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  1. Would hope for a table to promote some healthy competition in my household - like we did swapping the DS cartridge about years ago. I know how to play this, but I am terrible.... just need to practise more!
  2. Oh okay - I am crap at it, coupled with reviews saying no high scores. I would have liked a local high scores table, like Mr Driler DS. However, a global table is good.
  3. Mr Driller is great - but as with the GC version, no high score feature. What a shame.
  4. Got quite a few available - but the one I have equipped coming back after a year is a Battle Axe+7 and Knights Shield.
  5. Thanks. Trying to make it back to the Tower, but I get killed by skeletons - that’s how bad I am! I don’t know what build I am, here’s my stats - good or bad?
  6. I’m a bit stuck. I haven’t played for about a year. Last time, I am in a basement area with rats (Depths?), cursed - so health is halved I think. I’m also crap at the game. Whats the best way out of this mess?
  7. The Williams tables are fantastic - set the tables to the realistic physics, rather than Zen physics.
  8. Say you pay millions of bells for a villager, how do you then get it to come to your own village?
  9. Here’s our code: SW-6328-8994-5098 Shall we all decide to leave our Islands open for a few hours and then visit? We could visit in the morning, leave ours open afternoon?
  10. I’ve had an RG350 for about a month now - love it. Great little system. May put emulationstation on it - for nicer menu selection.
  11. I’ve added our Island to the spreadsheet. Just need to update with friends code.
  12. Thought I put more the merrier... but might have got it wrong. FRIENDS CODE: SW-6328-8994-5098 DODO CODE CHANGE: 9Y2NW
  13. DODO CODE CHANGE: 9Y2NW Thanks to visitors we now have all fruit. Any other items welcome.
  14. Ha, well I suppose we’re comparing with the crazy Twitter/YouTube islands we’ve seen! Thanks for visiting.
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