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  1. They're really bad for this. Pre-ordered Watch Dogs Legion with them a few weeks ago, money was taken and when I contacted their CS they said that was normal and it should automatically be refunded within a few days. A couple of weeks later I just asked them to cancel the preorder as I hadn't had the money back and they blamed my bank and how they processed it. Never had this problem with preorders anywhere else.
  2. You can pre-order the PS4/Xbox versions of Cyberpunk for about £45 at the moment. They'll play on the next gen machines with better performance and then you'll get the proper next-gen patch for free when they release it at a later date. In terms of value seems like a no-brainer compared to the likes of £70 for this, as much as I want to play it.
  3. Yeah everyone has that. I think what they're doing is putting people in a queue based on the date they registered their interest and are allowing everyone who did so a week to confirm if they still want to preorder or not (you can't preorder now if you didn't register your interest first). Then once they know final preorder numbers by the 24th, and know their allocation, they'll be able to confirm if you'll get one on launch or not.
  4. Hmmm, got both a PS4 and Switch at launch from them, no forced bundles. If they try to force anything I'll just cancel and use my Amazon preorder instead but given the way they're going about preorders it seems unlikely imo.
  5. I've bought numerous consoles at launch from Shopto and they've never forced bundles. Doesn't surprise me from Simplygames actually, they behave pretty scummy quite often (eg they suddenly jack the price of a game way up if it's undershipped at launch and sold out everywhere else. They did it with Persona 5 and it put me right off them).
  6. I don't know if it's that the digital version is the more popular so much as Sony are just producing a lot less of the digital version so they're selling out quicker. Hearing some GameStop stores in the US haven't been allocated any digital consoles at all and the allocation split I'm hearing from GAME stores in the UK is like 80-20 for the disc version.
  7. No they're not. Sony first party PS4 games have been going for around £60 on the digital store at launch, £45-50 for the disc version. Which you can then sell on. Not a chance in hell I'm paying 70 quid for Demon's Souls digitally, no matter how good it may be.
  8. Most places won't take payment until the week before dispatch at the earliest, by which time you should know which places have fulfilled your preorder and can cancel one.
  9. Argos preorders go up tomorrow. John Lewis and Simplygames haven't done preorders yet either AFAIK. May still be worth checking in with your local GAME. Was reading some posts on Resetera and apparently Bristol GAME are expecting around 90 on launch day. No idea if that's good or not really. Very heavily weighted in favour of the disc console by all accounts though.
  10. Got a preorder for the disc console in with Amazon and confirmed my preorder with Shopto. Hopefully one of them should see me good on launch day. Given the choice I'll go with Shopto as they ship with DPD though.
  11. For Amazon, force desktop site if you're on mobile. Mobile site didnt load the page for me.
  12. Wait, I thought the big ace Sony had was that they would be offering 'true' next-gen exclusives. And now it turns out even bloody Horizon 2 is going to be cross-gen?!
  13. I thought it had been pretty well established since at least the Wii that lots of people see Nintendo consoles as their secondary console. Mainly because they're less powerful and receive substantially less third party support so the PS and Xbox consoles tend to be where people spend more of their time as it's the de facto choice for multiplatform games. I don't think it's particularly insulting.
  14. Compared to Xbox Series S, PS5 digital has more and faster RAM, a much better GPU, a bigger hard drive, a faster hard drive and likely a more expensive controller as well. I don't see any possible way it comes in at £299. At least a £100 gap between the two machines
  15. Of all the things they've taken from BOTW, lessons about the importance of empty space doesn't seem to have been one of them. It's incredibly busy, visually.
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