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  1. Finished this tonight. Great game I'll definitely be returning to, the levels are just the right length to be replayable. Plus they're selectable, which is a big plus. With this and Batman done, not sure what to buy next. Maybe Job Simulator.
  2. I prefer to look at it as pushing a button on my batmask.
  3. Oh I just remembered. I found out while playing last night you can zoom in by pushing a button on the side of your mask. Genius.
  4. Maybe you have notifications turned off, there's one for sale in trading right now.
  5. Fury4k


    Broker's a weirdo.
  6. Had a good couple of games of this earlier. First tried out the basketball style game where you have to jump through a hoop to score, that might be my favourite game type at the moment. Then I went online for the first time for a straight deathmatch game. I didn't have any trouble finding a match and although my team didn't win, we weren't so hopelessly outclassed that it wasn't fun. The great thing as well is that the matches are pretty short, so you don't have to worry about playing for too long. So who else is up for some games some time soon? My PSN is clever_dave
  7. Yeah I'm playing. It's a really good game. I don't know if I've ever had such a visceral reaction to any other game I've played. So scary, it's had me literally jumping out of my chair. Yelling in fear, sweating so much I've had to take my jumper off and panting from the adrenaline rush. Psn: clever_dave
  8. I even had it preordered. Alongside Rigs (£35) and Until Dawn, but I cancelled it last minute.
  9. Shamefully I'm waiting for a price drop.
  10. Saturday night/Sunday morning would suit me I think.
  11. You only need to find five other people for a full game. Anyway, nobody else was doing it so I've just made a thread.
  12. Death match, weird American football thing. Who knows what else? And it's all in giant mechs in vr. I haven't spent as much time with it as I'd like yet, haven't been online. But I know there are a few of us liking it, so let's work out who's playing and get some games organised.
  13. Well here's hoping they get the chance to make a 'full length' version. Assuming they've got the desire to.
  14. Don't know if you've tried it yet, but I did my first go and it's actually better without. You can't see them anyway and they make it difficult to properly calibrate/align the controllers properly meaning you have to hold them at an odd angle.
  15. This was really good, as every one said. Please don't read my spoiler unless you've already finished the game.
  16. 30 Rock was pretty funny with it. Chuck too.
  17. I really hope Kojima gets to make something in VR.
  18. Cheers. I'll hold off on it for now then. I feel like I could play the demo alone a bunch more times as it is anyway.
  19. Not long to go then. Still good value for money.
  20. Tell me more @Sng what's there beyond the demo? What's it like as a game?
  21. I've got Rigs and Until Dawn, plus Batman downloading now. I want to get Job Simulator next I think, plus Eve, Battlezone and a load others at some point. But what I've got now is enough for now with the demos as well. Oh yeah Star Trek's coming in December too.
  22. Until Dawn just claimed it's first major casualty. I knocked my lamp off the table when that bitch in level 3 jumped up at me. Still it could have been worse, I had a cup of tea right next to it. This game is so intense. It had my heart racing, I was panting and sweating. I might have uttered a few fucks more than once as well. What a game, it's a steal at under fifteen quid on amazon.
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