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  1. It’s just that I think that side of the city isn’t as accessible as the north of the city.
  2. Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! Shit comedy in which a recently released patient from a psychiatric hospital decides to kidnap an actress and attempts to make her fall in love with him, which obviously she does. How does he do this? By assaulting her, getting her high and holding her captive, obviously. Pure unadulterated shite. Avoid. 0/5
  3. We can but hope. I’m not too keen on the location though.
  4. That’s not the rumour that’s going around at the minute but honestly your guess is as good as anyones as to where we will be playing next season.
  5. I think that even Wycombe fans don’t like the current Wycombe side.
  6. There’s so much in this post that is almost correct while at the same time being completely wrong that I’m not sure if it’s the best troll post in the world or not?
  7. I think that some people are taking things slightly too personally. No one (OK, maybe there’s one) is suggesting that you can’t support whoever you like or that your feelings towards said team are fake. Non of this changes the central idea that it can mean more to someone who is more involved in the local culture of the club and the surrounding area. I’m sorry if this upsets some of you but that’s just the way it is.
  8. Well, it’s good to see that all passed off quietly.
  9. I can hear fireworks coming from the direction of pier head at the minute. Hopefully there’s not too many down there.
  10. I don’t think that anyone is doing that though. No one is saying that you can’t support whichever team you like. As you quite rightly stated, the connection you have with the club is real. This isn’t about who is the better fan. There are lots of local fans who are a complete waste of space. It’s about acknowledging that different sets of people will experience this in many different ways. I have experienced this myself having lived away from my hometown for a fair while now. You miss the everyday connection to the club, from the coverage in the local media to simple things like seeing people wearing club clothing. You miss the outreach work that the clubs do in the community. You miss such a simple act such as driving past the ground regularly. It sounds strange but I guess that, rightly or wrongly, you see the club as an extension of yourself. As a visible manifestation of your community. I imagine that if you’ve never experienced it then it could be a hard concept to understand.
  11. I’m sorry but I can’t agree with this. Why are you equating being working class with being a racist white person? Nobody has said that people can’t support whoever they like, most people are welcoming to whoever goes to the game (there are exceptions to this obviously). The fact remains though that if you support a team from a distance then you lack the sense of community and of belonging that you experience locally. I do think that it is a lesser experience for them in some ways, it can’t mean as much when there is no connection to the place. The two are intrinsically linked. To put it another way, it’s not so much about supporting a sports team as much as supporting your local area and being a part of that community.
  12. One last point. The communal aspect of attending games regularly in person reinforces these feelings of connection with the club, the area and other fans. I’m not here to pass judgment on fans in far away places. I’m just saying that it doesn’t and can’t feel the same.
  13. This isn’t true though. I don’t support Liverpool, I support a much less successful side but when you do achieve something it’s about more than football. It is different if you are local. For one you have the local connection, the club are a focal point for the community, most people you know support the same team, it’s around you all the time. It’s about civic pride and being a part of something that originated from your area. I think that the best way to explain it is that the club is a part of you, a part of your identity, a part of your family’s identity for generations. It’s one of the few remaining aspects of localised working class culture that is left.
  14. AfromB

    Xbox Game Pass

    Morning everyone. What’s the best method of renewal for this? I’ve seen 6 months for £30, although it does state that it’s from Brazil. Does this make a difference?
  15. No, it would be more enjoyable if people didn’t defend racism by saying that it doesn’t count because the person being targeted isn’t really like the racist stereotype being used. It’s a nonsense defence, just admit that you like racist shows and stop hiding behind a post modern ironic argument that is bollocks.
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