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  1. For anyone who has never been fortunate enough to see the best kit ever made and therefore don’t know what we’re talking about.
  2. They carry on down the shorts like the old kit too.
  3. Does it have to be a premier league game? The Ricoh (CBS) arena is only 15 miles away and Cov are playing great football at the minute. Plus they don’t have to go to Leicester, Brum or Wolverhampton.
  4. It’s not really my thing but I thought some of you may be interested in this new Dr Who exhibition. https://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/whatson/world-museum/exhibition/doctor-who-worlds-of-wonder
  5. Just quoting this cos almost a quarter of the season has gone and we are still third.
  6. We were obviously saving it all up for an extra special old school performance against Luton tonight.
  7. The result was never in doubt*, not even when our ex striker got a last minute disciplinary reprieve clearing him to play against us. * it had home loss written all over it.
  8. It’s like someone has tunnelled into the mind of Pete Fowler and is transmitting what they’ve seen to your console.
  9. We had three goals like that ruled out at Bolton a couple of years back. On one of them the Bolton players were back in the centre circle just about to kick off when the linesman decided to give offside.
  10. I know that this is lifted from the website but was it really necessary to quote it? It sounds like something that an old relative would have said in the seventies.
  11. It is a bit immersion breaking when you fly over somewhere that you know and it looks nothing like real life. As an example, I flew over Liverpool earlier and there are three buildings that are correct. These are the two football stadiums and the liver building. William Brown Street (the street with St Georges Hall and the museums and one of the finest collection of neoclassical buildings in the country) was very strange. It just looks a bit off when the whole of the waterfront is wrong except for the one building, it sort of makes it worse. Does anyone know if they plan on allowing the user made mods on the Xbox version or will it be just the official updates? Apart from that it’s great though.
  12. I know that the name may not mean a lot to many in here but George Curtis has died. He captained Coventry from the fourth division to the first but is probably best know for being joint manager when we won the cup in 87. The term club legend is thrown around far too easily nowadays but in this case I think that it’s deserved.
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