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  1. I'm fascinated that anyone cares about the competition aspect, apart from the contestants. It's just a chance to make a few more jokes.
  2. "Into the futuarr.....spaceman!" had me in tears.
  3. I reckon this kind of tv is more lucrative than all but the top 1 or 2% of films these days.
  4. I love Sparks, and dread that Wrights doc will lead to a new generation of prick Sparks fans. Not that I begrudge the lads their due, long deserved.
  5. I saw a screenshot of this and the wigs and makeup were so bad I assumed it was a comedy. Edit: Or a spoof.
  6. I did watch Gods as that was made while Whitfield was undergoing treatment. I just couldn't accept McIntyre as Spartacus - maybe I'll go back.
  7. Oh yeah, I did like that. Gannicus was great.
  8. I feel terrible about it but I just couldn't continue watching it after Andy Whitfield died. That guy was something special.
  9. Not sure if this is good, but it's most odd. Paul is doing a tribute to Ron Mael of Sparks on the keyboard.
  10. Good cover versions? If you know the original, this is amazing: as is this On a different tack:
  11. Here we go again. On the otherwise unimpeachable Tomorrow's Harvest is the tedious and slightly annoying Jacquard Causeway. It get what it's trying to do, but it's too long, aimless and tedious.
  12. They are incredibly talented, but I find they wander off into jazz noodle zone a little too much for my own liking.
  13. It's Cahir castle in Co. Tipperary, Ireland I see there. Also used in Excalibur. Love if it had a bit of the Excalibur magical realism.
  14. This might be a bit controversial but I've always disliked Smokes Quantity on Board's of Canada's Music Has The Right To Children. Feels a little like an earlier demo track with an irritating sample loop and criminally breaks up the mood from Pete Standing Alone to Open The Light to One Very Important Thought as an album closer trio. This is me now. btw.
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