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  1. Shadowfighter was better than both.
  2. The character design and animation style are fucking horrible.
  3. You remind me of my brother who can't handle fantasy at all and just finds it immensely dull and boring, particularly when CGI wades in. Sample quote when leaving a screening of The Matrix: "That wouldn't happen".
  4. That was Falcon and the Winter Soldier.
  5. Must be a flashback since they're well gone by Numenor. Maybe it's a painting or mural within a building in the show.
  6. Amazing that the Alien franchise now requires nuking from orbit
  7. That's the one. I believe it's the studio seat creaking. Excellent stuff Me too, I really like the Style remixes generally, New Style is the cool krautrock one, Old Style has all the retro synth stabs and Weekend Ravers is just a hilarious trance parody. I've just remembered Beelzebeat too, which was ace.
  8. Fucking amazing. Really puts that miserable cunt Djokovic into perspective.
  9. As the title says, your fav bands and their best B-Sides. Sadly vanished now in the age of download shit these were sometimes great places for hidden gems, particularly on CD singles (and yes, lots of dreck filling space). For me: Queen: I Go Crazy. B-Side for Radio Ga Ga A stomping rocker that's just great fun. Insanely catchy and it has some of the energy of live Queen at their best live period. Unfortunately produced by Mack, who could make the synthy charm of Ga Ga ring but just couldn't do the rock tracks justice so it sounds both tinny and muddy somehow. Orbital: The Box EP: Part II Not the album Part II, which is confusingly Part I of the single, but the EP one. Atmospheric intro leads into an harpischord and dulcimer frenzy. It sounds like the soundtrack to a russian victorian steampunk film. What are your selections?
  10. Of note, MCU co-stars totally silent while protecting their stacks of Disney cash. If she wins the case they'll be all over her. Like when Brie Larson was getting hell they all clammed up too, except Mr. Don Cheadle, who was a gent. "Gotta protect mah cash, oh and abortion is murder" said Chris Pratt, allegedly.
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