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  1. They barely got Murray to do Ghostbusters 2 . He essentially had a veto on plot and even lines.
  2. Who have absolutely no idea what they want. They similtaneously want everything like the originals, but if you reskinned the originals they'd go fucking mad. Nothing will ever please them, no one 'gets' Star Wars like them, they don't know what they want.
  3. That, but reversed. WSS is untouchable.
  4. Bond going rogue is the worst Bond. Except the one where M goes rogue too. Awful.
  5. Fucking Pixar. Presumably they hate the cleaners who empty their bins. "Not creative enough". Commoners doing normal jobs are beneath them. Lazy gags about grey cubicle office workers made by Wankers sitting at grey office cubicles.
  6. Oh Jesus Christ what is that?
  7. Yep, there's a usenet thread about it from the time it was released.
  8. It's one series of books I feel doesn't translate to screen. Don't know why. Maybe the conversations between the characters and daemons are too like a character thinking to work well on screen.
  9. Nah. He signed PWEI to Nothing Records for Dos Dedos Mis Amigos and for a tour but Clint's film work really came from an accidental meeting with Aranofsky.
  10. Rolling Stone is utter rubbish, though. They have no such problem with Watchmen despite it really holding back - to the point of characters wearing hoods to prevent a viewer spoiler that makes no sense in the context.
  11. Always bugged me they rhymed DC with AC/DC.
  12. Festoon

    Apple TV +

    It's apparently more of a drama than anything.
  13. I can't figure this out. It's moving so slllloooooowly for no apparent reason. Never has an hour felt so long.
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