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  1. Having no first party releases during that time period can't have helped. I wonder if the targets were revised or not after Halo Infinite slipped a year? If not that's probably a huge factor right there.
  2. Majora

    Squid Game

    I've watched two episodes and think it's a good concept badly executed so far. Everything is so drawn out, ham-fisted and on the nose. It's laborious.
  3. Depends on the game. Nintendo could charge more than £70 for Breath of the Wild 2 and I'd probably pay it. I'd resent it but I'd pay it. If I'd paid £70 for the new Ratchet and Clank I would have a felt a bit ripped off but I wouldn't have had I paid it for The Last of Us 2. Too many variables. I have so many games to play on Gamepass now though that I only really buy the top-tier, must play games these days. Anything that was previously 'wait for a sale' territory generally doesn't get bought full stop anymore.
  4. My eyes started glazing over when it started talking about card decks, then I started playing and it seems specifically designed to make it an absolute chore to play with randoms. Not only are ammo supplies limited but they're specific to each weapon type too. You just know most games there's going to be someone hoovering up all the ammo whether they have the relevant gun or not and never share it. Also all those stats and weapon attachments and zzzzzz. The pleasure of Left 4 Dead was in its simplicity. You'd find some general ammo, you'd decide whether you wanted a shotgun or an assault rifle and you'd move on. You didn't stand around poring over weapon stats or deciding which attachment to use or spending ages between each game building a card deck. The special infected feel oddly indistinct too. I'm not sure I could tell you what differentiates a few of them at the moment whereas in Left 4 Dead it was immediately, incredibly obvious. It really does just feel like layers and layers of guff on top of a perfect formula on first play. Maybe you just can't get away with a game as simple as Left 4 Dead these days.
  5. I'm not really feeling season 3 of the UK version so far. Season 2 was so good and had so many incredible personalities. 3 feels a bit middle of the road. Not sure there's a genuine breakout star like Bimini, Tayce or Lawrence here.
  6. is far too opaque an ending to the main story for me. I much prefer the ending The Writer provides. I agree The Signal isn't an especially great episode though, it can get pretty frustrating. I think The Writer shows how Remedy could really push the sequel in all sorts of different gameplay directions rather than the fairly one-note gameplay of the main game.
  7. They were great achievements at the time but I have absolutely no interest in replaying any of these in 2021. Things have moved on so much, I can't imagine them feeling anything other than shockingly dated. They were ropey as fuck even at the time and mainly got by on sheer ambition, atmosphere and and scale. Problem is that the scale and ambition of those games is nothing special these days. Honestly, who is going to want to play GTA3 in particular for more than about 10 minutes?
  8. Looks like a budget made for TV movie, I was a bit shocked to see it was a theatrical release at the end.
  9. The Writer is probably my favourite chapter in the game, definitely play the DLC chapters next.
  10. Did you play the two DLC episodes as well? They seem hidden away in a menu, I'm not sure if the game prompts you to play them after finishing the main game or not.
  11. Fuck it, just bought it for that price. Getting a bit fed up having to manage my hard drive space given that Game Pass has gone a bit crazy recently and I will need space for Horizon 5 soon. I was gonna save up my reward points for one but I'm still absolutely ages away, I'll just use them for digital games or a custom controller maybe.
  12. I've never fully understood guide writing, perhaps someone here can help me understand. How can you guarantee that the guide writer will always be able to find everything in a game? For example, Alan Wake tasks you with finding 100 thermos flasks hidden throughout the whole game, nearly all of which are missable if you trigger a certain cutscene and with no real indication of where the ones you haven't collected yet are located. Is a guide writer expected to play through the levels over and over again until they find them all or what? How on earth does writing a guide for something like that work?
  13. The QR codes are new though the one video I saw one link to wasn't especially interesting.
  14. I'd never heard of Visage but quite a few people in the Resetera thread are citing it as a must-play for horror fans.. Anyone here played it?
  15. I mean, it still looks good! But also remember that this remaster is also available on PS4 and Xbox One. It's clean and sharp as you'd expect running at 4k60 on the current gen. It's still atmospheric, the lighting is still well done, the environments are detailed and evocative. You can still see its 360 roots in places though. Some individual assets and objects look dated and the in-game character models are a bit rough up-close (like on the ferry), with extremely rudimentary lip sync. It's not a big deal but it's clearly an older game tarted up for PS4/XB1 and then given the benefit of running at 4K60 on PS5/Series consoles. Which is fine, honestly. Remember, previously the only option console owners had was to play it at 540p/30fps and this is only a 25 pounds release. I have turned the HUD back on though. When the say off, they really mean off. It never even flashes up when you pick up batteries or ammo or lose health or anything and there is no way to manually bring those elements up on screen. It's just annoying not knowing how much battery life is left in the middle of combat when the entire system is designed around managing battery life.
  16. Played about an hour on Series X using the New Zealand region switch trick. Few things I've noticed: - The difficulty settings on the 360 version were labelled normal and hard but here they're labelled easy and normal. At first I thought they'd gotten rid of hard mode but it seems like they changed the naming of the settings for the PC release and carried it over here. Presumably because what was originally designated normal on 360 was too easy for many. - You can turn HUD off but there's no granularity which is annoying. I don't need the radar or the objectives but I'd quite like to keep ammo, battery and health on. I've turned it off for now but I can't remember if it'll become a pain later on not knowing how many batteries I have remaining or not. - It's still nice looking. Not current gen obviously but if you told me it was an early PS4 game I'd mostly believe you. The environments and lighting hold up best. Some individual elements do look dated now though, like the cars. - The cutscenes are definitely better. Something still isn't quite right about the faces in the eyes and the lip-sync seems just slightly off but it's a significant improvement on the terrifying jerky mannequins of the original.
  17. I think I prefer Alan Wake to Control but perhaps this playthrough will make me feel otherwise as it's been a long time. Alan Wake seems like it had a significantly bigger budget than Control and I feel like it comes through in the final product. Control often felt to me like a great concept hamstrung by budgetary constraints whereas Alan Wake was a much more ambitious game probably hamstrung by the development hell and change in direction it went through. I don't think either game completely nails their story. All Remedy's games have fascinating ideas and bits and pieces of really done narrative but they often don't quite gel into a satisfying, cohesive story. I think Quantum Break actually came closest to nailing the story even though it was the game I enjoyed the least.
  18. This voice cast is ridiculously stacked and yet completely bonkers.
  19. Can't believe they want to charge more to play N64 and Genesis games. Insanely cheeky.
  20. It takes far too long to get going, you're probably nearly an hour in before you get to the good stuff. It also feels like it has two introductions when it just needs one. Both introductions just duplicate setting up the themes and story beats of the game so having both, at least at the lengths they are, feels unnecessary from a storytelling perspective. I had totally gotten the gist of everything I needed to 15 minutes in yet it carries on laboriously setting everything up for another 30-45. It's a lovely experience once it finally gets going though. Very sit back and enjoy the scenery gaming, which isn't a dig. It's not afraid of taking a few left-turns either like that talkshow interview.
  21. The demo was promising but needed so much polish. You can't have a game built around climbing and then have the climbing be janky as hell. Hopefully it got the time it needed.
  22. I think I might be starting to drop off this. I really like the hub and happily spent about an hour pottering around the questionable area collecting stuff and doing the quests. But then I went into the trippy mail room level and have just gotten a bit bored. It looks great but the linear platforming levels are a bit dull and perfunctory no matter how nice the visual trappings. Felt like it took forever to get the violin when it wasn't really that long a course. I'm also not finding the dialogue that interesting or funny for how long the conversations can be. I always exhaust the conversation options but rarely feel particularly rewarded for doing so. Very different kinds of platformers but since I've seen It Takes Two mentioned a few times in here, I felt that was just as creative but more consistently engaging and varied even though the writing was terrible. I'll stick with it for a bit but I'm not finding myself itching to go back to it.
  23. You need fire to light all the campfires although obviously they could have just been changed to something else. I don't understand why you can't just equip a power directly from the wheel instead of having to map it to a bumper/trigger every single time. I've made the mistake of thinking I could do that so many times now. As mentioned above, I've used the control settings where double jump + glide is just 3 presses of the A button and then you press the A button again to get your ball out (oo-er). So 4 taps of the A button to access the ball which frees up a power slot for something else. It could still be way less fiddly though.
  24. I really enjoy the sense of journey and progression through Bright Falls. You start off at one place and are given a destination you can see way off in the distance and spend the chapter slowly working way your way towards it. Then when you get there you can usually look back and trace where you've come from. Few games capture a sense of an arduous, coherent journey and sense of place very well but Alan Wake was one of them, up there with the likes of Half Life 2 and The Last of Us 2. It's not as good as those two games for various reasons but there's an awful lot about it I love. It just needed a bit more gameplay variety and a bit more narrative restraint to be a classic I think.
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