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  1. Well, Coventry have somehow managed to go a whole month at the top of the league. I’m not sure that we’ve ever managed that before. What a year to pick to have a decent team for a change.
  2. Dunno, I can’t find it now either. It was there though honest.
  3. One thing I noticed recently that has been added is the regiment section. I’m not sure what it is but I’m guessing it’s some sort of clan system. It could be useful for people here looking to play with normal (ish) people instead of randoms. Has anyone set one up yet?
  4. I’m still expecting the league to be abandoned leading to no one going up or down.
  5. Obviously, the quality varies but it isn’t a new phenomenon.
  6. I don’t want to jinx anything but this is the first time since 1967 that we (Coventry) have been top of a league after Christmas. I don’t think that anyone really knows how to react to this state of affairs and I’d still be over the moon with a play off place.
  7. It’s a always been this way to an extent anyway. Motown is a great example.
  8. Honestly mate, most people couldn’t give a flying one about Man Utd. Get over yourself.
  9. What’s the current interpretation of the whole first/second phase nonsense. Could it be interpreted in such a way as seeing as the ball came towards him from a defenders touch then he could now be onside? I honestly don’t know anymore. We had a very similar decision go our way against Sunderland today where the outside player crossed over in front of our keeper as the shot came in.
  10. I think that one thing that unites all fans of lower league teams is how bad the standard of officiating is at this level. It’s funny reading the main football thread with all the premier league fans complaining about the refs. They don’t know how lucky they are.
  11. I heard that they should have had a penalty though?
  12. Shipment is obviously fucked though, I’ll give you that one.
  13. Try some of the slower more tactical modes maybe? Mix it up a bit. A bit of hardcore here, a bit of 2v2 there.
  14. What game modes are you all playing?
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