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  1. I think he means a slow start to 2019 when we only really had Yoshi. I don't think anyone disputes 2017 was a fantastic year for Switch.
  2. I got bored hallway through episode 1. It was the closest thing we've had to the original for nearly two decades but ultimately I still didn't find it good enough. Starting to think the first one was just a happy accident as even the second couldn't quite recapture it.
  3. Yes, Louis was by the far the most confrontational I've ever seen him. He seemed fresh out of fucks with their bullshit. That said, I don't know if I needed another hour on this topic given we've allready had two hours of it in the past. The most interesting parts were talking to the family members who left but there's really nothing left to explore with the church members themselves. Their rhetoric just seems a bit weak and silly in 2019 now there's literally a racist fascist in the white house, and interviewing them goes round and round in circles. The exception possibly being Shelly (?) who just seemed like a broken shell of herself.
  4. I won't stand for this erasure of Erica. And yes, they can kill Will off along with Hopper and Joyce. They need to start upping the bodycount as the show presumably starts reaching an end and he's by far the most disposable main character. The lack of fucks the writers gave about him this season was hilarious. His only storyline was getting jealous for about 10 minutes in one of the early episodes. I forget he even exists when he's not on screen.
  5. Just one more episode to go but Joyce and Hopper really jumped the shark this season. Hopper has turned into some perpetually annoying jerk with severe anger issues while Joyce seems mired in la la land most of the time, hovering between outrageously indignant or cuckoo crazy. She channeled that in season 1 but with good reason, here it just makes her seem extremely odd. Their scenes together were by far the least enjoyable to me. Rest of the season has been pretty good but I wouldn't be too sad to say goodbye to either of them, and I used to enjoy Joyce in particular.
  6. Majora

    Xbox Game Pass

    Download the Gamepass app on your phone, select 'show all games A-Z' then select the 'All' menu in the top-left. You can filter by both local multiplayer and local co-op.
  7. They've totally gutted Be Prepared
  8. Majora

    Xbox Game Pass

    Gave Dead By Daylight a shot having previously thoroughly enjoyed Friday the 13th but found it shockingly boring in comparison. Ugly visuals, no real atmosphere, dull randomly generated levels, objectives that don't really extend beyond moving from generator to generator, limited ways to kill. Friday the 13th was far from perfect but it was so much more varied and simply fun than this. Another one bites the Gamepass dust then. At least I'm enjoying Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. Will probably give Lego City Undercover a shot next.
  9. Yeah I finished episode 4 this evening and after a really quite boring first episode it seems like the season has hit its stride. The ending of episode 4 was really effective. The main thing that bugs me is how slow some of these characters are to believe their friends/family/partners that maybe, just maybe, something odd might be happening in the same town where incredibly odd and dangerous things have happened literally twice before and they have no real way of knowing it's been contained since then. It's quite tiresome and doesnt ring plausible watching characters casually dismiss others as crazy given everything they've all been through. Luckily I think I'm pretty much past that stage in this season now.
  10. The Writer DLC has a more satisfying ending than the main game if you didn't play it. The ending of the main game seemed too focussed on setting up a sequel that, of course, never came.
  11. Haven't watched past the first episode yet but Hopper's character seemed like a pretty OTT caricature. I don't remember him being so incompetently and buffoonishly irrational in the first two seasons.
  12. Majora

    Xbox Game Pass

    Played a few hours of Metro Exodus yesterday but think I'm going to ditch it. I just don't really enjoy anything about it despite the awesome visuals. The AI is terrible, the gunplay unsatisfying and the event scripting seems mediocre. It also seems to be packed full of meaningless mechanics to give the illusion of depth but which don't really add anything. Having to tap down on your D-Pad every two minutes to change filter is just pointless, as one example. Shame, I was looking forward to trying it and it does have a good sense of atmosphere but I got very little out of it in about 3-4 hours. I'm definitely more ruthless dropping games on GP because of the lack of upfront investment but I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing. I've completed plenty of games on the service too, I just don't feel as obligated to persevere with something I'm not enjoying compared to if I paid 30-40 pounds for it. It's freeing more than anything.
  13. Watched the first episode of season 3 and forgot what a total nonentity Will is when compared to literally any other character in the show. Does he even possess a single character trait?
  14. It's definitely sub-720p on Xbox, I remember there being a shitstorm about it on neogaf given the PC version had been cancelled and this was the only way to play the game at the time. Even in 2011 I remember it looking a bit soft and blurry. Bet it still looks good cleaned up but I have no real desire to play it on a 4k TV in its current form.
  15. I'd really like to replay it but not in 540p...I was hoping it would get the X-Enhanced treatment but alas. Maybe Remedy getting the rights back from MS will mean we'll get a remaster or something.
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