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  1. Alright alright you can all stop going on about batman. I've bought it
  2. Could be, but the colour Red and the faded/old timey lines are a big hint it is.
  3. Well I feel like I could do a whole wish list now, but the only other thing of substance would be a Co op narrative seperate to the single player.
  4. RDR was a personal favourite. The only thing they could do to improve upon it for me is to get some decent writers in and drop all the juvenile stuff at the same time. Then it'll be perfect.
  5. I'll buy Batman in the week then. The price is fine, I'd just always buy a disc over a digital copy if given the choice. I'm thinking of getting Job Simulator too, although I'm wondering if there's much more to it than the very enjoyable demo.
  6. Does anyone know is batman is getting a disc release?
  7. @SeanR how's your polystyrene head stand working out?
  8. The demo is ridiculous, it all becomes clear when you've done the demo. There's still going ot be a bit of a learning curve though I recon.
  9. That's great. Anybody else? We only need one more for a full team, but two whole teams to face off against each other would be far better.
  10. Many others playing RIGS? It would be fun to get some teams together and have a few games together. Assuming that it's easy to organise, I've only done the tutorial so far.
  11. I feel really excited. It feels good Hope you guys playing through the day have a lot of fun. See you in cyberspace about six o'clock.
  12. Just got my dispatch messages. You cut it fine Amazon.
  13. And we'll do our best to push you into it angel.
  14. We've all had seven months to save. It is a lot of money though, but I've just kept a couple of work bonuses from Christmas and the summer, more than enough for the headset and some games.
  15. It's been said before, but you're forgetting to count the cost of the pc needed to run VR vs the cost of a ps4.
  16. Yeah wait for the demo disc is the smart choice.
  17. People seem to be saying Eve is rubbish. It's been out on PC for a while, so if it was great we'd know about it. I did have Battlezone ordered with amazon, but cancelled it to wait for a price drop. Got Until Dawn and also RIGS which was £35 from amazon.
  18. Safe. That's how I'd describe this. It's got a great cast in theory, but it's beyond bland, it's predictable and the dialogue is dreadful. Oh and the ending is nonsense. Are we really meant to take it as a victory? Meant to believe those few remaining townsfolk went back to living there amongst the smoking rubble? And gratefully too... And that final scene, dreadful cgi, the voice over's laughable. Obviously tacked on at the last minute and really betrays a lack of confidence in the film that actually is quite apparent throughout. I did not like this film.
  19. That sort of stuff baffles me. I honestly don't even know what I was supposed to be looking at there.
  20. Reminded me more than a little bit of Chronicle.
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