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  1. Michael Pilar's "Fade In" makes Patrick Stewart and, particularly, Brent Spiner, sound quite difficult too.
  2. This is the stupidest thing I've read all year. It's as if Marvel have a history of giving women huge starring roles when actually the opposite is the case. Or that the characters they have have no struggle, which is nonsense. Utterly stupid.
  3. Nobody complaining about Shang-Chi, or Dr. Strange 2.
  4. Cool. I thought it was stupid. Fine when it was implied, then they made it explicit and ruined it. Now Eve is a mental murderer. A mess. I'm genuinely disappointed that Samantha Oh has absolutely nothing to do in the second season other than to look frantic. What a waste.
  5. I'm amazed Waititi is already doing it wrong, with the wrong actor. According the bellend of the internet. No factual information, no plot, no idea of style.
  6. An encaspulated version of how thoughtless this film is - Can You Feel The Love Tonight takes place during the day.
  7. He was good in Mr. Mercedes too. Chap has charisma.
  8. So many problems with the female character in the film we know nothing about. Funny how that keeps happening, eh?
  9. It's like they had no idea how to do human voices coming out of photoreal characters. It's just all wrong and looks and sounds weird.
  10. Looking forward to this. Perhaps it can give Wanda something to do - she's very forgettable.
  11. The Netflix shows are dead. The only characters that have any chance of reappearing with the current actors, imo, are Daredevil and Jessica Jones.
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