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  1. Coltrane


    I don't have a problem with Nadal - or his so called "time wasting". I like watching him and prefer to focus on the qualities that have won him 18 grand slams. He's a great competitor.
  2. So our best player - Matt Clarke has signed for Brighton. It was always on the cards that he would leave as he's just too good for this level. I think he's at least a championship level player but the Premier League will be a real step up for him. Anyway, good luck to him. He's a great guy and you can't blame him for wanting to further his career and play at the highest level. https://www.portsmouthfc.co.uk/news/2019/june/clarke-signs-for-brighton/
  3. Congrats to Charlton. In the end, the top 3 got promoted in L1 which kind of feels right. Yes, have a good summer everyone and thanks to all who have posted in the thread. It's been good reading some really interesting takes on the different teams we all support in the lower reaches. Here's hoping next season is a successful one for the team you support.
  4. Yeah, he is. He's been really good for us since he took the job and we've been knocking on the door the last couple of seasons. Just fallen a bit short though in terms of quality..even though we spent about 1/3 of this season top of the table!
  5. You're right. It was shocking. I'm a Portsmouth fan and I couldn't watch that drivel and turned it off just after the start of the second half.
  6. That was toothless mate. Honestly, it looked like we just ran out of the steam and had nothing left in the tank for the playoffs. Look at Jamal Lowe. Jackett basically admitted that he was worn out. Brett Pitman looked frustrated and annoyed the whole game. Honestly, Sunderland wanted it more over 2 legs and were better organsed than us. It's a bit of a frustrating season to be honest. We spent about 1/3 of it top of the table but when it really mattered and we needed to grind out results...we couldn't do it. We went on that 8 match run where we couldn't win which ultimately cost us automatic promotion. I think we need to assess why we can't sustain good positions as there is enough quality in the squad. But maybe we need a midfielder like Ben Thompson to sign on a permanent basis. Someone who can provide backbone to the team and give them a rocket when they need it. Quality wise, we're really not far off being good enough to go up. 2 players maybe.. On to next season. That's football...as Johann Cruyff probably said once
  7. We didn't exactly play well last night. When Sunderland got reduced to 10 men we didn't get a shot on target after that. Pretty lame! Not sure about the second leg. We beat them 3-1 in the league at FP but it depends on whether our nerve holds and we actually show up for the next game or not.
  8. Sorry @neoELITE - I really thought you were gonna stay up. That's rough, man. Bounce back next year. New manager, new start. Yeah, talking of Sunderland, we've got to play them again in the playoffs because fucking Charlton pipped us to 3rd place by ONE goal. Anyway, playoff lottery here we come. Our record is wretched in the playoffs. Not once have we got to a final. Maybe this is our year but considering how Charlton are in such good form, I would make them heavy favourites to get the final promotion spot. We really blew promotion this year. Top for a long time but fell apart for 8-9 games. Still, it's been a decent season whatever happens in the playoffs.
  9. Well one of us got it right! So, why has your manager been sacked with one game of the season to go and with the looming danger of relegation? Bit of an odd time to do it, even though you haven't won in 8 games.
  10. It was just a throwaway comment I made back in August of last year, mate. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this thread who makes bad or wrong predictions throughout the year.
  11. Bugger. Oh well, at least we've got the disappointment of losing in the playoffs to look forward to.
  12. Fortunate to win today as Coventry played well in the first half and their forward players were causing us all sorts of problems. I think if Nathan Thompson hadn't made that goal line clearance when we were 1-0 down then it would have been a very different result. Both today and against Rochdale on Friday we managed to win despite being on the back foot in both games for long periods. Sometimes you have to grind out results and find a way of winning if you're going to get promoted. You also need a bit of luck as well. With Sunderland drawing today we need to go there and get a result, then win our two remaining games and promotion is guaranteed. Crunch time!
  13. Crazy game. Oh and thanks for doing us (Pompey) a favour Promotion race is wide open now.
  14. I don't know about that. Would be nice, but we've got some work to do before that's a likelihood. I think we've got to get at least 90 points for automatic promotion but even that might not be enough.
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