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  1. I think there's a mix in terms of the level of help they offer you. On the critical story path, especially when a new mechanic is introduced, they can be a little too quick to blurt out the answer. I don't think there's anything wrong being more proactive than not to ensure a player understands a new mechanic but I would also appreciate even being given 30-60 seconds to see if I can figure it out for myself rather than being told the second I'm within spitting distance of the puzzle. Once said new mechanic gets iterated upon, and particularly once you wander off the critical path, the assistance seems more along the lines of gentle prods or sometimes even no help at all. I get the complaint, and would personally appreciate the Naughty Dog 'press R3 for help' mechanic so I can allow hints to be given to me when I feel ready. But I also think the discourse about it has been a bit overstated on the basis of a few sections.
  2. I've not been a big fan of this UK season, the idea that it is on a par with season 2 is insane. Season 2 pretty much felt like it could be an All Stars season in its own right, the cast was so strong and had such great chemistry. This season has been a bit of a bore. Some of the queens are talented, no doubt, but it's just not been particularly compelling to watch. Partly a result of it being an obvious two-horse race since about episode 3 and partly because there just hasn't been any particularly interesting narrative strands running through the season.
  3. 16 hours in and I'm preferring this to the original, honestly. It doesn't have the shock of the new and the narrative isn't as tight and focused but there's much more variety. (And honestly, I never really connected with the story in the first game anyway. I found the whole father/son bonding narrative rather pedestrian. I'm preferring the sprawling, wider focus of Ragnarok even if it is a bit self-indulgent in places.) I mean, it's still an AAA blockbuster with all the edges completely sanded away so it's as easily digestible to as many people as possible, so I can't say it's particularly exciting as such. Games like this cost too much to make nowadays to be truly exciting or to have any edges. It's exactly what you'd expect from a Sony first party game in 2022, for better and for worse. But taken as a hearty slice of insanely opulent and polished comfort food gaming it's right up there.
  4. About 8 hours in and, based on all the comments, I thought the companions spelling out puzzle solutions would be more annoying than it has been. It's certainly there, and I dislike when you're exploring an optional fork in the road and get immediately nagged to go back to the main objective, but it's not quite as overbearing as I imagined. There have definitely been times that they've let me just get on with it or prodded me rather than just outright spoiled it. All the constant squeezing through gaps and crawling under floors has made me laugh though. It almost feels like a parody of AAA games at times. Between this and A Plague Tale I've squeezed through enough tiny gaps over the course of the past month to last me a lifetime.
  5. Only a few hours in but I'm not really detecting much stylistic difference in the writing from the first game. The dialogue between Atreus and Kratos is played pretty straight while Mimir and the dwarves are the quippy comic relief. That's how the original was, no? I haven't played the first game since it came out so maybe there are some nuances I'm missing though.
  6. I am currently on the Gold conversion trick but that runs out in February. I'm praying they don't close the trick before then. That said, I would happily pay full price for Gamepass. But if the option is still there to stack 3 years for cheap of course I'm going to do that instead. Gamepass has fundamentally changed the way I consume and how much I spend on games now. I will still buy big games I'm really hyped for at launch - it's not stopping me from buying the new Zelda or Resi 4 Remake day one, for example. But it means that in between the big new releases, I always have a stream of interesting stuff to play. Rather than having to spend money to take a punt on something I'm not sure about, I can just try some games on Gamepass instead. Some months I don't always get the most out of Gamepass. I doubt I'll touch it for a month when the new Zelda comes out. But other months I use it all the time. Just like streaming services I guess, I can't be arsed constantly cancelling and resubbing. In general, I get more than enough value out of it to just let it be an ever present thing.
  7. It'll be interesting to see what they do with Ashley in the Resi 4 remake. One of the ways in which Resi 4 shows its age now is the fact that Ashley is essentially a mute companion outside of cutscenes. If Resi 4 was being made today, you'd imagine that Leon and Ashley would be quipping and chatting their way through all the sequences in which you escort her. It's unlikely Ashley will be as quiet in the remake but she's a really thin character. Barely even a character to be honest, she's just an excuse to visit the village and get the game going. They're going to have to try and flesh her out a fair bit beyond 'president's daughter'. Will it actually make the game any better though?
  8. So unfortunately Somerville sounds like a dud but Pentiment is meant to be excellent. At least it makes it easier for me to prioritise what I'm going to play next.
  9. Majora


    Very disappointing reviews and early impressions. Apparently it runs poorly, is full of bugs and feels generally unfinished. Might wait for a patch or two so it's at least technically better but it just sounds like a bit of a dud. The dangers of getting excited based for a game by a new team because of the pedigree of one or two people in it I guess.
  10. I feel like Naughty Dog, and Uncharted specifically, really popularised the 'characters banter with one another while you traverse the environments' approach to storytelling. Problem is, most developers do not have writers as good as those at Naughty Dog so you often end up with a load of tedious old waffle and insulting hand-holding instead.
  11. Extra is fine but the lack of day one games means that I would never choose it over Gamepass. Or even in conjunction with Gamepass. And I'm not just talking about Microsoft's first party releases, of which there have been none for basically a year now anyway. I'm talking about the countless day one games from third parties and indies that are nearly totally absent from Extra. If more stuff like Stray came to Extra day one I'd be more inclined to subscribe but every time I look at the monthly drops it seems like it's 10-15 games that are several years old. And even though they're usually quite 'big' games in terms of name, by the time a game is that old I will almost certainly have played it already if I was truly interested. Long story short, more Stray and less old Ubisoft games and I might subscribe now and then.
  12. Somerville and Pentiment both out tomorrow. With Return to Monkey Island and Vampire Survivors both coming out last week, it's been a crazy good week for Gamepass.
  13. Not booted my PS5 for a while and it looks like an update has kind of ruined the splash screens for some of the games? Before you got a nice big piece of art, music and a play button. Now some of games have had all that removed and in its place is just a big prompt for activities covering the screen. Have no use for activities and it's kind of ruined the minimalistic, slick look of the OS (though only for some games I notice, others are as they were before for some reason)
  14. Played this for a bit this evening and was so impressed at how much better it looks in motion than it did in stills. It's gorgeous. Great music too, love the new arrangements of the classic tunes.
  15. Don't have the game yet but I was reading on Resetera that there is some kind of accessibility option that points out the way the player needs to go next to advance the story (thereby allowing one to deduce the route to go to not advance the story). No idea what the option is called but sounds useful if true, very reminiscent of Fable 2 or Dead Space. Surprised more games didn't end up including such a feature in the end.
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