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  1. You have to work? With YOUR celebrity status?
  2. I'll show you a fuckin' celebrity, son.
  3. That some people think the worst game of the year was Assassin's Creed IV or Tomb Raider is proof piracy made for smarter gamers. Things were good back in the day when Yod@ was doing his thing and everyone played everything, even the real shite. Go play Ben 10: Omniverse or Family Party: 30 Great (A LIE) Games and tell me Tomb Raider is the worst game of the year, you knobs. Merry Christmas my lovelies!
  4. The twenty best games thing is the READER Top 20.
  5. Present. Eight player Guys vs. Jerks is megabullshit. I'll be around for 2v2, for sure.
  6. This thread made me sell my Fanatec wheel, pedals, and stand here: http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=244888 Driving is something I do with my thumbs, man. I suck with a wheel. Also: Hello, everyone!
  7. Naw, dude. I've been out of the game for as long as anyone. I'm not posting here or even checking the forum regularly - was lucky someone alerted me to this at all, in fact - so if a game's on, shoot me a message over Live and so long as I have a bit of notice I'll be there. Looking forward to it, SRSLY LOL.
  8. Not about the fucking AI he doesn't. They fight tooth and nail now, make mistakes, and even try to push you off the track if you nudge them too often.
  9. It'll make a good writer better, though. Exposure to ideas, exposure to language - even these basics are valuable. Christ, even reading bad books will be beneficial so long as the reader has a critical mind. So I'd disagree. It's not 'obviously' bollocks, or even 'bollocks'. You're bollocks. And so's your mum.
  10. Preacher on the gun, friend of mine at the wheel. Me, flamboyantly queer.
  11. It's hard to get something like Firefight wrong, really. Making people share lives is a nice little twist though.
  12. To frame this: I loved Halo 3. I dig Halo. Anyone who's been around a while knows Stroker likes the Halo campaigns. So - ODST. Played it. Finished it. Heroic. About six or seven hours, total. You will have fun. You will wish Bungie maintained that level of fun right to the finish. Final third doesn't live up to the first two thirds. That is all. *edit* Removed some spoilers.
  13. I think not. When the French Halo 2 hit the seven seas half the forum was playing it.
  14. This is not the RLLMUK I knew and loved.
  15. If you remember, Sony used to speak of Wipeout HD as something of a side-project and not the 'real' next generation Wipeout. That's almost certainly been flushed down the toilet, not least because Fury is so packed with new stuff it would rather make a new game redundant. If anything, Fury turns HD into a 'real' next generation Wipeout - the ship models alone are magnificent, and the number of modes and options are incredible. It feels to me that those new ship designs and extra modes were always intended for the 'real' PS3 Wipeout, but the limited interest in any modern Wipeout turned it into a perfectly profitable DLC upgrade. Dunno. Just a theory. Maybe once they feel there's enough content there they'll bang the whole lot onto a disc; in any case, Wipeout HD is very likely this generation's Wipeout, even if it were never intended as such. I had always hoped Wipeout HD would become a Wipeout 'platform' with constant updates and new tracks. A shame it never went that way.
  16. Hitman. The only thing keeping Mini fucking Ninjas on my radar is that it's the game Io are making when they should be investing every man hour into Hitman 5.
  17. Yeah, but Kirby is well gay, innit? Futuristic racing is OFF THE HOOK. Maybe I'm just barking up the wrong tree. Wipeout is an awfully late-nineties kind of game. Maybe the audience just doesn't exist for it now. Maybe it's a bit of both - a problem of perception and difficulty. A Virtua Fighter 5 in a Street Fighter IV world. I always thought the smartest move for the new Wipeout would be to apply Zone's visual effects to every race in the game and market it as the ultra-trippy racer rather than the futuristic racer. I don't know whether it would work; that visual reboot might have helped kick it up the arse a little and sell newer gamers on it being a new kind of Wipeout. What if, what if, what if?
  18. You're thinking about the likes of GRID and Gotham in a linear fashion, as if everyone plays the same difficulty the entire game. If you can get the Focus around the track on Silver you can easily get the Ferrari around on Bronze at the game's finale, and PGR is hardly the most progressive game on that front. Jesus, in Forza 3 you can drive your very first car with a manual clutch and your final Ferrari with one button if you want - changing the assist level as often as you please. That kind of progressive thinking is keeping racing games alive, and no racer needs saving more than Wipeout. The sliding scale most modern racers offer with assists and tweaks are usually generous enough that even low-end gamers can see the end of the game, even if they only get the equivalent of PGR's shitty bronzes. Of course, if you're the kind of guy who couldn't win with the Focus on Bronze then you're fucked, but still. Can we at least agree that the difference between a Focus and a Ferrari in PGR4 is a far smaller leap in difficulty than the difference between the ultra-slow initial stages of Wipeout and the FUCK YOU AND DIE speeds at HD's climax? Wipeout doesn't deal in gradual increases in difficulty, it deals in spikes. The days of FUCK YOU hard games are over. If you wanna play Phantom, then fine - set the game to Phantom from level one and have a blast. In fact, have an Achievement for being such a badass. But let's not exclude nine tenths of the gaming world just to cater for one turbo-thumbed stick ninja. If I played all the way to the end of Bioshock but the final third was filled with baddies who killed me in a single hit and I died fifty times in a row in every new room, I'd turn the motherfucker off and never play again. Most racing games realised they aren't a special case and they can't adopt that kind of overtly cruel structure years ago. Wipeout never did. And yes, this is all because I'm pissed off because I want to play more Wipeout, and all that's left are a bunch of events I'm too shit to play. Of course I'm pissed off. It's a great game and I love the way they structure the campaign.
  19. Fight Night 2 did that. But if you had mentioned Skate... The biggest game-changer this gen is customisation. Very few games don't allow you to tweak your own experience these days, whether it's a difficulty level you can change right in the middle of the game, or a racing sim you can play with just one button. I'm currently having this discussion in another thread right now so it's on my mind, but this generation is defined by games which are happy to let themselves be played however you want to. There's a mode in Bayonetta which is so hard just one hit will flatten you, and another where you can hammer any face button you please and the game will create badass combos for you. This from the man who made Devil May Cry. Even Japanese devs can't resist the wave of the future.
  20. Well, that's what I'm asking for, isn't it? Let me set the entire game to the speed that's right for me, whether that speed be Sub-Snail or Super-Phantom. As Concept says, the Racebox is brilliant, but it's nice to have structure and progression. Wipeout's campaign always gives you choices about the kind of race you take on, but limits your choices in a fun way, and I'd like more of that structure. I'd also like more base options to race how I want, the way most modern racers do. I mean, why shouldn't we? Setting the AI's smarts before every race is brilliant. The same options should be true for the speed, and the weapons, or whatever the fuck else I please. Sure they get faster, but all of them let you tweak the game to make even the fastest cars a piece of piss if you want. These days even Ultimo-Luddite racer Gran Turismo lets you turn on so many assists the Enzo will practically drive itself. In Gotham, or Forza, or GRID, or DIRT, the racing never gets harder - it's always exactly as hard as you want it to be. Why not let me customise the racing campaign the way I customise the Racebox, eh? Every other racer does it - every other GAME does it, these days; it's the way games should be. It's not about being 'dumbed down'; it's about making it the game I want to play, rather than the game Studio Liverpool think I should be playing. I dunno. I just want more people to be less scared of playing Wipeout, because no fucker I know will touch it. And it's really bloody good. That's what I'm bollocking on about, prick.
  21. All true, but Phantom - along with Wipeout's general hatred for new players - is the cancer that's been killing Wipeout. Wipeout Fury is awesome beyond belief and Studio Liverpool are cool as fuck, but they've been running that series into the ground for years now. Wipeout HD and Pulse underperformed because Johnny Gamer is intimidated by Wipeout. Nobody wants the game dumbed down, but all modern racers let gamers customise the experience to their preference. It's only Sony's Liverpool studio who think the increase in speed is an appropriate response to the need to increase the difficulty. It's wank. Just let me set my preferred speed at the start and then stick with them the entire game, like Forza or Gotham or any other racer from the last five years which wasn't made by a bunch of fucking cavemen. Someone up there needed to take a lesson from the big wide world of games, and another lesson from the community - very few gamers play Phantom online. It's all Flash, with the occasional Rapier and a very rare Phantom game for the turbo-thumbed spastics. Wipeout is at its best when it's wheel-to-wheel (or whatever), tactical and aggressive, with enough thinking time to fight and enough speed to feel like you're only just on the very edge of control. Nobody's saying "ban Phantom", but why not let everyone play at the speed they're most comfortable with for as long as they want? Forza 3 will be playable with one button and an analogue stick. Will I play that way? The fuck I will, but what an utterly brilliant idea. The most high-end car simulator on any platform and it's playable by a six year-old. Wipeout needs a dose of the Forzas and then maybe it can go back to being the super-trendy game it was back in the late nineties. The Driving Assist was a step in the right direction for new players even if it was buried away deep in the menus, and while I'm sure most of us don't use it, that kind of thinking is vital if we're ever to see more Wipeout. "omg Stroker, you suck! I can play teh Phantomz juts fine!!" Well-fucking-done you, eh? I can't, most gamers can't, and most are intimidated by the endgame's colossal difficulty spike. It's like Street Fighter. No fucker beyond the hardest of the hardcore - nerds like you and me - really got into fighting games for the best part of a decade, but when Capcom made Street Fighter IV just that little bit friendlier, it opened the game up to a whole new world of gamers. That shit is good for everyone - a bigger community, more competition. I'm going to finish Fury because I love the game that much but will I enjoy the endgame as much as I enjoyed the mid-level races? Nope. They were just right for me, my thumbs, and my late-twentysomething brain. It's 2009. Let me play the game I wan't to play, not the game Studio Liverpool think I should be playing.
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