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  1. Almost an inversion of Slow Life above.
  2. There is so much that is wrong with Death in Paradise when you stop to think about it. There’s only one capable person in the police force and she’s never allowed to solve anything. She’s always sidelined by whichever ex comedian is playing the white saviour character that season.
  3. You did. ‘I don’t think her tweets are that bad.’
  4. Coincidence??? Just a quick edit to make it clear that I am not endorsing IcEBuRN’s view in anyway at all.
  5. Morecambe had a player sent off on Saturday against Tranmere. While we were watching the game no one had any idea why. Turns out that he aimed a homophobic insult at one of the Tranmere players. We only know this because of the following Tranmere statement and this tweet I haven’t seen it reported by any news outlet. There’s a video of the incident on some random football website that I’ve never heard of https://fanbanter.co.uk/tranmere-player-left-hurt-by-what-morecambes-songoo-called-him-during-match/
  6. All the codes that I’ve needed so far have been written down nearby.
  7. The most recent Half Man Half Biscuit album is great btw.
  8. Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times but I couldn’t see it. What in your opinion is the best looking game so far for the series x, the one that you’d put on to show off to your mate?
  9. Sunderland fans are a bit weird. A lot of the younger ones have a bee in their bonnet about the 1977 Cov v Bristol City game. Even though it was decades before they were born. No one cared up until a few years ago when they decided it was an affront to all things holy and good, at least no one on the Coventry side of things gave a shit about it. This has unfortunately led to idiots from both sets of supporters regularly looking to cause trouble whenever we meet now.
  10. People do stupid shit all the time, it doesn’t make them an idiot. Walter on the other hand...
  11. I’m not sure that I’d call the Dude an idiot.
  12. That’s one football phrase that really winds me up. Especially if people add that ‘they’re playing a lot better since half time’ when they’re already four down at half time.
  13. How about starting with the first episode and working through them in order so that you can follow the story?
  14. I haven’t watched the video yet (no time at the minute but will do later), but isn’t that just because there’s a smaller pool of players at the top end to match with and therefore your less likely to get a decent connection rather than any other shenanigans?
  15. Isn’t all of that just the shitty implementation of lag compensation in cod games rather than some ninja like programming that makes such decisions on the fly.
  16. Does anyone know if this the same one that was on the BBC earlier in the year? Although thinking about it that may have only been three episodes.
  17. It happened to me everything I tried to drive anywhere. It also happened once when I was running somewhere as well. I have limited gaming time available to me at the minute and I can’t be arsed to use that on something that’s so unstable. I hope you all have fun but I’m out for now.
  18. I know that this is technically the wrong thread* but we (Cov) beat Wycombe away today. It’s always a good feeling to beat such an unpleasant team. * I think we can all agree that they should not have been in the playoffs last season.
  19. A good Coventry win away to Wycombe. It’s always nice to beat such a horrible team. Hoofball and niggly fouls combined with throwing themselves to the ground every time someone gets within two metres of them.
  20. Sign in here and a list of recent purchases should appear. Click on the game you want to refund and fill out a quick form stating the reason why ie. it’s broken.
  21. I’ve got a refund from Microsoft for this. There are just too many broken things in the game at the minute for me to be arsed to carry on with it. Crashes back to the Xbox menu, the screen pauses for 30 seconds whilst driving(presumably loading the area in?), the police teleporting into a moving lift and killing me etc. Added together with the poor ui it just isn’t quite there yet is it?
  22. I’m curious about this bit. Surely judging every film this way just leads to constant disappointment? Nothing ever lives up to its full potential. It sounds like a case of over thinking things instead of enjoying what is there in front of you.
  23. Or people could stop referring to a person solely by their skin colour. Just because certain cultures accept this as being not racist and ok doesn’t necessarily make it so.
  24. Were they applauding QPR taking the knee or Millwall not taking the knee? No one will ever know for sure, we all want to think it’s the former but without canvassing everyone at the match we will never know.
  25. They have won though. We’ve had these meaningless ‘official’ campaigns before. They’ve changed very little. They are tolerated by a lot of people who disagree with them precisely because they are controlled and neutered. Along comes a protest that originated with the people being discriminated against and suddenly it can’t easily be controlled and they feel threatened and use the nonsense Marxist claptrap excuse beloved of the far right on Twitter everywhere. By backing down Millwall have let the racists win.
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