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  1. I'd be surprised if it wasn't for the fact that Curtis is a hack. Still can't quite believe that The Boat That Rocked exists.
  2. Inception 2 looks cool. Pattinson is playing Nolan this time. And Pierce Brosnan.
  3. I'm not 100%sure we haven' had a thread like this before but I can't find it so.... What's the music you unapologetically like? Things that you know are unfashionable or not even something you think you really like at first, even hate at first, resist for ages but then it just keeps inserting itself into your mind until you have to admit the truth? Even though if it came on a playlist mix in front of friends ad family, you'd be mortified? I'll start: 1. Madonna: Future: It's just a catchy chorus. I shouldn't like it - stupid cod-reggae and autotune nonsense. BUT! It does capture that summery sound and the chorus and brass break and really good. 2. The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke: Queen: Where to start? The Title? The baroque-esque Style? The changing rhythm? The lyrics ("Fairy dandy, tickling the fancy", "What a quaere fellow"), the Tweeness? The Harmonies? BUT! It's a fucking stone-cold masterpiece and a miracle of song creation, dense, exciting and constantly changing with killer bass from Deacon - always Queen's secret weapon, AND it describes a really cool Dadd painting really well. Now take everything I've written up there and imagine me, sweating, saying this to unimpressed people at a party. Sigh. Nerd. You could probably add Seaside Rendezvous to this but at least people get that that's a pastiche. 3. Pretty much anything by Mike Oldfield outside The Hits. For example, this can't be explained after popping up on a playlist at a party: BUT! It's insane genius. And just after this excerpt ends is an absolutely amazing build to a climax bit within 30 seconds but the daft CD compiler didn't leave that in so this ends on a weird organ key transposition. Again, imagine the party explanation of this. (Edit: Gah! Change it to track 16 on the playlist!)
  4. I know what you mean, btw. There's just something lacking in these. A bit of critique, opinion or something else. Even some outside context or something. They feel a bit hermetically sealed and airless. Perfectly bland.
  5. Beg, borrow, buy or steal to get to see The Beastie Boys Story on Apple +. It's a powerpoint presentation by Ad-Rock and Mike D on the history of the band. Sounds bad but it's absolutely amazing, entertaining, really funny and a great tribute to MCA. It's really good. Some surprising stuff in there for fans too.
  6. I think they're good actors but I hated the characters. They're just massive ellipses... The supposed 'realism' is there but is constantly undercut by booky interludes from the author that just don't reflect living people. Marianne: ..... Lad: ........ Marianne: ....... It feels fine for a few episodes but it just gets a bit silly. Particularly the reveal practically a year after a seasonal breakup. It rings false and silly. That said, the two directors really generate some beautiful stuff.
  7. You KNOW it's about harassment. Some I the stuff I saw was utterly vile - and I don't watch the CW shows and am not exactly in the right forums to see this shit.
  8. Americans don't understand the fist thing about the Eurovision and will utterly fuck this up. Like, the song is fine but it's not funny because it's missing the a) earnestness of some loony thinking they're going to tell us their countries culture as filtered through fantasy novels, or b) the winking acknowledgement of same that some of the acts manage, like Lordi, or Dadi Freyr. Also, the genre to mock would be that Balkan/Turkish dance beat stuff.
  9. She gets worse. It's that awful trope of a character saying they're one way buy constantly behaving the opposite way. Infuriating.
  10. That was on Orbital's Back To Mine album as a closer.
  11. The main character is annoying, though.
  12. No, the creepy music at 17:21.
  13. What's the tune at 17:21? Driving me crazy.
  14. Festoon


    Yeah, but he wouldn;t be who he is without that, I suppose. My Buick alone is smashing. He's really good at delivering on a mood.
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