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  1. I love that when people do it's always a really dull, worthy, list like Wrights.
  2. The Swimmers I think someone on here said it was the best movie they'd ever seen on Netflix. Agreed 100% Amazing film, acting, story, direction. 5/5 *Also a reminder why Farage, GBNews, Braverman, etc. need to be strangled to death.
  3. You know Rajamouli's list makes absolute sense after seeing RRR.
  4. Cameron has always been supremely confident. I'd say it's his trademark attribute.
  5. He's effectively retired already. Essentially coming out of retirement for this one. It's a miracle we're getting this from him at 90 years of age.
  6. In that song, the bit near the end when the singer waits two beats extra before repeating the chorus, but the rest of the music continues as normal, is just exquisite.
  7. It's obviously harder for a woman.
  8. I reckon so, yes. Covid put paid to a lot of productions and this has been way too quiet to be an active production.
  9. "wahoo." "No, Chris, less emphasis" "wah. hoo."
  10. "It's a-me, Chris Pr- I mean, Mario. It's a me Mario"
  11. Yep, Pratt as guy voice, woman as Peach voice. The script and gags are so standard they have ACME written on the side. Loads of deflation jokes and "well, THAT happened" shite. A shame, as the design is very nice (apart from the weirdly tiny-eyed Mario and Luigi - just the sound of 'em makes me queasy).
  12. Y'know, I thought Peter Kay was good in See how They Run and I've just realized it was Tim Key.
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