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    Knew it was just Johnny Cash making this look good.
  2. Saw it a couple of months ago, yeah it's a great film. Casey Afleck continues impress me. Music was a bit overblown at times.
  3. Fury4k

    Dying Light

    I quit at that point for exactly the same reasons @cowfields.
  4. The lack of big games is what made me sell mine in the end. I've nothing against the concept of indie games, but I was loathe to spend twenty pounds every week for a two hour long experience that I'd never return to, especially once the initial wow factor was gone.
  5. A certain brand of soap (I think Imperial Lather) reminds me of the original Deus Ex on the playstation 2, specifically the first time I played the great tutorial section of it. It takes me right back to the house I grew up in and walking back across the landing to my bedroom to carry on playing after washing my hands. Good thread idea.
  6. That's so they can finish episode 3. Otherwise she'll have to be killed off screen or something. Even though I thought the cgi was laughably bad in Rogue One, I'd rather a cgi Leia than an off screen death explained in the title crawl.
  7. I'm starting to think it will die a death after Resident Evil and Star Trek get released and people start realising there's nothing else left on the horizon for it. Feeling more and more glad I got rid of my headset in November as time goes on.
  8. And they're going to get a lot worse before they stop. You can rely on that.
  9. And making you care without being boring?
  10. Am I the only person who prefered the first half?
  11. I've been to film school. Rogue One had rubbish characters and a predictable plot.
  12. They've made and sold a bunch of films under at least a couple of different labels.
  13. Sell it, if trade in prices plummet purchase prices will too. I sold mine just before the xwing mission came out as I was in the same boat and I've not regretted it since. Then if decent games finally arrive buy back in for less than you sold it for.
  14. You're boring. You've got nothing to say and you revel in your ignorance. You're shouting down the one dissenting voice because you'd rather silence than actually have to discuss anything. d ebolenk is the only person in this thread attempting to create an interesting discussion around this film and the stultified genre in general. But then this is the way these threads always go.
  15. You've been waiting to post that haven't you?
  16. I just saw yet another trailer at the cinema. The film looks good, but there won't be much point in watching it at this rate.
  17. Just watched the trailer. She's got a Kaiburr crystal?
  18. Haven't they already provided an answer for why they have so much processing power in that Arnold saw them as much more than amusement park attractions. He was/is trying to create something better than human.
  19. They are pretty much just replicants though (or new style cylons). Pity they've gone with such a well worn premise rather than having them be actual robots.
  20. They hand waved that away with a bit of dialogue when they got to that new town about how it was there to cater for more out there clients.
  21. David Prowse could barely walk without two walking sticks when I saw him ten years ago. God knows what state he's in now, but I don't think he'd be capable of it.
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