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  1. He is so handsome it's ridiculous.
  2. That's what I can't work out. I'm wavering now, but think I'll go through with it as I've been looking forward to it since the preorder became available so I can't quit now. Plus I'm hoping that I'll be able to make most of the money back selling it on if it is absolutely terrible.
  3. Fury4k


    I completed it. The best parts were the first two or three areas. Then when it changed tack from there it was definitely for the worse. I never got to a point where my scarf was long enough that I didn't feel like I was being punished for jumping when I didn't explicitly need to and the fact that there were other people in the world with me didn't really add anything other than a feeling that if I spent time exploring the world I'd just annoy them, which made me hurry through areas rather than exploring for more power ups. Beyond that it seemed to follow pretty much exactly the same structure as Flower, attempting to hit all the same emotional notes along the way. I didn't like Flower either.
  4. We don't want out excitment dulled, it's our turn on the hype train now! Choo Choo!
  5. Does your dad work at Sony or something? You're so negative.
  6. Yeah 70 is proper gouging. Maybe you could get lucky at a car boot sale.
  7. Oh yeah I forgot about all those. Ignore me...
  8. Not sure, maybe on Until Dawn and that Heist game in the PS Words collection. Definitely not on any of the big titles.
  9. Until Dawn looks like a pretty good light gun game for fifteen quid.
  10. Just had a go on the Hustle Kings demo with one of my Move controllers, so it looks like I'll be picking up the PSVR version of that at some point in the future now too.
  11. Had 15 minutes on it on an oculus at EGX a couple of years ago and it's awesome, I think even without VR it'd be a great game. I'm definitely buying it.
  12. Mine ships on the 11th according to Amazon.
  13. Fury4k


    This probably won't be a popular opinion, but I played through this tonight and I thought it was rubbish. Frustratingly slow, kind of cliched and just plain boring.
  14. Narrowly beaten by No Man's Sky.
  15. From that blog: Q: What is The Playroom VR? The Playroom VR is a brand new collection of six VR games especially created for use with the PlayStation VR headset. Players can use their VR headset, while up to four friends can join in on the multiplayer fun in the same room on the TV. Every game in The Playroom VR offers a unique experience, and is the perfect introduction to the magic of VR. Mini Robots is a welcome lobby that places the user inside a room filled with adorable interactive robots. Monster Escape is a competitive party game for up to five players (one VR player vs four players on TV). The player in the PS VR headset becomes a huge monster destroying a miniature city. One to four additional players use their Dualshock 4 wireless controllers to fight the monster in a fun and epic battle. Cat & Mouse is a competitive party game for up to five players (one VR player vs four players on TV). The player in the PS VR headset becomes a cat ready to pounce to protect his kitchen from the mice players controlled with the Dualshock 4 wireless controller on the screen. Ghost House is a cooperative communication game where players must work together to clear a haunted house from ghosts, within a time limit. The player in the PS VR headset uses the Dualshock 4 wireless controller to shine a flashlight and shoot ghosts, which aren’t visible to him. He must rely on the players watching the TV for instructions as to where to aim and shoot. Wanted! is a cooperative communication game set in the Wild West, where players enter a saloon and can see several characters sitting around drinking. One of them is the bad guy, but which one? Robot Rescue is a cooperative communication game, where two players (one VR player and one player on TV) work together to fight their way through enemies to rescue stranded VR bots. The player in the PS VR headset takes control of a VR bot jumping, punching and using a grappling hook to rescue his lost VR Bots comrades. The TV player gets a different viewpoint on the action, flying a UFO and giving air support to the VR player. Actually sounds pretty good.
  16. You guys could always try the shops and cancel your preorders if you get lucky.
  17. That's assuming you have the technical skills and tools already.
  18. I've got the 14th to the 24th off. My eyes are going to be fucked.
  19. Excellent. After I saw you'd replied I was going to request a video. It worked for Shadowfall, so I'll wait until then.
  20. I've never played a Rez game, or seen more than a few minutes of video. I guess it's some sort of psychedelic rhythm action game? Anyway there's enough hype around here to make me think maybe I am missing out after all. Could someone explain/sell it to me please.
  21. You can't preorder on amazon yet. I think it's psn only at the moment.
  22. I'm going to the Sunday performance of this!
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