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  1. The Williams tables are fantastic - set the tables to the realistic physics, rather than Zen physics.
  2. Say you pay millions of bells for a villager, how do you then get it to come to your own village?
  3. Here’s our code: SW-6328-8994-5098 Shall we all decide to leave our Islands open for a few hours and then visit? We could visit in the morning, leave ours open afternoon?
  4. I’ve had an RG350 for about a month now - love it. Great little system. May put emulationstation on it - for nicer menu selection.
  5. I’ve added our Island to the spreadsheet. Just need to update with friends code.
  6. Thought I put more the merrier... but might have got it wrong. FRIENDS CODE: SW-6328-8994-5098 DODO CODE CHANGE: 9Y2NW
  7. DODO CODE CHANGE: 9Y2NW Thanks to visitors we now have all fruit. Any other items welcome.
  8. Ha, well I suppose we’re comparing with the crazy Twitter/YouTube islands we’ve seen! Thanks for visiting.
  9. First time opening our gates - my fiancé and I share an island. We are looking for fruits other than Orange, Cherry or Apple if you have any. Turnip price is 93 Bells. Please come and visit - our island is probably a lot more basic than others, but would appreciate visitors. FRIENDS CODE: SW-6328-8994-5098 DODO CODE: 1KBHT
  10. Does everyone else get the bug on Coast to Coast b/c on Xbox 360 - after a number of races the engine sound continues in the background?
  11. Got my 360 back out today and have been playing Outrun 2006 and Outrun online. Bloody brilliant.
  12. Road sausages like Power Drift! Could be interesting, not as excited as the other new racer coming to Switch though.
  13. This looks fab - can’t wait for the release.
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