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  1. The Pinball FX Williams tables are all great. Volume 4 has the newer flipper physics, but the other tables will have this added in the next update and in any case, the physics are great all round. Volume 1 or 4 are probably the best selection of tables, but there’s classics in 2 and 3 too. Can’t go wrong.
  2. Switch patch is out. Loading times the same. Still stutters when loading and panning stadium - May look better to have a static shot during loading. Fielders don’t have the stutter that means they found it hard to chase ball. Can be a bit jittery on occasion. Seems to have an overall added sheen though. Didn’t really notice anything else from a small play.
  3. Hopefully the Switch patch drops soon to bring it in line with PS4. Been playing a World Cup with England. Can barely score 60 runs before the whole team is out though! i find bowling harder to get a good line and length than Don Bradman 14 - but find the actual controls easier.
  4. Playing a World Cup. I cannot bat at all with the behind bat view - tried in this and Don Bradman, but had to go with front on camera. I’m still shit, mind. There’s stuttering on the fielding, but there is hefty patch for PS4 Day 1 that hasn’t arrived on Xbox/Switch yet apparently, so hopefully that will clear it up.
  5. There’s quite a bit of talk across Reddit, Facebook etc about bugs. Not really specific to a platform though - seen comments about Xbox, PS4 and Switch. i’ll start a tournament tonight and maybe bugs will become apparent there, as they didn’t during training, nets and a quick five overs batting/bowling last night.
  6. Yeah, agreed on all points. Has a shit load of options to play, editors etc and the play seems good on Switch. Font is v hard to read handheld, so maybe best to do tutorials on big screen. You can download teams etc through community has updated squads/80s England/Aussies etc Happy with it so far, gonna dig in for a tournament tonight.
  7. Yep, had all of the modes you would expect from the other games - Career, Ashes, tournaments etc. And community download teams, stadium editor etc. Plus Men and Women teams.
  8. Just having a play around in the cricket academy at mo. Played about 5 overs each of batting and bowling plus did the batting training to acclimatise - seems really good. Haven’t played one since Bradman 14, but I deffo like this on Switch. It is laggy when panning around stadium at beginning of match and between overs - which is covering the loading. Loading times before matches are long too. However, during play - it’s smooth. Obvs need to play longer to see if there’s major bugs etc. Promising start.
  9. Well, I’m downloading it - 12-odd gb, so about 50 mins time. Fingers crossed it runs well.
  10. Cricket 19 is out tomorrow. Gonna get it on Switch - hope it’s technically okay - doesn’t have to look as good as PS4. Anyone else buying?
  11. Not in a 5 lap race - but if you do a Grand Prix 20 lap race, you’ll want to use the pits due to tyre degradation affecting your handling.
  12. Yep, Playasia. Instant code - more expensive than waiting... but how long do we have to wait for Western release?!
  13. Downloaded Virtua Racing last night. Absolutely brilliant conversion. While clever having 8 player local, I wish online had the same number of players. If you’re interested in getting it earlier than Western release, it’s easy to do and get a 1000 yen card to buy it.
  14. Currently having an arcade racer revival - got my 360 out yesterday and have been having a blast playing Ridge Racer 6, Daytona, Outrun Online Arcade/C2C, Sega Rally Online Arcade and Sega Rally. Played all day yesterday - but going to focus on unlocking everything in Sega Rally again and Dangerous Driving on PS4.
  15. I’m enjoying it, the speed it hectic. However, it’s way too easy to get full Burnout. I’m just driving round full peg from the beginning with x held down. It’s nearly 20 years ago since my Burnout 2 heyday (overall 2nd in the world for a long time) - but that took skill to build up and choose your moments to go for and eke out more Burnout. Sadly, my eyesight and reactions have diminished since then, so not gonna set the world on fire with this. Needs more traffic too. Otherwise a good effort at budget updating Burnout.
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