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  1. You have to work? With YOUR celebrity status?
  2. I'll show you a fuckin' celebrity, son.
  3. That some people think the worst game of the year was Assassin's Creed IV or Tomb Raider is proof piracy made for smarter gamers. Things were good back in the day when Yod@ was doing his thing and everyone played everything, even the real shite. Go play Ben 10: Omniverse or Family Party: 30 Great (A LIE) Games and tell me Tomb Raider is the worst game of the year, you knobs. Merry Christmas my lovelies!
  4. The twenty best games thing is the READER Top 20.
  5. Present. Eight player Guys vs. Jerks is megabullshit. I'll be around for 2v2, for sure.
  6. This thread made me sell my Fanatec wheel, pedals, and stand here: http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=244888 Driving is something I do with my thumbs, man. I suck with a wheel. Also: Hello, everyone!
  7. I used to like it when stroker and meh would pirate games and give impressions of love or hate.


    The Christmas release deluge 4-6 years ago was a great time to be a pirate in discussion.

  8. Naw, dude. I've been out of the game for as long as anyone. I'm not posting here or even checking the forum regularly - was lucky someone alerted me to this at all, in fact - so if a game's on, shoot me a message over Live and so long as I have a bit of notice I'll be there. Looking forward to it, SRSLY LOL.
  9. Not about the fucking AI he doesn't. They fight tooth and nail now, make mistakes, and even try to push you off the track if you nudge them too often.
  10. It'll make a good writer better, though. Exposure to ideas, exposure to language - even these basics are valuable. Christ, even reading bad books will be beneficial so long as the reader has a critical mind. So I'd disagree. It's not 'obviously' bollocks, or even 'bollocks'. You're bollocks. And so's your mum.
  11. Preacher on the gun, friend of mine at the wheel. Me, flamboyantly queer.
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