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  1. Majora

    Xbox Game Pass

    Completed Quantum Break on GamePass earlier today. Probably one of the most interesting completely average games I've ever played? Nothing about it is entirely successful but nor is any part of it completely without merit either (although the live action episodes come close). Still a big step down after Alan Wake though.
  2. Majora

    Is the summer drought here already?

    Not much that interests me has come out since Sekiro but I've just bought A Plague Tale: Innocence in light of the good reviews and interesting premise. If you're just looking in the AAA space then yeah, it's going to be quiet for a while.
  3. Majora

    What Remains of Edith Finch

    I played it at launch a couple of years ago and then played it again a couple of weeks ago. The second playthrough inevitably can't have quite the same impact or sense of surprise but it was still as good as I remembered; the fear was that I had overhyped the memory of it in my head but I'm pleased to say that wasn't the case. A second playthrough does allow you to pick up on some of the foreshadowing and appreciate some of the details in the house more. More than anything, though, a second playthrough made me realise that it's just so good at creating atmosphere and it has really concise but effective prose. There's no waffle and very little repetition. Edith rarely narrates more than 2-3 lines at once but it feels like practically every line has a purpose and tells you something about Edith or a member of her family or their relationship dynamics, and every so often there's a real gut-punch of a line almost out of nowhere. It's wonderfully economic. I feel like I've played so many recent games praised for their narrative where they labour the same damn point for tens of hours ('hey, do you think maybe Kratos might be a bit cold to boy? I nearly missed the first twenty hours of icy interactions between them") that it's a pleasure to experience something so un-showy but so confident and purposeful. Easily one of my favourite experiences from this console generation.
  4. Majora

    Aladdin - Live Action

    Guy Ritchie can't direct a large-scale musical number for shit, who would've thought? Why have they slowed down the song so much? Sounds like a fucking funeral dirge combined with Will Smith droning flatly all over it.
  5. Majora

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    This is a cert for GamePass by the end of the year.
  6. Majora

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I played Last Day of June on the PS4, I didn't realise it had a Switch port. It's a great little game. Very touching (I cried), full of character, memorable and unique. It's not perfect by any means as the structure of the game can mean it's a little slow, opaque and repetitive at times but I'd still heartily recommend it. Fantastic soundtrack too.
  7. Majora

    I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

    I liked it but started to find it less funny the further into the series I got. The problem for me is that a good 3/4 of the sketches follow a similar pattern and predictability is the enemy of comedy. Most sketches have the guy making a small mistake/social faux-pas and then refusing to back down or admit fault which results in things escalating waaay past the point of absurdity until he's thoroughly publically humiliated. It's a formula for some good absurd laughs but towards the end I started being able to predict how the sketches would pan out within about 10 seconds of them starting.
  8. I admire your optimism. I can't see the release schedule being anything other than several years between episodes. At least.
  9. Majora

    Amazon Prime Video

    There used to be an option to filter by Prime only. Have they removed this in the TV app or am I blind? The interface is bad enough without having to edge lease through loads of stuff only available to rent or view through other subscription channels.
  10. Majora

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Stuck Wine Country on today because a Netflix Original with a cast so good (Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph and a host of other SNL alumni) must be at least somewhat enjoyable, right? Ugh, it's crap. Meandering, slow, predictable, witless and unconvincing. The cast valiantly do their best but the material is so weak there's no saving it. Don't bother if, like me, you're drawn to the cast. I put a couple of episodes of Parks and Rec on afterwards to remind myself how good Poehler is with the right material.
  11. Majora

    Stephen King's It - 2017

    Pretty sure it wasn't unintentional. Definitely felt like there was meant to be a humorous undercurrent to it. Pennywise is part monster, part performing seal who fucks around for his own amusement really. Didn't get much creepy vibes from it myself but then the horror elements in the first movie didn't do much for me either.
  12. Majora

    Microsoft Rewards

    Yeah I got all the achievements for the ID@Xbox one but nothing happens when I try to redeem it
  13. If you don't like Edith Finch you're a bad person and should feel bad about yourself.

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