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  1. Thought so. I'll get some preorders then cancel if need be. Don't know why,but I feel is should. Saves me incase the price rises I suppose.
  2. Guys am I right in thinking psvr doesn't have a game bundled? I'm thinking I should get some games preordered, but I don't want to accidentally double up.
  3. Ok cheers, I was thinking we should do them in release order. Am I right in thinking that as missions unlock their difficulty is automatically leveled to match the player's current level? The TTK stuff we've done so far has always been at about the same level as the base game stuff we've unlocked around the same time. I wouldn't want to do all the base stuff then come back to it and find we're massively out leveled for it
  4. Well I picked this up and started playing with a friend finally. We've got everything up to and including The Taken King DLC and I was wondering if there is a general guideline as to what order to play the game in as we seem to be able to do both the base game missions and the TTK stuff at the same time. Hoping to avoid spoilers, but some general advice would be appreciated. Ta.
  5. On an oculus, but I've played it and it is ace.
  6. Come on, sort your name out mate.
  7. AUGUST No Man's Sky OCTOBER PSVR + some games. And that'll do me for the year.
  8. The brand only remained a safe place for him though because each iteration was so individually successful. It's not like he rested on his laurels and avoided risk either, or that he didn't earn his success.
  9. Because he's bankable, he's a household name and has had hit after hit for the past fifteen years. Of course I know who Yu Suzuki is, but I'm not aware of anything he's done since Shenmue 2.
  10. Glad to see you in here @elmo. While you're about I'd just like to say thanks for getting involved in podcasting on a regular basis again. I've been listening to your stuff since the start of Joypod and your shows have always blown any other podcast I've listened to put of the water, regardless of genre.
  11. If its successful they'll do dlc skins. The pc modding scene will probably do it themselves.
  12. That would be awesome. Looking forward to making it so with my fellow mukkers.
  13. The website says it has "hand tracking and full-body avatars, including real-time lip-sync". The lip synch part excites me more than it should.
  14. I don't think there's a thread yet. Which is crazy. @SeanR mentioned it in the PSVR thread and I think it just became my most anticipated VR title so far. Here's a link to a website: http://www.startrek.com/article/youre-in-command-with-star-trek-bridge-crew And here's a video: So it's a four player co-op game where you play different roles (Captain, Engineering, Tactical, Helm) on the bridge of a ship. And it's coming out on all the VR platforms. Awesome.
  15. Amazon use placeholder prices don't they?that way they're covered for when the real price eventually is revealed and they lower their price accordingly.
  16. Yeah I can see it being download only to stop resales. Otherwise of its an hour long they'll sell like ten copies across the country.
  17. Yeah VR is the only field in games right now where any true innovation might happen. I want to be there from the start so I can get fully swept away by the hype and excitement. If the Batman game is only an hour long, that's fine. So long as it's not a full price game. If it's only an hour long and there's no replayability there will be tones of copies getting sold on cheap after a week anyway. And anyway four player co-op Star Trek Bridge Crew! I posed you twice for bringing that to my attention @SeanR
  18. Hopefully it's better than the last season because that was pretty, pretty, pretty pretty bad.
  19. That's cool if they've brought the level of destruction back up.
  20. In what way? I've not seen anything bar the reveal trailer.
  21. I gave up on his podcasts a few years ago when he got back into smoking weed heavily. Went from being very interesting and funny to your stereotypical boring high person.
  22. Play 3 first. It's still the best of the series by far.
  23. Ok, I'm not having a poke at you. How do you mean being able to repeat missions doesn't make sense from a structural point of view?
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