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  1. Or like a major dlc release, or like an HD remaster, or like a port to a new system. It's more like that than a full sequel probably, but people still have to pay for them rather than get given them for free. A lot of work had to be done to produce it it's not like they changed the vr setting from 0 to 1 and changed the colour of the packaging.
  2. it's a new game @SeanR what do you expect?
  3. Do we think the price will go up after release date?
  4. Yep I'm going to buy this too now.
  5. That looks genuinely terrifying.
  6. Guys don't worry about your preorders. If it turns out to be shit CEX will be buying them for pretty much rrp for the first couple of weeks anyway.
  7. Is there a link to somewhere with a nice round up of whats know or at least rumoured about Destiny 2?
  8. I'm looking for 3 - 4 people for the new raid
  9. Myself and my off forum friend are looking for a raiding team for all of the raids as we've only done vault of glass if you're up for having a go at them and we can fill out the team.
  10. OK that's totally understandable, but it means I'm going to have to drop out I'm afraid. Minibradz and I both bought roi with the intention of going through it all together, so I've got to be stick with that. No hard feelings of course, I enjoyed what we did of it and I'm sure you'll fill my space quite quickly.
  11. Yeah that's the quote I was thinking of. I still read it as the order of missions being random, but the missions themselves being preset.
  12. Isn't it only the order of the missions that isn't set? The actual missions once you are in them are traditionally designed, right?
  13. I think that's a good idea. Brad is still really keen on joining us if he can and he'd like to see the start.
  14. Leave them plugged in for a few days.
  15. Minibradz should be back with us Sunday if there's still a space for him.
  16. Really? What about: Battlezone Rigs Eve Valkyrie Driveclub Resident Evil 7 And probably more I'm forgetting about? They're all big traditional full experience games.
  17. The original versions are essentially abandonware now. Even I haven't got a problem with people pirating them.
  18. Just an early heads up, minibradz won't be able to join us tonight, but I'll still be there and he is still keen to be a regular part of the raiding.
  19. Have you got a link to where it would say this by any chance?
  20. Cool thanks and done. I changed my name to Fury4k. Just to confuse you more.
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