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  1. Does he really need to worry about getting 120fps with a Series S though? I haven't been keeping track of the Series S versions of games enough to know properly but given the compromises even the Series X and PS5 versions of games have to make to offer a 120fps mode I wouldn't have imagined those modes would be abundant on Series S? At least not without severe resolution compromises.
  2. You'll see signs on the floor if you're human and there are people available to summon. People usually put their sign down either around the start of a level or before the boss fog door.
  3. They published A Way Out which was fun to play through with a friend. Apart from that I think the only game of theirs I played for literally the entire generation was Titanfall 2. They're just such a boring company.
  4. They're bidding super high so they win the auction and then have no intention to pay. As a seller, if a buyer goes silent then you first have to wait 2 days to file a report and then a further 4 days to give the buyer a chance to pay. After that you can claim a refund of the fees and close the case with the buyer getting a strike on their account. If you don't go through that process the seller can leave negative feedback so most sellers would be very reluctant to risk the negative feedback hit by not following it. Also it's not guaranteed you'd get the selling fees back if you don't follow th
  5. It was definitely a thing for most UK releases in the past, but not for a long time now. It always used to be a bit annoying that the US would get new releases on the Tuesday and the UK would get them a few days later on the Friday. Then it started changing so that the UK also started getting big releases on the Tuesday. Nowadays every game is more or less a worldwide release (Japan excluded) but the actual day of release seems very flexible.
  6. Not being able to sell stuff does feel weird. I'm not going crazy saying they introduced this from Dark Souls onwards didn't they?
  7. Astro will likely end up making my GOTY list so I do think a 7 is a quite harsh. Sure, it's slight but I found it an absolute delight from start to finish way beyond simply showcasing the Dualsense's new features. For what it is - a freebie platformer showcasing the Dualsense but also celebrating PlayStation's history - I thought it was brilliant. Hell, I'd probably give it a higher score for the incredible GPU song alone. The further I get into Sackboy the more I can understand that 6 though. I was singing its praises in the thread I made but the more the game ups the difficulty t
  8. The Mario games are remasters not remakes. Huge difference
  9. You can drive around the whole map once you've done the tutorial mission basically.
  10. 2-2 is the first level I played so far that I didn't think was particularly great. It was ok but overall I found it annoying in a way I didn't find the first four levels I played. Lots of maze-like areas, narrow corridors and those rock insect things that take a lifetime to kill no matter which sword or magic spell I used.
  11. Alan Wake - 4K, HDR, Ray tracing, 60fps. Redone cutscenes so they don't all look hideous. Boom.
  12. Noticed recently that not only does the front USB port not charge my controllers in rest mode, even when they are charging when the console is switched on they never charge past two bars. So I'm now in an amusing situation where my Series X front USB port does a better job of charging my Dualsenses than my actual PS5 does.
  13. Stick with it. Season 1 is a bit shaky but starts hitting its stride by the end. And you will like the characters with a bit more time, it's a very warm show in the end.
  14. The official charging docks are going for up to £100 on eBay. Now what is properly crazy. I can understand, to an extent, people being willing to pay a premium on the console itself to get it before Christmas but not on a bloody charging dock. It's something I wouldn't mind to cut down on wires but I can very happily wait to pay normal price for that.
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