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  1. Ah yes it is sorry. I forgot I ever even created that user name.
  2. Could I be accepted into the Rllmuk Renegades please. My PSN ID is clever_dave.
  3. So can we assume all these games we can't preorder on disc is down to Sony really desperately wanting us to buy on PSN? They must be pretty worried about trade in numbers if that's the case.
  4. My favourite gun. Jumped at the chance to get it from Xur after I saw you using it in COE @boxoctosis.
  5. I don't get it, I'm itching to buy all three of those games and I just plain can't and I don't understand why not.
  6. The arg stuff talks about how they I think they are Although I've barely followed the lore in the past, so may be well off the mark.
  7. What's that down to? Movement speed, or something else?
  8. They should do an episode from the future crew's perspective.
  9. Was it a planet with no lifeforms on it by any chance?
  10. What I'd like to see is a Joker done in the same style as the cartoon/Arkham one and the relationship he has with Batman alongside it. That is the most interesting and entertaining take on the character I've seen.
  11. Finishing the Atlas path was probably the death knell for me too in hind sight. Made me really how empty an experience it really was beyond enjoying the art style.
  12. Don't bother getting any @Sng, they're only good for stuff like that psworlds mini game collection and the until dawn game. None of the big titles seem to be using them. Wait until there's a game you want to play with them and get them then. Probably be some new ones going second hand then too.
  13. You have to have a camera yeah as it tracks the head movement.
  14. What's going on here? We're less than a month away and you still can't preorder Battlezone, Eve or Driveclub vr on amazon.
  15. They won't even do a psvr bundle over here, so I doubt it
  16. Sounds good. I may give amazon a go sometime soon as I got fed up of nowtv.
  17. Now after I've popped my cherry all tge noobs start coming out of the wood work.. I'm not around until next weekend now anyway.
  18. Is there a deadline for preordering? Can I do it the night before release for instance.
  19. Yeah I particularly liked your guitar solo at the start as the vault opened.
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