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  1. Barrow48

    Battlefield V

    I thought I'd try playing as recon today. Half of the shots don't seem to register. Players have been fairly close, my aim has been dead centre and the bullets just go straight through them. Is it always this way or have they knackered this up as well?
  2. Barrow48

    Battlefield V

    I’ve only played as a medic so far. Unless I’ve messed something up somewhere. Which would not surprise me given the state of the menus.
  3. Barrow48

    Battlefield V

    I’ve just started playing this and have been playing as a medic. As part of one of the medics assignments I need to build five stationary weapons. How do I go about completing this? I’m stumped.
  4. Most of the time there is only one. This could change depending on the game mode that you play though. I only do hardcore team death match really and haven’t noticed a problem. Like I said, she’s not perfect, some small tweaks are needed, but it’s nowhere near as bad as that makes it out to be.
  5. I’m not convinced that she is that overpowered to be honest. Maybe a little tweaking is needed, what you can hack and from where, for example. What it does do though is make you think more about managing your score streaks etc. Do you call them in straight away and risk that they are hacked or do you wait until they have already used the hacking tool?
  6. Barrow48

    The Beer Thread

    I’ve just moved from Bristol to Liverpool and I’m looking for recommendations for bars, breweries/taprooms. I know that there are a couple of breweries around the Baltic Triangle but there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent of King Street in Liverpool. The bars all seem to be spread out across town. At the moment I’m based in the georgian quarter and will be moving towards the docks/ pier head in a few weeks, so anything local to these areas would be a bonus. Thanks.
  7. Barrow48

    The Beer Thread

    Left Handed Giant are my favourites at the moment, although the new Wiper and True collaboration with Idles was quite nice on Saturday.
  8. Barrow48

    Spike Lee's BlacKKKlansman

    We saw this at the weekend and while it’s true that the tone is all over the place, I don’t think that it matters. There is an energy to the film that carries it along and makes it work. Has Spike Lee ever been subtle? There was stunned silence at the end at the screening that we attended.
  9. A few of the Cov team were out in town after the game on Saturday. My favourite is Jodi Jones doing the classic swinging of the shirt around your head move. https://twitter.com/weeogi/status/1001481863448449024?s=21
  10. Kevin Nolan, what a prick. PUSB.
  11. Barrow48

    Major League Baseball

  12. Barrow48

    Major League Baseball

    No, it was Yomiuri Giants at home to Yokohama DeNA BayStars in the Tokyo Dome. I’m not usually a fan of indoor games, but really enjoyed this one.
  13. Barrow48

    Major League Baseball

    Not MLB, but I recently went to a game while I was in Tokyo. It was a pretty decent standard and in my opinion the atmosphere overall was better than most games I’ve been to in the states. It was all very well behaved in the stands with both sets of fans taking it in turns to chant when their team was at bat.
  14. Barrow48

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    I asked my wife what she’d do if she came home and found her husband making a piano out cardboard. She didn’t say that it would definitely be divorce, so by my reckoning she gave me the green light?

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