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  1. New Coventry third kit for city of culture next year. I’m not sure about it to be honest. I do like the pictures of past players and managers inside the collar though. my phone will not add the other images so here’s the link https://www.ccfc.co.uk/news/2020/november/news-coventry-city-unveil-new-third-kit-celebrating-coventry-being-uk-city-of-culture-2021/
  2. My mistake. I was looking at 3 not 4. Who knew that they’d made so many of them?
  3. I’ve just had a quick Google and it appears that the last Black Ops game didn’t have a single player campaign on the old generation of consoles (360etc) but did on the newer consoles.
  4. I was talking about the last cod. I honestly can’t remember anything about the last black ops game.
  5. I’m pretty sure it did. Unless you’re not talking about modern warfare?
  6. We (Coventry) lost to another late goal today. I don’t think we’re far away, they just need to up the fitness levels a little. We did score with a header from 25 yards though so should really get a bonus point.
  7. To be honest with you, that was the worst one of the series so far. You may as well start with the previous episodes from this series, they’ve all been much better than last nights, although maybe not up there with some of the all time classics.
  8. Both teams should have three points taken off them for this.
  9. We do definitely have a dislike of Leicester, just not as much as other teams. Leicester fans in places like Hinckley, in the south of the country have a thing about Cov. Older Cov fans have a thing with Wolves dating back to the sixties. I thought that everyone in the midlands hated the Villa though?
  10. I did wonder what the helicopter with the massive camera on the front was doing earlier. I wonder if they’ll get rid of the liverbird?
  11. Gary Neville and Paul Scholes have just spent the entire Salford v Tranmere match sitting next to each other with no masks on.
  12. Do people think that it’s worth buying an elite controller at the minute or will the new standard one be better?
  13. Just a quick note about Fractured Minds. While it is very rough around the edges, it was also made by a seventeen year old on their own and does have some interesting ideas in there.
  14. I tried this earlier and could only find Mayo and fries2. It unlocked 25% of the achievements, so still worth doing.
  15. Welcome to the world of lag compensation.
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