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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure how they took such good raw story and made it quite boring.
  2. I think they forgot that actors portray different characters in different films.
  3. Bizarre to hear people unsure of Pattinson. He's a fine actor.
  4. Oh man, edgy Bruce Wayne looking like bully Peter Parker was a choice.
  5. The Aliens one is annoying but has good info. The Robocop one is better. The, I think, Paget Brewster, voiced ones are better for skne reason. Coming to America is good too.
  6. He's being edgy. Who's the real crazy one, the baddie or the Batman? Original ideas.
  7. The utterly bizarre editing style meets James Remars reason for leaving Aliens'. It's terrible to get a show that covers this great stuff and then to choose that awful, wacky style. Such a shame.
  8. Impression helped by the fact that he looks similar. Clip is also horribly schmaltzy like some of Williams worst output, which is also accurate. Real Jack vibes here. I'd punch my own face rather than watch more of this. Too much of an impression, rather than a habitation of a character.
  9. Man, Malek can be annoying (mainly because he tries to talk without moving his jaw) but Leto is trying to upstage him here in spectacular style. The line reading on "how's the trunk space?" actually whiffs. I can actually smell it it's so bad.
  10. That kid was crap and stilted in Jojo Rabbit too, but everyone loved that.
  11. Fair enough. It's one of the few bearable dubs but original is best.
  12. I was gritting my teeth every week hearing 'I'm doing a traditional XXXX - no sense in changing things'. Fuck's sake.
  13. That review reads weird to me. Like someone talking to themselves.
  14. Poulter is an excellent actor. he'll be an absolute smash.
  15. But it is a crude-ish comedy featuring Saturday Night Live alumni doing sci-fi-flavored shtick!
  16. Who ya gonna call? MY ACCOUNTANT
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