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  1. The fun never ends. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/63858805
  2. The ring road is a piece of piss if you use it as designed. Stay in the right hand lane until approaching the junction that you wish to exit from. Then close your eyes and hope for the best.
  3. Coventry doesn’t have a one way system. Are you thinking of the ring road? That does shit people up the first time they use it.
  4. Fuck me. This time yesterday Coventry were still owned by Sisu while the ground was still sort of owned by ACL after the demise of Wasps (boo!). Now we’re owned by some bloke from Stratford that no one knows and the stadium is owned by Mike Ashley. Why can’t it ever be simple?
  5. One thing I don’t understand with the time wasting is why the refs don’t book people earlier. You can guarantee that if a ref bothers to book anyone for time wasting it will be in injury time at the end of the game and so utterly pointless. I’ve seen teams time wasting from early in the first half this season.
  6. This might make me sound like an old fart but I’m enjoying the new album from The Lightning Seeds that came out the other week. It’s the first one for thirteen years and there’s no great departure from the usual formula. So if you like simple pop songs that you’ll be humming for the rest of the day you know where to go.
  7. True, Wycombe are in a different league to everyone else. It’s not just the time wasting with them, it’s the combination of that with the off the ball fouls and going down as if they’ve been shot when anyone gets within ten yards of them. A truly horrible team.
  8. When they played Tranmere in the cup earlier in the season three players including the keeper all went down with cramp at exactly the same time just as Tranmere were pressing for an injury time equaliser. How the fuck does a keeper get cramp?
  9. Wrong team. You need to cross Stanley Park for the peoples club.
  10. Wordle 454 X/6 I’ll admit that I had to look this one up afterwards.
  11. I think that’s my favourite of ours this season.
  12. We’ve managed the opening ceremony, netball, rugby, weightlifting, triathlon and basketball so far. I think we’re at the bowls and beach volleyball tomorrow. All good fun so far and well organised.
  13. We floated past the new Everton ground yesterday. It’s still early days but it’s starting to resemble a stadium.
  14. Away keepers kit
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