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  1. Yeah I thought so at first but there are videos from CoD YouTubers showing that SBMM actually affects your ping directly as well. So it's definitely connected. Basically, a group of CoD YouTubers did a study on SBMM in Cold War and found that, amongst other things, one of their discoveries was that the better you are at the game the worse you will ping will be as the game tries to "balance" out gunfights so you don't dominate all the time. It's explained in the video below and others made by Drift0r, JGOD..
  2. I really would like to enjoy this game but I find it a pretty frustrating experience overall. Just to give some context, this is only the second CoD I've played multiplayer on ever. The first one was WW2 but I didn't play more than about 5-10 hrs of that as I didn't like the gunplay. I bought BOCW because I wanted a fps mp game to play while I wait for BF6. I'm normally a Battlefield player but wanted to give CoD a chance. Now, I actually think the underlying mechanics of BOCW are pretty good. The guns feel satisfying to use - well, most of them do. And the movement and core mechanics, I do enjoy. But the whole thing is let down by two elements in my eyes. The first is the maps. There are far too many maps which are just plain bad - in the case of Miami. Or that feel rushed in a design sense. Satellite could be a great map and snipers probably love it but I find it really difficult to actually see enemies on it. They blend in to the environment too easily. I think Garrison is an above average map. Nuketown is fast but entertaining to play in. And I think the best overall is probably Raid. However, the biggest issue the game has is the thick Skill Based Match Making. Or, as one ex Activision employee called it, Performance Optimised Match Making. It will basically put you against very similar skilled players for most of the time you're playing. But it's also designed to analyse how you play. Had a run of crappy games with a low k/d? Watch as the game throws you an easy lobby where you get a good k/d/score to encourage you to keep playing. Now, that isn't necessarily the worst aspect. It's the very suspect "behind the scenes" stuff that's changing your experience in game. I've had some very suspicious experiences with one on one gunfights, where the aim assist has pulled my aim to one side so the other guy can get an easy kill. I've had times when my gun just plain won't fire when aiming down sights (while fully loaded). On the flip side, I had one really laughable experience where a guy was about 1 metre from me and emptied what felt like an entire clip in my direction..Not one bullet hit me. I felt like Neo in the Matrix. I took an eternity to turn around as I just assumed he would kill me. I shot him in a few bullets. And then just stood there and said: "Did that actually just happen?" Now, maybe you haven't experienced anything weird in game but I know from YouTube videos on the subject and what people have said on Twitter that I'm not the only one who feels that sometimes it seems like you're not fully in charge of things, in game. It honestly feels like there's some on the fly balancing going on, some of the time (not all of the time by any means) to keep players who aren't so skilled from getting continually stomped and leaving the game. Call me old fashioned but when I play an fps mp game, I want to experience a fair fight against an opponent and for the winner to be the one who reacts faster or is better skilled aiming etc. I don't want to feel like the "hand of Activision" is calculating whether I deserve a kill in that moment based on how well I am or aren't doing in that particular game at that particular moment.
  3. Well, yeah, it was a bizarre game. We won with two own goals and no shots on target! It was a good defensive performance but helped by the fact that Hull were surprisingly toothless going forward.
  4. Top of the league! At least for a short time anyway. Not counting my chickens though..we've been in this position before.
  5. Great result for Pompey at Ipswich. We seem to be putting a decent run together and, more importantly, are playing well and getting results against fellow promotion chasers. I think we were helped by the fact that Ipswich seemed to switch off defensively at key moments, especially in the first half. We kept it tight in the second and could maybe have won by more. The Top 2 both lost as well. Lincoln got hammered at home by Sunderland 0-4!
  6. Game of the Year A1. Wasteland 3 - Great, old school CRPG from the original Fallout designers. A game where your choices really do matter and affect both the story and the game world. The mechanics, dialogue and writing are what makes this game shine. An addictive blend of XCOM and other CRPGs like Divinity: Original Sin 1 and 2. Bethesda can only dream of making an RPG this good. A2. Mafia: Definitive Edition - A remake/remaster of a classic, which actually manages to add something to the original experience. Has a great open world which really evokes the time period it is set in, along with a compelling and well told story. A3. Doom Eternal - Similar, pulse pounding gameplay to the original with some subtle changes in terms of puzzle platforming which, I think, the game didn’t really need. Still lots of fun to play though. A4. Death Stranding - Breathtaking visuals, brave design choices. A game that I found just utterly compelling to play A5. Resident Evil 3: Remake - Short, but sweet and lots of fun. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Ubisoft revelations about mistreatment and abuse of staff Z2. AMD and NVidia new GPU launches Z3. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Only the second multiplayer CoD I’ve played since the series began. Whilst the gunplay feels ok, the awful maps and SBMM system drag the whole experience down. Sound Design of the Year S1. Tetris Effect S2. Streets of Rage 4 S3. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Visual Design of the Year V1. Cyberpunk 2077 - I’m talking mainly about the PC version here as I think we all know what the XBox One and PS4 versions are like in comparison. V2. Tell me Why - Beautiful art style that really makes the game come alive. V3. Death Stranding - Simply the most visually stunning game I’ve ever played. Writing of the Year W1. Wasteland 3 - A witty, engaging game to play where the dialogue choices genuinely make a difference to the outcome of some quests. What Fallout 4 should have been basically. W2. Tell me Why - A game that opened my eyes to a subject that I was, admittedly, pretty ignorant about. I felt the story was told with a lot of care, compassion and honesty and I think it’s the best thing Don’t Nod has done so far. W3. Mafia: Definitive Edition - Not the most original story but very well told with a lot of style and substance. Format of the Year F1. PC Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Nintendo
  7. We beat Peterborough 2-0 which was a much needed win after how crap we were losing to Blackpool. Great hit from Tom Naylor for the second goal as well.
  8. I think Pompey underestimated Oxford last night. Although it finished 1-1, they could easily have won the game if it wasn't for a great save by our keeper in the second half. Our form has been pretty conisistent recently but we need to convert more draws into wins if we're gonna challenge properly for a Top 2 spot.
  9. Yeah you were the much better team in the first half and probably should have been further ahead at the break. I'm happy with a point as well to be honest. I knew we wouldn't hold on to the lead when we went ahead. It was that type of game.
  10. Ha, well matches between us tend to be pretty close affairs but usually with some goals. It's funny because you've got a great home record so far this season but we've only lost once away from home so far ourselves. Lost 3 games in total and 2 of those were at home. So it's a hard one to predict. Chances are it will probably end in a draw if we both play well. My prediction is either 1-1 or 2-1 to you. I would be surprised if either team won comfortably but who knows! I'll probably be way off base and you'll beat us 3-0 or something!
  11. Definitely. Looking forward to it too. As you say, we're both in good form so I expect a close game. Hope it's a good one. Gonna try and catch it on Sky.
  12. I have no idea how we won that cup tie against Ipswich yesterday. They made 9 changes and although we scored 2 early goals and looked like it might be an easy win, it was far from it. I watched it online and Ipswich played really well in the second half and deserved to pull it back to 2-2. They probably should have then go on to win it with the chances they had. But somehow we pulled it out in extra time and go into the second round draw. Also, good to see Haji Mnoga get some game time. He's pretty raw and was a bit "over enthusiastic" at times with some of the meaty challenges he was putting in. But he has a huge amount of potential already at 18. Looking forward to seeing him develop into a top player as he's got all the attributes to make it.
  13. We won 4-0 and Marquis scored another brace. If we keep playing to Marquis' strengths and he keeps scoring..I think teams will find it tough to beat us. As for Northampton, they were not good and are going to struggle to stay up. They don't have much quality by the looks of it. If we keep this up, I might start to get more optimistic about this season.
  14. I was pleased. Mainly because we switched to a 4-4-2 and looked dangerous going forward. The players seemed to know exactly what they were doing as well. Jacobs looked like he was bossing the midfield and we played to Marquis' strengths. So no surprise he scored twice. He could have had a hat trick to be honest. Jackett needs to stick with this formation because our players are much better suited to it than a 4-2-3-1.
  15. Marcus Harness scored some quality goals yesterday in his hat trick. This one especially: Not bad for League 1..
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