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  1. Barrow48

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Surf Nazis Must Die. Don't be fooled by the trailer, you may think that it looks fun in a kitsch, indie kind of way. It isn't.
  2. Barrow48

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Having said all that, it will probably end up 5-4 with three sendings off and two goals in injury time now.
  3. Barrow48

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Nowhere did I suggest that only Liverpool and Man City games should be televised. Did you miss the part where I suggested that they show a game that has something riding on it, like the Southampton v Fulham game?
  4. Barrow48

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I honestly have no interest in who finishes in a champions league place and Spurs were never going to be in with a shout of the title. I’d imagine that most people who are not Chelsea or Spurs fans have no interest in watching either when the other games tonight have a greater bearing on who will actually win something. It’s a poor choice of game. Personally, the relegation battle between Southampton and Fulham would be better than this. At least they both have something to play for.
  5. Barrow48

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Neither of the Liverpool or Man City games are easy home wins though. Both away teams are more than capable of taking points from the games. So even back in early December it was obvious that Spurs v Chelsea was a pointless game that was going to have no say on anything important whatsoever.
  6. Barrow48

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Why are they showing the Chelsea v Spurs game on TV but not the Liverpool or Man City games. Why would we want to watch a largely pointless game instead of two potentially tricky games for the leading two teams that could have a big say in who wins the league?
  7. Barrow48

    Concerts - general discussion and experiences

    We saw Chvrches the other week in Manchester. One thing that always strikes me when you see them live is the layers building on top each other to create a really powerful sound. It’s something that is slightly missing from the recorded tracks. I don’t know if this is a production thing or simply a volume thing.
  8. Barrow48

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    I honestly can’t see a way out of it this time. The owners would rather we went out of existence than drop the legal proceedings, even though they have absolutely no hope of getting any money that way either. I can’t see Wasps budging from their position and honestly I can’t really blame them (leaving aside the rights and wrongs of them being there in the first place. The whole situation makes Brexit look like a walk in the park.
  9. That’s not what he said. He said they were more popular, quality wasn’t mentioned anywhere that I can see.
  10. Barrow48

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    I think that it’s safe to say that 8 top 40 hits rules them out of being a one hit wonder even if you can’t personally remember any of them.
  11. Barrow48

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Only if you if you ignore all their other hits. This wasn’t even their highest placed single.
  12. Barrow48

    Polar (Netflix Film) - Mads Mikkelsen

    I think you may be overestimating the amount of thought that went in to the making of this film.
  13. Barrow48

    Polar (Netflix Film) - Mads Mikkelsen

    It’s basically a teenage boys ideal film. The violence seems to be nasty just for the sake of it. None of it makes any sense. The sex and nudity is there only to titilate. If they’d dialled it all down a bit then they may have had something interesting but as it is it’s just all so witless.
  14. Barrow48

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Hold on, did somebody claim that Elastica were a one hit wonder?
  15. Barrow48

    Battlefield V

    I thought I'd try playing as recon today. Half of the shots don't seem to register. Players have been fairly close, my aim has been dead centre and the bullets just go straight through them. Is it always this way or have they knackered this up as well?

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