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  1. Who the fuck dresses Ellen Page? Big shit shirt like Chandler from early Friends in everything? Does she insist upon it? I also found the lesbian bit very shoehorned in - probably because it wasn't in the comic, but at least it endeavoured to not paint the husband as a monster.
  2. Festoon


    Remember, Kyle Cooper made the opening credits, which is the best bit.
  3. Is it? That'd make sense. I also an wondering if the main bassline from Relfecting Light is a modified Seven Seconds from Cherry, which'd be cool.
  4. Mescal deservedly got an Emmy nom for this, but strangely Daisy Edgar Jones didn't. I feel she really should have. It was very much a two hander.
  5. Lol. Dungarvan, a tiny town on the Waterford coast is only 30 mins away from me. It has a smashing cinema.
  6. Both excellent and, refreshingly, different.
  7. It was boring but pretty good. Reminded me of The Legend Of Bagger Vance - that kind of sepia-tinted Americana, but about a cinema. My only problem is I can't believe Carrey's "genuine" face when he's acting.
  8. That's what a lot of people think is good tv. I prefer stuff like Gilnore Girls. Life's hard enough.
  9. I was responding to some of the comment above which seem to damn it in light of the existence of Wellington Paranormal.
  10. Another show in The Style The Style needs to fucking die already.
  11. Terrible to hear this programme no one has seen is not as good as a different one.
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