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  1. I know that the name may not mean a lot to many in here but George Curtis has died. He captained Coventry from the fourth division to the first but is probably best know for being joint manager when we won the cup in 87. The term club legend is thrown around far too easily nowadays but in this case I think that it’s deserved.
  2. Ideally neither will come to pass but surely they’ll fluke a good run of form at some point.
  3. Only if we’re in the same league as Sunderland just so that we can wind them up.
  4. Here are a few more images of the most anticipated kit launch of the summer.
  5. How do you embed Spotify links?
  6. There’s a new James album out for anyone who likes that type of thing https://open.spotify.com/album/5ygHCOppc7ipeiWCB8cj9M?si=VhHTU9B4QWqlPUwG3kyQtw
  7. There were a number of things that bothered me about the film but I think that the one that got me most was right at the start when I know it’s only a small thing but it’s been bugging since yesterday. Also Also
  8. They don’t just run, they appear to be performing a strange mix of parkour and interpretive dance for some reason.
  9. I’ve just finished watching and while I’m sure that loads of people will love it I personally found it a bit so-so. The characters don’t have much depth, the plot is a bit cheesy and nothing is really explained by the end of the film. It’s big and brash and not really my kind of zombie film. Like I said though, I’m sure that it will be more to others taste. One last thing, maybe next time hire some lights for the shooting so that we can see what’s going on? 2.5/5
  10. I just don’t like either team.
  11. Am I the only person that wanted both sides to lose?
  12. If you set your location to Singapore it unlocks on Xbox.
  13. I’ve never been to Lincoln in my life, so no. Honestly though fans need to start calling out their players for this this sort of stuff.
  14. Well I always thought that it meant slightly iffy, a bit contentious, not blatant cheating. I don’t blame the ref, although it is a shocking decision. I would honestly be embarrassed if one of our players did that. You must admit that it’s pretty poor. Anyway like I said, promotion isn’t won in a single game but through the whole season and it’s a shame that this has gotten all of the attention instead of the achievement itself. Congratulations.
  15. It’s not only about transfer fees though, they can afford to pay higher wages with the parachute payments than a team that has just been promoted.
  16. The word dodgy obviously means something else to what I always thought it meant. Promotion isn’t won in a single game though, congratulations.
  17. I think it’s obvious now to most people that for clubs such as Liverpool local fans are nothing more than a marketing tool, used to make “future fans” feel like they belong to something. The whole image of the club is based on this.They play on the connection between the club and the locality and the strong bond while not giving a flying one about the local area or the people. As much as some people will not like it, the current owners are the club. Their ethos is now the football clubs ethos. We Coventry fans learned that the hard way.
  18. Don’t the “laws” of the game technically belong to the F.A.? Wouldn’t any competition unauthorised by FIFA etc therefore need new rules?
  19. That’s alright. I’m far too old to be arguing about music on the internet.
  20. Leave Them All Behind sounds nothing like MBV or The Who.
  21. I’m not keen on the new version of the Miami map. The original wasn’t great in the first place, so why they decided to make it smaller and focus on the worst part of the map is a mystery.
  22. https://www.panmacmillan.com/authors/david-olusoga/black-and-british/9781509837113
  23. Clicking on the James Rodríguez trend on Twitter shows just how far the sport and society as a whole has still to go to be inclusive. There’s massive amounts of transphobia on display, some of it from fairly well known football related accounts.
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