any ideas, please post.


    Kickoff 13-August onward


    -> you are free to challenge others on the thread here and arrange with yourselves a suitable time.

    -> Post your wins and I'll create a table of the months standings.


    Bonus Weeks


    Keeping with hearthstones "fun" theme, I think we should have at least 1 week of the month to some sort of silly format.

    If the general consensus is that people don't want to do that, it's fine. Just would be fun to say have a challenge week where everyone plays face hunter, or getting an extra point for having 2x of Purify in your deck. Things like this. Open to all suggestions.

  7. 28 minutes ago, VN1X said:

    It's more that I've already seen enough. Right now I just want to get my hands on it and pray that it rains for at least a week when I do. 

    This. I'm avoiding content intentionally and most discussion. These games are best played with the surprises intact!

  8. I'm more impressed that Nintendo decided to do this sort of thing than the actual product. I know that sounds Daft. But as everyone said, NES was a cool console and all, but the SNES is where it's at. Also looking at their own FAQ has some interesting info; they ask and answer something to the effect of. "Is there a SNES and N64 Version on the way?" To which they reply that they don't want to announce anything at this time!


    In pure Nintendo fashion, they want to milk this a bit. Bring out the nes first, wait a year or so, then move onto the snes version (which I'd happily buy).

  9. Backed as well. I played the demo. I mean, there isn't much to it. A few rooms and an audio log here or there. I guess they need to show people "we have an engine and it works" after the whole "Mighty #9" debacle. I was a massive SS2 fan though. Like top 5 games of all time. I never played the original so glad to see this project!

  10. Played it and loved it!

    It's basically a 2015 Quake Multiplayer game. It's really solid. They have taken away the strafe acceleration jump (if you remember this from the Q1-Q3 series), but you can double jump which makes the game flow but in a different way.

    its like Quake and UT combined. There is a new load out system like COD which I know some people won't like. so you basically pick 2x guns and a special item like a teleporter (again like UT) or a frag nade.

    the power ups are the same as quake series but they added in a new Demon power up where you stomp people as one of those skeleton missile guys from the game.

    It's really sick for just 1 map and a few weapons. i think they have a winner here.

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