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  1. Alternatively, the pacing, variety and sheer generosity of ideas in 4 has never been beaten by any other game. Not just in the RE franchise but literally any other game. Period.
  2. Mine arrived today too. Pretty impressed, it's much more of a proper workout than I remember Wii Fit being. I was put on difficulty level 22, not sure what that's out of but I was completely spent after the first boss and a couple of songs. Hell, I was starting to get tired during calibration I've really been struggling with motivation to work out since working at home and no gym. This obviously isn't going to replace weights but it seems like a good workout and will hopefully give me the motivation to get my weight routine going again to complement this.
  3. They mentioned literally just today on Twitter that they hope to have The Simpsons in 4:3 by the end of May.
  4. When/how do you get the option to lay down paths? Literally just unlocked the ability to build ramps and more bridges today with the upgraded Resident services. I need to impose more structure on my island
  5. I tried Fable Anniversary on GamePass not too long ago and it's aged like milk. I completed Fable 2 and even 3 back in the day but I can't imagine most people will struggle through Anniversary in 2020. It even runs badly on the One X.
  6. Reviews are a bit disappointing. Still sounds like a decent game to blast through under lockdown but excitement levels down a notch.
  7. Can only think it might be a coconut tree that needs sand?
  8. Cheers for this. Kept going in and out of stock on the website halfway through checkout but kept refreshing the website and seemed to get there in the end, hope they can actually fulfil it now.
  9. Also struggling with Sturgeon and Stringfish
  10. I requested one, don't think we've visited each others Islands yet though so you can't post it. Will leave my gate open for a while if you're able to pop in. Jamie at Cosy Cove, cheers!
  11. Got an espresso machine and a microwave - my house is too small for a separate kitchen right now so happy to get rid
  12. Oooh, could I order a jukebox as well please? You're on my friends list so should be straightforward - it's Jamie at Cosy Cove. How much are they?
  13. Has anyone got any kind of music player for sale/available to order? I've religiously been buying each K.K album but still have nothing to play them on yet.
  14. Got a skull shaped radio and electronics kit for sale in my shop today. The former isn't my cup of tea but going by other posts I've seen I think some people here might be interested in it? Let me know and I'll either open my island or mail one to you.
  15. Gonna leave my gate open for a bit - 003V4. I just need pears and bamboo if anyone has any spare. I can only offer peaches for now I'm afraid and the new shop and museum are still being built so nothing too exciting going on, but if you're feeling charitable!
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