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  1. It was busy in town, probably about the same as last time.
  2. It finishes by us so we’ll probably take a wander down for a look (neither of us support Liverpool). Town was fairly quiet when we went for breakfast this morning although there was one family who had got their spot by the Albert Dock. It looks a lot more organised on the Strand than it did last time, loads more fireworks etc are planned. I did hear that the Liver Building refused to grant permission for any fireworks from their building though.
  3. I think the same about the Cov shirt. Especially if you compare it to the original seventies one.
  4. Another photo showing the inspiration for the pattern on the sleeve and the stripes and the inspiration for the kit as a whole for some context.
  5. I’m not keen on the badge placement to be honest
  6. Glasgow and Liverpool are used a lot as stand ins for American cities. The Liverpool examples in this were of quite well known buildings too, the Liver Building and St. George’s Hall being the two most well known. I think they filmed in a disused part of the Birkenhead tunnel also.
  7. The meltdown on Twitter over the booing of the prince and the anthem is great.
  8. It looks like I’ve got a different word to everyone else again.
  9. The Solihull Messi strikes again to keep the playoff dreams alive.
  10. I saw the ref give a free kick because a player tripped over the ball today.
  11. Top quality footage as ever from iFollow. From the angle we saw it from(from behind the goal) it looked like he cleanly got to the ball first with a block tackle. It didn’t even look like a free kick. If you look closely it’s the arms of the Tranmere player as he slips that touches the Carlisle player.
  12. Ah… I used the insert link bit. Thanks.
  13. What does everybody make of this tackle? I’ve seen responses that range from ‘great tackle, not even a free kick’ to ‘career ending tackle’. Personally I think that he tackles fairly but slips as he makes contact with the ball. https://twitter.com/zstokes/status/1510268375938875393?s=21&t=LZ-OTCnYzOFq95IuEuk3Mg
  14. The ref nearly started a riot at the Tranmere game today. Totally inept and completely changed the game with the red cards. Also started booking players and coaching staff seemingly at random.
  15. I went to the Cambridge v Accrington game at the weekend. Sounds very similar to yesterday.
  16. The last time that we went to Exeter these were the facilities in the away end.
  17. The ball was still in play and the player slides into him. Anywhere else on the pitch and it’s a free kick.
  18. It’s a slight oversimplification to say that everyone played the same way. For example, Liverpool in the eighties played a different style of football to teams like Wimbledon. That’s what I mean about the coaching though, the coaching is so structured and rigid that when something else is called for they can’t come up with anything. This rigidity brings advantages but also has drawbacks. I’m pretty certain that goal could have been scored thirty years ago as well. If you go back and watch old games some of it, mainly the tackles, will be shocking but there were also some highly talented players and great teams.
  19. Sorry, I’m on about the streaming services.
  20. I’ve just seen this. If our game against Milwall on the 29th goes ahead it will be our first game since the 11th. I don’t think we’ve currently got a covid outbreak in the squad. I think that we should start referring to this fixture as the CCFC derby.
  21. Maybe, I hadn’t considered that. Maybe it’s a combination of both.
  22. Is there an argument that modern coaches aren’t as adaptable as previous generations? I can remember most clubs having various injury crises back in the eighties/nineties/two thousands and coaches seemed able to throw a team together even if it did mean playing a centre back up front. Coaches now seem to have lost this ability to react to adversity. Take Leeds in their last two games. We know that the coach doesn’t want to do it but surely the sensible thing to do would be to admit that for the next few games they’re going to have to change their playing style and try to grind out some results? We all love seeing great football, but if for any reason you can’t currently play great football then surely the best thing to do is temporarily alter your style of play? Am I just being old fashioned? I understand that coaching has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few decades but at the same time it seems as if coaches and managers are straight jacketed with the idea that they can never deviate from whichever style of football they have chosen to play and as a result are less able to handle adversity.
  23. Hi all, has anyone heard anything more about the De La Soul back catalogue? Last I heard in the summer that was it was supposed to be out before the end of the year and since then I’ve not seen anything else.
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