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  1. No prob man. There's two complete series from 2019 and 2020 and the ongoing one is Mon-Fri for three weeks. It has the warm tone that old Bake Off used to have.
  2. I remember sitting in the cinema and as the title card appeared, my mate said "Fist Contact" and fell into uncontrollable spasms of laughter for about 15 solid minutes.
  3. Inspired by Supper Mario Broth, here's a thread of weird random game things that's probably destined to die without trace. Here's one: Everyone knows the Zelda OoT Forest Temple theme: But here's the original sample of the weird yelping, chanting voice in it from a sample pack.
  4. Feels that way, whereas I ignore that shit completely. I think in Michael Piller's unpublished book it pretty clearly shows that that direction may have been pushed by the stars of the show, namely Stewart and Spiner. They seem to be the only ones who have script control and could influence their character's writing. They also seem to,.....eh.....not be......great......at it, so they probably weren't worth paying much attention to.
  5. Pretty much. In TNG he respected him, but in day-to-day dealings he just about tolerated him. The Picard writers seemed to approach it like it was Kirk and Spock, or Kirk and Bones, which it never was. Picard would really only have been watery about Crusher, I reckon.
  6. Picard fundamentally misunderstood the relationship between Picard and Data, and made a series about it.
  7. "When Michael Burnham isn't on screen, all the other characters should be going 'Where's Michael?'"
  8. Speaking of which, the now best Bake Off, Junior Bake Off, is now on and it's great.
  9. I love Bill Drummond because he has a drive to make art, but he constantly questions whether doing it is actually pointless. I also loved that essay he wrote in 45 about how he was disappointed when he saw The Residents and realised they were, just, normal people in costumes, and connected it to the night he realised the KLF were over the hill, and his realisation that that's exactly as it should be. That was amazing.
  10. How many minutes in S4 Ep1 will we be before Burnham is crying, doubting whether she belongs in the Federation again? I reckon five. Then she'll break every Federation law, risk everyone selfishly, and somehow rediscover her love of Starfleet through these actions.
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