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  1. At the time I was thinking more about my own team (Coventry) rather than other teams. Sadly, I think it is something we will see more of in the next few seasons.
  2. I quite like the away kit too.
  3. You need to add an option in the poll for teams going out of existence before the season ends.
  4. I’m not a Liverpool fan but we live on the parade route, so went to have a look anyway.
  5. I thought we were moving to St. Andrews?
  6. I'm a Cov fan who has a Tranmere supporting wife. The owners of the two clubs couldn't be further apart in terms of wanting the best for the club. While our owners have refused to even engage with the fans, Mark and Nicola Palios have managed to bring Tranmere closer to the local community even though they lost their league status a few years ago. By working closely with fan groups and through a number of simple initiatives they have managed to get people to care again. When you go to Prenton Park now there is a decent atmosphere again. Compare this to our owners, who have been mainly silent and who seem determined to alienate as many people as possible. They continually manage to score PR own goals every time there is a little ray of sunshine. It does honestly feel like we take one step forward and then two steps back. I do worry if we will still be here at the end of next season if they go with the ground share option again.
  7. In the space of ten years the audience went from a counter culture type of audience to a fairly mainstream audience. I suppose that there isn’t really the same sort of underground counter culture anymore though. A lot of the people who go now are the sort of people who would have been quite keen to kick your head in for going somewhere like Glastonbury twenty years ago. Back in the day where I grew up we would have called them ‘townies’, and M People would have probably been their favourite group.
  8. With regards to that clip. What happened to Glastonbury? Why did the audience change so drastically in so short a time span?
  9. It could also be argued that his favourite song from the seventies was released in the sixth decade of the 20th century. Admittedly, it would only be pointed out by a complete dick, but I still haven’t gotten over everyone celebrating the new century in the wrong year thing.
  10. Surf Nazis Must Die. Don't be fooled by the trailer, you may think that it looks fun in a kitsch, indie kind of way. It isn't.
  11. Having said all that, it will probably end up 5-4 with three sendings off and two goals in injury time now.
  12. Nowhere did I suggest that only Liverpool and Man City games should be televised. Did you miss the part where I suggested that they show a game that has something riding on it, like the Southampton v Fulham game?
  13. I honestly have no interest in who finishes in a champions league place and Spurs were never going to be in with a shout of the title. I’d imagine that most people who are not Chelsea or Spurs fans have no interest in watching either when the other games tonight have a greater bearing on who will actually win something. It’s a poor choice of game. Personally, the relegation battle between Southampton and Fulham would be better than this. At least they both have something to play for.
  14. Neither of the Liverpool or Man City games are easy home wins though. Both away teams are more than capable of taking points from the games. So even back in early December it was obvious that Spurs v Chelsea was a pointless game that was going to have no say on anything important whatsoever.
  15. Why are they showing the Chelsea v Spurs game on TV but not the Liverpool or Man City games. Why would we want to watch a largely pointless game instead of two potentially tricky games for the leading two teams that could have a big say in who wins the league?
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