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  1. Kramer


    A great game. We haven't played it in ages, but it's spectacular. Have to get back into it.
  2. I cannot time the EMMI counter when they grab you. Must have died 40 times and not once have I countered. I know the timing is tight, but it's the X button when it flashes yellow, right?
  3. it slows you down enough that my partner doesn't want to play this and go back to Cruisin, as she hasn't quite got the skills to drift every time. it discourages me enough to make sure I drift well as I don't like the way it juddery slows down your car. it's not discouraging in the way original Wipeout stopped you dead though, of course.
  4. The penalty is definitely discouraging and in any case, the drifting is superb fun. I've really enjoyed this game - love an arcade racer and unlocking stuff. The Switch version is great.
  5. I'm on the basic tracks, so not fully sure. On one of the tracks was a spider looming over the track that spits out webs that stick you to the track for a few seconds.
  6. Been playing the Switch version docked. It's as good as it looks in video! Framerate is smooth, not seen a single hitch. It's fast and furious. Easy is way too easy for me, but keeping it on that as I'm playing with my partner and she's finding it difficult with the physics etc. We've been playing Cruisin Blast recently and of course, there is a lot more skill involved in this. Graphics are much better than I expected on Switch, drifting is fun - really happy with my impulse purchase.
  7. We've been playing it every evening since release - it's an absolute blast. I love arcade racers, so it's good to have a proper one released. You can play the whole game in multiplayer, campaigns and all. Tons of unlocks and difficulties to open up. It's not terribly skilful obviously, but it's brilliant fun.
  8. I didn't have a ZX81 - but played one every weekend and all summer through the 80s at my cousin's. I had a Commodore Plus/4 and later C64, but loved them all equally. I have actually had a few goes on a C5. Sandown IOW had an outdoor amusement area with big slides/crazy golf etc and they replaced the quad bikes with C5s for a couple of years on the track that went round and under the big slides. Great days.
  9. Cruisin Blast - what a game. if you want ridiculous arcade fun, this will do the job nicely. Great handling, unlockables and great fun. It doesn't have the skill base of Outrun II/Daytona/Sega Rally - but it's a rush and pure arcade craziness.
  10. Bought! English countryside and some metal detecting? Perfect.
  11. Art of Rally is £7.20 from the South Africa eshop. Having been waiting for Rush Rally and playing an hour of that, after seeing the poor feedback for AoR - actually enjoying it - handling is challenging, but fun.
  12. Bought it on iOS last night and it comes out on Switch today too - will get it on that too. Buying both - Still half the price of a poor conversion of Art of Rally.
  13. PC Outrun 2/Coast to Coast - not available any more. Will I be able to find a copy and add this to Steam somehow and it be available in the deck? I'll be able to emulate my Xbox/PS2/PSP versions at a minimum, I suppose.
  14. Yep, I have it. Had a go through the events last night - think it's great for everyone... but less for me. I like the track and field events that have been done ad infinitum for the last 40 years. This is the first game that concentrates on other sports more. It's a nice package and we'll get into it, but a handful of track and field is disappointing for me. Nothing beats the mighty London 2012 game. Absolute pinnacle of Olympics games (outside Track and Field and Hyper Sports obvs)
  15. Boxing Story is my fave after Game Dev. Got most of the economic sim/sport sims - Mega Mall, Horse, GP, Baseball etc - they're all good, very similar though.
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