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  1. SuperNashwan

    Discuss the future of game graphics

    Nvidia are showing off an update to the Quake 2 pathtracing project at GDC, running on Vulkan on an RTX card I think it looks much more impressive than the version Digital Foundry covered a while back, now it has updated PBR textures and simulated sky/time of day. Nvidia also announced that raytracing will be supported on Pascal and Turing cards, running two or three times slower as on RTX cards, for whatever that's worth.
  2. SuperNashwan

    Auto Chess (a mod for DOTA 2)

    I wouldn't be surprised if Valve bought this outright, but it's probably a bit more complicated with the developers in China and the recent failure of Artifact. It looks interesting enough that I reinstalled DOTA2 to have a go, but I haven't found time for it yet as I'm still obsessing over MTG Arena. The race is on to see which AAA dev clones it first. My money is on Blizzard, they have the closest fit for existing IP, but EA could easily find something that works too. It's clearly well suited to mobile play so it could be at least as big as battle royale as a faddish genre.
  3. SuperNashwan

    Magic The Gathering Arena

    New expansion set is out, you can use the code "PlayAllegiance" for three booster packs. The MTGA subreddit are putting together a half-decent beginners guide too, so it's slightly less intimidating to get into. Also the new patch has brought nice things like you can't open duplicates of rarer cards in boosters until you have all of a set now. Think I'm gonna play a bunch of sealed for cards from the new set, really liking the look of collosal gates and ooze at the moment, although I'm guessing some new variant of mono red or a tweaked golgari midrange is going to be the thing for ranked ladder.
  4. SuperNashwan

    Magic The Gathering Arena

    Still playing this, surprised there's not more chat here on it because it's really damn good. I'd only dipped into Magic before with the first Duels game on Xbox Live, then bounced off of Hearthstone's shallowness, but MTGA has really grabbed me. Direct challenge is a great addition to let you play with mates, I had a fun evening clashing janky decks with a friend while chatting on Discord, almost like a proper paper match. Just went 6 wins out of 7 in my first quick draft format, which evens the playing field massively for free-to-play players, because everyone drafts a 40 card deck by opening booster packs, doesn't matter how much you've spent in the shop. You get to keep the cards you choose afterwards too, along with your rewards from winning games, so I picked up quite a boost to my library. Been watching lots of streamers' youtube highlights too, will link a few below worth watching if you're interested in how the game plays
  5. SuperNashwan

    Magic The Gathering Arena

    Been playing this for a couple of weeks after whinging to some mates about the state Artifact was coming out in and they put me on to it. It's a shame the client is Unity because it runs pretty poorly on my Surface Pro, but otherwise it's very nicely put together, even though there's clearly still a lot of work to do. Was a bit frustrating losing to merfolk decks stacked with rares until unlocking the good dual colour decks, but now I've got a slightly tweaked white/black vampire deck that seems to see a lot of early concedes when some synergy hits the board. Use "PlayRavnica" to get 3 free booster packs, and you can also trawl through some old streams on Twitch for another one time code for a pack (took me a few attempts to get one that was unused). Overall it feels quite generous so far with free cards and I've not spent gold on any drafts yet.
  6. SuperNashwan

    HBO's Westworld. Yee-Haww Co/w,bo.Y@@@ [FATAL ERROR]

    Holy shit. That was quite special.
  7. SuperNashwan

    PUBG suing Epic over Fortnite

    Coming soon, Epic Games Games, the independent legal entity owned by Epic Games that makes games.
  8. SuperNashwan

    HBO's Westworld. Yee-Haww Co/w,bo.Y@@@ [FATAL ERROR]

    Oh Arnold, yeah. I should pay more attention, ignore me.
  9. SuperNashwan

    Steam - UI Overhaul Coming Soon

    I just played through all of Rise of the Tomb Raider with gyro aiming and trackpad camera, miles better for the action segments than when I played the previous game with a 360 controller. I just wish the face buttons weren't so far over and spongey. Could do with a concave analog stick too.
  10. SuperNashwan

    Paragon - Epic Games MOBA

    Got to wonder how much the popularity of Fortnite BR had to do with the decision. Epic aren't that big by AAA dev standards, would make sense to shift people to work on the game that's blowing up.
  11. SuperNashwan

    Overwatch - Bob!!!

    Definitely still not enough. It'd help if Blizzard provided a combat log (much easier than the work they're supposedly doing on full replays) and people could see just how broken Mercy's basic abilities are in comparison to the other healers. I feel like they must be looking at total healing numbers for balancing, but the trickle that Lucio or Zen provide is largely what would be considered overheal in games with more developed theorycrafting. In this kind of game burst damage and burst healing is king, because the only health number that matters for gameplay is when you hit zero. I've not been playing long, but I'd give Mercy 10s Valkyrie with no move speed buff, reduce the lock on of her beam to Moira's level, reduce the initial healing amount to build up over 5s on your target (so you can't pocket heal and team heal chip damage better than Lucio can), remove the damage amp entirely and double the cooldown on her dash for targets you aren't currently healing. Or drastically buff the other healers. I was surprised when I looked yesterday that there was so little information available on hero stats or personal performance. It should be possible to train OCR for the Overwatch font to automatically parse the death feed and tab screen in captured footage, I'd do it myself if I was more serious about competitive play, but I wonder why no one else has, after seven seasons? It's not like there isn't good money in that kind of thing either.
  12. SuperNashwan

    Overwatch - Bob!!!

    Finished my season 8 placements in Gold (2115), which feels a little off, but I did have to play Mercy in 9/10 games and her carry potential is limited if the team is dumb. Didn't realise that quick play SR is used to seed your first placement matches or I would've farmed that up a bit more first, but oh well! Guess platinum/diamond is going to be the goal this season for me then and I'm sure it'll have to be 90% as Mercy until they nerf her properly... edit: never mind, game dumped me immediately down to silver with 4 shit teams in a row and the wins give half the SR the losses take away. It's a weird system.
  13. SuperNashwan

    Overwatch - Bob!!!

    I feel like Moira has the same problem the other healers have, which is as long as Mercy does almost everything while doing it all best or a close second, Moira is going to be relegated to off-healing. And for that she doesn't provide as much utility or team fight potential as Zen or Lucio. I love the glam skin though and sometimes skin advantage is all that matters! I think I'm going to dip into the next competitive season and see if the toxicity is as bad as everyone says. Meanwhile, I just tried the random hero on respawn mode in the arcade and it's loads of fun, particularly cos no one gets too butthurt about losing.
  14. SuperNashwan

    Overwatch - Bob!!!

    Sounds like MMR working as intended? LoL and DOTA2 were exactly the same. People would rather play to win than have a competitive match, but when people are matched fairly, you'll lose about half the time, with most of the losses not feeling like it was even. And then there's attribution bias, feels like wins are you played well, losses are you played well and your team sucked. I dunno, I've only dipped into quickplay so far and enjoying some of the stupider matches. 1v1ing Doomfist with Mercy's blaster because he's run up to you after blowing all his cooldowns kind of stupid. It's great! It's like when I had an easy mode streak in DOTA2 where no one would stop me pulling jungle camps to the creep wave, so we would win lane by default. Probably won't last though...

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