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  1. I did think it a bit unlikely at the time that Abby didn't bother to explain to Ellie why she was going to kill Joel. I generally dislike it when characters unrealistically withhold information like that for the sake of surprise later on, there was no motivation for Abby not to tell her. I totally understand why they did it but it's definitely a contrivance.
  2. Yeah, it was pretty clear that Owen was by far her closest friend and we saw her erecting barriers when they were actually in a relationship. Without judgement as to the morality of sleeping with someone who has a kid with another woman on the way, I thought it was believable in that moment that she let her guard down for someone she probably still loved.
  3. I've completed about ten of those games and they all took me waaaay longer to beat than those times listed there. Are those times just to mainline the story and do absolutely nothing else?
  4. Certainly for me, I was a little worried for an hour or two post Day 3 that I was losing interest. I think you'll get back into it fairly soon.
  5. And since I just watched episode 3 last night and it's still fresh in my head, that scene of them coming up on pills was amazing. I don't know if I've ever seen it captured, visually, so accurately before. I felt both jealous and relieved that I wasn't going through that jittery, jaw clenching euphoria which is a probably a great sign I'm approaching middle age now.
  6. Only watched 3 episodes so far. I couldn't tell if the threesome was meant to be enjoyable or not. I felt like she was enjoying it, then it seemed like she felt vaguely unsure about it as they were leaving...I'm not really sure how she felt when she looked at them through the window as they were walking down the street. Maybe the uncertainty is the point.
  7. By far the biggest difficulty spike for me was when you have to fight off wave after wave of zombies as Abby with your fists at night in the forest. I think I must have died about 10-15 times on hard difficulty. Second biggest one was probably the first part of the Hillcrest escape. Up to that point I had methodically cleared all areas of enemies before moving on but there were so many humans and dogs in this section it was proving to be a nightmare. I eventually realised you're really just meant to try to keep moving through that section rather than clear it all out.
  8. I could understand someone preferring the story of the original but worse across the board? You'd have to work very hard to convince me that the original game has better combat or level design.
  9. It reminded me of Half-Life 2 in the way your journey to a landmark is just as arduous and important as what you find when you get there. It routinely tells you where you need to head to, points out the landmark and then you spend several hours slowly heading towards it. A lot of games don't really capture that sense of hardship getting somewhere, or the feeling that your journey is a long but coherent one. It also reminded me of Alan Wake at times, interestingly. I think because that game was also often geared around spending a couple of hours reaching somewhere way off in the distance but which you could see from different vantage points throughout your journey there.
  10. Both this and Uncharted 4 could have done with a bit of an edit down. I'm very grateful Druckman is doing his thing and on balance I'd rather him have too much freedom than too little but it does feel a bit like it's gotten to the point where no-one wants to, or perhaps can, say no.
  11. In terms of combat mechanics it evolves, I believe his issue was more with the structure mostly being story bit - scavenge - combat arena - story bit - scavenge - combat arena which is a bit reductionist but is, very broadly, how a lot of the game proceeds. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, personally, just not to expect that loop to really change.
  12. You've still got some of the best and most intense set-pieces of the game ahead of you, including a couple which are genuinely quite scary. The gameplay loop itself never really changes though.
  13. Can you put in spoiler tags where you're up to in the second half?
  14. I wouldn't worry too much about it. You won't be able to upgrade absolutely all aspects of your weapons but you'll be able to upgrade a fair amount of them and given plenty of time to do so.
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