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  1. I'd honestly rather have this capped at a solid 30 than watch it lurch between a hard 60 and a hard 30 every time it loads stuff in the overworld.
  2. Just because some of you don't notice frame rates doesn't mean the issue isn't there. It dances between 30fps and 60fps all the time, docked and undocked.
  3. Majora

    Xbox Game Pass

    I thought the same, the character feels so slow. I'm a bit disappointed with it as I was hoping for some SOTN type goodness and while on paper it's all present the pieces just don't quite seem to fit together. Every individual element is just a little bit off or lacking in comparison.
  4. They probably realised that everyone was just going to play as many 1-2 hour games as possible and so have made it basically impossible for anyone but the unemployed to get much out of it. I will use it as an opportunity to finally try out Blair Witch though.
  5. I'm looking on the Gamepass mobile app but assume that it wouldn't be showing up on that if it was US only
  6. No it's in the Gamepass app for me. But looking at that list I doubt I'll be earning more than 500-1000 points.
  7. Majora

    Nintendo Switch

    The WiFi in the Switch is terrible, sadly. It was the first thing I noticed on launch day.
  8. Majora

    Xbox Game Pass

    Bloodstained seems...ok. Great music but it all feels a bit clunky and dated in comparison to games like Hollow Knight or Guacamelee. I'm not getting much joy out of the feeling of movement or combat so far. Will give it a good shake but it does feel surprisingly creaky for a game released this year.
  9. Stuck it on for ten minutes but I think I'm going to hopefully hold out for a patch for now, the constant jumping between 30 and 60fps is really distracting to me. It's not like I don't have tons of other stuff to play in the meantime.
  10. Hearing the frame rate in this is a bit of a mess which is a shame. I may hold off playing it and see if it gets patched if it's as messy as people are making out considering the big selling point of this version is its visual presentation.
  11. Make sure you play The Signal and The Writer DLC for the main game before American Nightmare. The Writer in particular is essential. It's very difficult to discuss what happens in Control without spoiling it for people who haven't played it yet but Alan Wake fans should definitely check it out, especially since it looks like they're going to cross over directly next year via Control DLC. Interestingly though, I felt like Control made some aspects of Alan Wake's story make more sense in hindsight and explained some of the sillier aspects more satisfyingly even if it was never planned that way originally when Alan Wake first came out.
  12. The Farewell - 4/5 Touching, funny and thoughtful in its depiction of how different cultures deal with grief, loss and familial responsibility. Spent about five minutes swallowing a lump in my throat at the end.
  13. Microsoft having disappointing first party output this generation doesn't really warrant a video title of 'It's Microsoft's fault that videogames are bad' does it? As usual with Jim, there is a kernel of a point in the video (that Microsoft helped normalise microtransactions) buried under a terrible clickbait title and an overlong, waffly video that could reasonably be condensed into about five to ten minutes without all the repetition. I don't think he does himself any favors when he resorts to silly hyperbolic titles for his videos like this one, it just gives ammunition to his detractors.
  14. The optional bosses tend to be the hardest in the game but in most cases it's easier just to come back to them later on once you've upgraded your skills a bit.
  15. I've heard that Old Man's Journey is an easy 1,000 points in about an hour on Gamepass. You'd probably want to be looking at shortish Indie games on the service to maximise points during that time period.
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